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Imperia - alpha version
Author: Fanotherpg Submitted: 30th November, 2004 Favourites:0
Genre: Real Time Strategy Downloads: 211

Edited By Fanotherpg on 5/10/2008

It was an alpha version of my game but now there is available only full version -

Title: Imperia
Kind: Real Time Strategy
About: Originally it was RTS game like Age of Empires or WarCraft with 7 nations (British, Celts, Franks, Germans, Vandals, Normans and Vatican ) Every nation will have different campaigns, units (with different stats) and spells Max unit limit will be 20, and 3 ages. It will be 5 buildings, 7 different units and 4 spells different for each nation. But I stopped work on this game when I ended tutorial and you can download it as example. But it don't have any comments but events are in groups. I hope that somebody would use it.

Game as also examples provides
- Minimap updated in real time (with cursor only in MMF)
- Square selecting in all directions
- Information about units life and name (for all units only in MMF)
- 5 different buildings for each nation
- 7 different units for each nation
- 2 upgrades for each nation
- 3 ages for each nation
- 2 nations (Celts and British)
- Very good AI for all units

TGF 1.6 game Open Source version:
MMF 1.5 game Open source version:
RTS Course based on Imperia:
AI engine example based on Imperia:

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Posted by Retired Kliker Lazarus 30th November, 2004

Better discription...or you'll end up on the front page...and not for your game. :P
Posted by The Chris Street 30th November, 2004

Yes. Please add a better description.
Posted by AfterStar 1st December, 2004

I can't distinguish what is what in the game! There are lots of bugs/ect. and its unplayable. I know its a Alpha Version but it seems to me as poor development. Go to and check out how an RTS should be like ect.!He also have a lot of extensions that can help make an RTS easier. ...But on the other hand u are using TGF which is IMPOSSIBLE to create a decent playable RTS because of the MANY restrictions it has. Nice attempt nevertheless,keep working on your RTS,read articles about it ect...,it will help you improve other RTS attempts in the future. Keep in mind that an RTS is NOT easy to do with a click product because there are SO many events and stuff to be aware of.If you have MMF use that instead of TGF and never give up! :P Oh and add better description next time...
Posted by Fanotherpg 1st December, 2004

It's now better descripted... Anf if you see some bugs tell what is bad in it... Why it's unplayable ?
Posted by DarkMatterX 1st December, 2004

Because its crap, quite clearly.
Posted by AfterStar 1st December, 2004

1)The units get stuck very very easily everywhere 2)The multiple units selection is weird,works only if you go from left to right but not the other way around. 3)The units are acting weird... 4)How do i get money/wood ect.?Auto? 5)There is no fighting...its bugged 6)When you click to build something(e.x.a Wall),then you can't do anything to let it go,you are doomed >) for eternity to build walls while u click the mouse... ........................ The list could go on and on Tom...There are way too much bugs that make the game unplayable. I suggest that you visit the site i told you and read some articles about RTS.(Btw i will be also attempting to do my first RTS game in Summer Holidays,beware mortals :P )
Posted by Fanotherpg 2nd December, 2004

TO AfterStar 1) I don't know abou you talking 2) I saw this bug and in full version it will be corrected 3) Why. Descript this... 4) You must go faint (this in white shirt) on mine or tree and it will get it for you automatic :) 5) Fighting isn't bugged why are you thinking soo ... 6) Yea if you want to build bulding you cannot build any units or command them and it isn't bug ;) I saw also more bugs for example you cannot recall wall or in the first level your hero can walk over the water but they will be corrected in full version. What do you think about graphic...
Posted by Wormware 3rd December, 2004

Fix the hotspot of the active objetcs, in that way they won't get stuck this easy... Keep up the good work!
Posted by Fanotherpg 3rd December, 2004

But can you tell me what are hot spots because I don'i never use them...
Posted by The Chris Street 3rd December, 2004

If you don't know what hotspots are then you really shouldn't be submitting games to TDC at all. When you make an object with animations or directions, there are hotspots and actionpoints available. With hotspots, if you were to rotate an animation, you would rotate it on the point where the hotspot is positioned. Action points are for things like bullet creation (if you're shooting objects rather than creating them relative to the object)
Posted by Wormware 3rd December, 2004

That's it... Try to find them.. Or try the help function to find it.. If it still doesn't work, I can help you...
Posted by AntiChrist 5th December, 2004

yeah and read some articles about proper english XD ... nah man, just playing ....
Posted by Fanotherpg 29th March, 2005

Beta version is avaible but not in english version.. Because I want to catch little mistakes what can happen and translate it so wait... if you read it :D
Posted by Fanotherpg 6th May, 2005

Before holidays I upload demo version of Imperia so wait if You want...
Posted by seppph 13th June, 2005

Kurde, rusz dupe do roboty ;D
Posted by Fanotherpg 17th July, 2005

Eh seppph robie ciągle ale to nie takie łatwe premiera sie opůźnia ze względu na inne rzeczy... In English :P: Eh sepph I'm working all the time but it isn't easy upload date late because other things // I know bad english and it isn't proper ....





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