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MushMush - Custom Platform Engine
Author: Fanotherpg Submitted: 30th April, 2012 Favourites:0
Genre: Engine Downloads: 572

So Like I promised I'm providing 'my' MushMush platform engine for free to anyone to have fun with.

Original Graphics, Idea and code base by SEELE
Speeded up and Modified by Fanotherpg on base of Pixelthief Tutorial inspirated by Nifflas
Explanations why it's not based on real-time timer, but internal 'timer'
why we are using floor

Additional changes by Fanotherpg
- Full Comments
- Group Loops (multiplied performance on all platforms) changed behaviour of engine - optimised severalt imes for the best performance thanks to Pixelthief article inspirated by Nifflas - oprimised several times during creation process
- Full Diagnostics in 'realtime'
- Customizable Bounce (on/off) - modified surface delay
- All-direction collision detection (independent from main object)
- Modifable dynamic shadow size (Big thanks for Pixelthief for his indeep explanation of the issue and Sketchy and Nifflas for help with coding it down and finding the most optimial solutions as well Ryan, Looki and LB for all the discussions and ideas)
- Triple Jump
- Jetpack
- Water
- Independent controls for different environments (air, ground, water)
- Moving platforms and lifts (thanks to RickyRombo for help with Anaconda/Flash Overlap bug)
- Wall slides and wall jumps
- Rope (thanks ChrisBurrows for idea of simplification of the code)
- Bouncing platform
- Custom animations and directions

Small devlog:

To be improved:
Diagnostic - String debug issue.
External Detector could be built-in.
Removing flags for Variables.
Changing way Collisions are held.

Known Issues:

Java Angle issue - exporter bug
String object LAGS the game.
Compare 2 general values is relevant only to newest created object (issue with multiple instances of ropes, moving platforms and bouncing platforms).
Character is not able to go down or up corridors of 1 block size (design flaw).
Character not always restarts it's status after collision with Moving platforms (no clue why, yet).

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Posted by Disthron 26th June, 2012

Hi there, interesting engine but it's a bit buggy. Nice to see another engine that includes moving platforms though.
Posted by Fanotherpg 27th June, 2012

I wwnt to reefite it from scratch so any suggestions/bugs just PM to me and I will have a look





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