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Forbidden Way Eozsof
Author: Fanotherpg Submitted: 25th February, 2007 Favourites:0
Genre: Miscellaneous Downloads: 177

Edited By Fanotherpg on 5/10/2008


Your main task is to find exit from labyrinth maze. It could be hard because all walls are the same but there are also two 'interactive objects'. Fountains and teleport. On fountains is presented animation and teleport is exit.

I decided to release this game because I like old dungeon crawlers, and this is minigame in such climate. Maybe game isn't big but it is placed in Eozsof universe and plots placed in verses will appear in other games from serie.

In the closest time I'm planning to release a Vitalize version with online highscores.

===Technical information===

Forbidden Way : Eozsof is game or better minigame based on FWGEV4 which is more stable and correct version of this one showed some time ago.

Game is open sourced because engine is good, maybe not perfect (there are sometimes some small graphics bugs but their don't disturb in playing) but it it possible to create with it complicated game for example cRPG in pseudo 3D.

Game is using 209 active objects (I know that is a big ammount of them but their can be easy lowered by deleting floor and ceiling objects or convertering game to MMF) and with that it runs with 47 FPS on P3 800MHZ with 128 MB Ram.. So engine is stable. After conversation to MMF it is really easy to create your own game.


You move pressing arrows in code is unactive group run which allows you to move by holding arrows but sometimes you can walk into a wall.

On the right there are 3 counters time which left, direction (Exit is on East) and FPS.

If your PC don't have a music card delete event with music because it could slow down engine.

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Posted by Deathbringer 25th February, 2007

An interesting engine, at least i couldnt fathom how it worked... shame, i felt like making a game like this now (oh well, if i wanted to make something first person i could make it in Doom). Didn't know what i was supposed to do either, until i came back and read this again anyway
Posted by Fanotherpg 25th February, 2007

I know that it is little hard to know where you're going but it's a minus of all pseudo 3D engines. You can easy add a minimap to this game. Thanks for comment.
Posted by Eternal Man [EE] 25th February, 2007

I checked it out and saw how you handled the "current position" problem and the "map", and I must say, it was brilliant!
Posted by Fanotherpg 26th February, 2007

Maybe I'm not brilliant because my engine was written on a base of Russ Horton 3D Engine for CnC Open Source from 97' but I written it from 0 because I have to add many new options - like open spaces. You can download a original Horton engine from my page which is Open source and you can edit it.

You can see some same things (mistakes in name call) like why in perspective screeen last central object is 5 Center not 4 Center like in perspective detector etc. But it was really hardly to make an engine from 0 even based on that from Horton. I spend one and half month 10-12 hours a day to change it to actual version (I was writting on paper sheets ideas how to add new functions, how add open spaces, how add active objects like fountains etc. So it take some time)

But I'm proud from it and that even that I write it at a base of this old ten years example it's mine own engine written from scratch and now it's open sourced <yey>

Ou and if you use True Split Screen Example or think a little and use more active objects you can easly create a minimap for a player.

Sorry for my language and that I put links to other persons examples but there can help to create more complicate engine and to understand this.

And remember that this engine works only in EXE and GAM/CCA/MFA formats because Vitalize 1/2/3 doesn't handle it (Maybe 4 will make it but it isn't released yet..) So for creating Vitalize game using this engine you will have to modify engine.

And game engine is good for creating a games I am on base of this showed here creating a cRPG game which is ended but I'm still adding new things and making game better.


It's my longest comment ever.
Posted by Fanotherpg 2nd March, 2007

Game is also available at a V-Cade with online highscores.
Posted by Joshua Green 3rd March, 2007

I couldn't figure out where I was going. Maybe I'm just a moron. But I got lost after like four seconds.
Posted by Fanotherpg 4th March, 2007

I know that there's a problem to figure out where are you so I think that I release new version with minimap and some aditional things..
Posted by Joshua Green 5th March, 2007

Sounds good!





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