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FORBIDDEN WORLD Graphic Engine version 3 Textured
Author: Fanotherpg Submitted: 7th June, 2006 Favourites:0
Genre: Engine Downloads: 382

Edited By Fanotherpg on 5/10/2008

Now engine is implemented in 3 my Open Source games: Forbidden Way Eozsof Duked Cade tower: Eozsof
And this is why you download FWE which is this engine with small plot.


Maybe few of you remember that I want to create a very big cRPG in TGF. It was with graphic like in Diablo II but it won't work. So I change it to a pseudo 3D. It's next version of FW engine I textured walls and correct last bugs. I want also to inform that engine was written on a base of Russ Horton 3D Engine for CnC Open Source from 97' but I written it from 0 because I have to add many new options. Like open spaces. You can download a original Horton engine from my page http:/// which is Open source and you can edit it. But my version is only Exe. It is written in TGF.

Known bugs:


Changes entered from presentation version

- I change window size because now there's no need to have a bigger one to correct showing minimap.
- I created different labirynths I hope that you'll like them.

"Partially" corrected bugs:
None all had been completly deleted

Completly corrected bugs:
-Detectors shows on perspective section. This bug will be eliminated because map'l be creating in memory and in this version corridors are where there are.

-Bad wall z position (layers) is very rare bug but it is. It'll be corrected by using layer object or better code.

- False, disappearing, showing walls in wrong places were completly eliminated after a long work.

- When we stand by side to wall walls are bad presented.

- Engine like we can see from minimap presents only corridors with 1 free place and on open spaces or rooms we need more than 1 free place it's partially corrected because know I can show more than one free space but walls sometimes showed walls are wrong.

- Sometimes you can enter a wall as a ghost it is created by faster movement from placed in original Horton example. This bug was probaly deleted because I created two groups which deactivates and activates each otcher. It's in partially corrected bugs because I don't know if it's completly corrected.

- Other graphic bug you can see at the start of game, at first moment you see 3 walls but you stand at front of 1!! (look at minimap)

- View is only in straight line

Else info:

You can send comments on my e-mail address: You're also welcome on my homepage http:/// where you can find more information. Please comment my engine. And what you think about project Info on my page.

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Posted by Mruqe 10th June, 2006

I seriously doubt if you'll ever finish this game. Engine looks nice but this game is meant to be EPIC. You said something about moral decisions of the player affecting the way the NPCs interact with him. You said also something about big gameworld... That really doesn't make me happy. I think you plan to much and you won't be able to realise your plans in a reasonable period of time. Pity...

I'm sure you know the expression "porywać się z motyką na słońce"?

thumbs up for the engine
Posted by 11th June, 2006

ok i think this is good. everyone download now.
Posted by Fadex 11th June, 2006

Very good
Posted by Christodoulou Apps 11th June, 2006

You have done a lot of work as I see... but I really believe that you must try a new engine in mmf. There is a 3D extension that you can use (i don't remember its name but SNES used something similar). Btw someone else had created a similar (open-sourced) engine a couple of years ago. He used a Bruce Willis sprite with a shotgun. Is it you?
Posted by Fanotherpg 11th June, 2006

Nie porywam sie z motyką na słońce And I know that I'll do it because it isn't so hard to do like you think Mruge. I won't use Klik Open GL or Mode7 object because I don't like it. Maybe you think about Horton Engine which is on my page (link is above directly to the open source version) and it's from 97'... I only looked how he create it and write it in my way so it has got a better abilities. Thx for good comments but for now it only shows walls so it isn't so good.. Now I'm working on objects like fountains, tables, rocks etc.
Posted by steve 11th June, 2006

it feels like you used "every 20th of a second" wben a player is allowed to move.
You need to make an internal variable for delaying movement and not outside "every xth of a second" otherwise it's just unresponsive.

Posted by Fanotherpg 11th June, 2006

Steve I don't understand anything from your comment write it in 'easier' language Phizzy thix file which you show a link isn't so similiar to my engine and to horton engine which is avaible at this link ... And this example is poor with my engie because I added and I'm adding many new options.
Posted by steve 11th June, 2006

ok... well when I played, it felt like I was not "allowed" to move whenever I felt.
Example: try "tapping" up arrow key. Notice it doesnt ALWAYS move forward.
The reason is, it seems you used a timer to limit movement (to make it slower) but this causes it to be unresponsive.
It's not a big deal in an engine like this (which I think is GREAT) but if you are planning to make a full game out of this engine then you need to remove the timer based events and use an Alterable value or counter for limiting movement speed.

Posted by Mruqe 12th June, 2006

No to się bardzo cieszę
I agree with Steve on the movement thing. It was annoying - not moving until you hold the key for some time. If you still don't get what we're talking about post me a private message and I'll explain it in polish.

It would make me very happy to se your game finished. I'll keep my fingers crossed for your success.

Posted by Fanotherpg 13th June, 2006

The event for move is
every 00"-25
reapeat where "* arrow" is pressed
* means up or down
and if I add with pressing button sometimes it would go two squares (one for pressed and one for pressing and if it would be a square with for example lava our hero will die...)

Sorry Phizzy I don't understand you then And did you find some engine bugs? I'm now working on option with other objects like fountains or special things. And I'll give a information about direction (South, North)and maybe minimap if it'll work...
Posted by Mruqe 14th June, 2006

Try doing it like that (two events, additional counter):
---event one---
+ Counter 1 value = 0
+ repeat while *arrow is pressed
->move the player
->set counter 1 = 25 (you might want to use a lower value, I think)

---event two---
+ Every 00"-01
+ Counter 1 value < 0
-> Subbstract 1 from counter 1

This way you'll get an instant movement after the key is pressed but each step will be separated with a slight delay to prevent the problems you described.

Of course you could (should!) use a general value or an unused value of some active object (you have lots of them in this kind of engine) instead of creating another counter object.

Try if it works
Posted by Fanotherpg 27th June, 2006

Thanks Mruge with this movement it works correctly now but I can't do a instatnt movement but only by pressing an arrows... Now I'm working on demo version of FW.. and If you can say why you "seriously doubt if you'll ever finish this game." ??





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