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Sens3s: The Art of Understanding
Author: Fanotherpg Submitted: 11th November, 2011 Favourites:0
Genre: Miscellaneous Downloads: 188

Sens3s is an Experimental First Person Perspective Adventure Game, where the main character played by the user is completely sightless.

Meeting such a person, what would you prefer to hear? Im blind, please help. or Its a beautiful day, and I cant see it. Both statements convey the same thing, but just a subtle change in the wording can change your perspective and perception.

What if you could feel, see and understand blindness? What if you could step into a blind person's world? In this game you play blind; your aim is to explore and overcome the situation and environment with which you are presented. To do so, you must learn that you dont have to rely solely on your eyes and sight to see the world around you. There are other ways of seeing using different senses, including touch and sound.

Game with other Info is available at:
Platforms: Windows
Required: Support for DirectX 8 at least

All comments/opinions/suggestions are welcome. You can trash it, you can praise it. I want to know what you think & feel to make it even better.

And yes, being a blind person ain't fun but this project isn't about fun but experience.

If you already played it as IGF Main Competition Entry ( ) or Student one ( ) re-download it or update it (it's build 0.75 previous ones were Main 0.6 and Student 0.7) so there is no more placeholder graphics, a lot of bugs is corrected as well as some additional functionality implemented.

Project was made in Multimedia Fusion 2 Developer by Clickteam with Raycasting Object.

Review This Download (27.42 mb )

Posted by Pixelthief 12th November, 2011

Oh hell yes, its Text Based FPS version 2.0! I love you fan! Yours might not be quite as "Epic" though, if you know what I mean

But I definitely like the concept! A few things I could note from it, to make it a bit more fair- you shouldn't make any footstep walking noises if you aren't moving, for example walking smack dab into a wall- it would enhance the ability to know your limitations through sound, if not feel. And the radio probably should terminate all its previous sound instances when you click on it a second time, I hit it about 10 times accidentally and it bazooka'd my ears. And I'm guessing it ends once you manage to get outside the flat and walk around in the emptiness, because thats how far I got. Oh and if theres any viable way at all to increase the resolution on the text, so its easier to read what the words are describing the textures- it would go miles. I know thats probably not a small order- but does the raycaster extension use mipmaps or anything like that to speed it up? That would help a ton.

I do like the idea, but I think the sad irony is that while it could help describe the world of blind people to those who can see, you'll never be able to get a blind betatester to give you feedback on it, will you? =/
Posted by Fanotherpg 13th November, 2011

WOW. I'm surprised to see your comment Pixelthief, but thanks for input.

You can precise being Epic of it a bit more - I would love to hear as much detailed comments as I can.

But about your points:

I believe that footstep sound is added to rotation/pressing walking keys even when you hit a wall and yeah it's a bit irritating I know. I will need to improve it for next version.

Smacking into wall/objects is in plans but I need to get audio for it.

The multi instance sound needs to be corrected thanks for that!

As resolution of text you mean on very close distance or on large distance. And are you referring to walls or objects inside?

Also what you think about Interactive menu is it readable or it need to be redesigned?

I plan to have some blind people to test it. But ATM I added full keyboard-only controls to it, next step will be to add full mouse-only and then full audio only controls.
Posted by Fanotherpg 13th November, 2011

And what you think about the game? How you would score it. Would you recommend it? Also the whole source code to both game and auto-updater are in package so if you got all the extensions you can modify the game by yourself.
Posted by Pixelthief 13th November, 2011

Oh, if you want to know what I'm talking about, look at;
It was from the "epic" games compo from a few years ago Hence the music at least

Yeah smacking into something with audio would be nice, and I was talking about being very close to walls- I have no idea if the raycaster has access to mipmaps, but that would be a great way to have text thats readable both far and close- both on the objects & walls. It was often tough to read the text because it was a bit low resolution, and the colors told me more than the text often.

I actually never figured out how to work the menu, I couldn't really read what it was saying. I think the circular text is a bit offputting, but I figured out the dialogue easy enough. But using the abbreviations "RMB" and "LMB" might throw people off- maybe its better to just elaborate and say "Left Mouse" or "Right Mouse"- and when I first figured it out, I clicked about 10 times and had to restart to see the menu >.<

I'll have to take a look at the source later after poker night, but I do very much like the concept behind the game- it should draw some eyes (ok bad pun) at the IGF. I think I might actually be there this year since I have a brother at Stanford and CT's got a great offer
Posted by Fanotherpg 13th November, 2011

I remind looking at that title back when it was released but I honestly forgotten about it!

Thanks for all suggestions. I will try to implement them here and there when I got some spare time.

Personally I was also thinking about adding additional detectors to be able to 'show' objects which we remembered as position wise - but I will need to look into it later on as well.

I can do few tricks on the walls. But unfortunately the Raycaster extension doesn't support Mipmaps, each of them would require to be separate texture which will be available on drive and loaded on call. But I can sort out something. So you are saying that when we 'discover' wall or object when we go far away from it, we should still see precisely what sort of object it was as meant - be able to read it, is that correct?

And do you have any suggestions for improvements for actions menu?

Also we will see IF IGF/GDC people will have similar point of view like you. It would be epic IF it will get to Nuovo category or as Student entry at least just to get some attention for Clickteam software.
Comment edited by Fanotherpg on 11/13/2011





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