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Death Cage 2 - Nightmare Returns (Cor. Plot)
Author: Fanotherpg Submitted: 2nd September, 2007 Favourites:0
Genre: Shoot 'Em Up Downloads: 213

Edited By Fanotherpg on 5/10/2008


DC is a game in which our score is to survive attacks of hostility turned zombies.

Presented are in it farer fates of conflict humans with infected with Uizdeb.

Game is situated in closed mini arenas, something like prison cages, from which we can't escape..

There are 21 levels to choose from, in 3 sceneries. And engine was corrected and streamlined.

For game graphics responsible is Cage, menu Ziaros, logo and engine are mine..


Controls are presented in tutorial but in short they are:

WSAD - Move Kunter
Mouse - Turn Kunter
Left Mouse Button - Attack with current weapon
Right Mouse Button - Reload current weapon
M - Turn music on/off
ESC - Fast Exit to highscore


If you want to read plot don't press enter when team FG logo is showed and Presents because then you go to menu.

Game is presented as an open source game, so you can check graphics, code etc. If someone use ClickTeam products.

It won all-Poland competition.

I changed few things and now game is better than first part:
- Weapons are 2 time stronger
- Infected are creating 1.5 time faster they number on lvl is 1.5 time higher
- Flamethrower flames now don't destroy on boxes and enemies but are overlaping them and hurting next monsters
- There is 'No ammo' voice when magazine is empty
- There is sound when infected hurt us
- There is corrected a bit engine and it works faster
- There are 14 new levels in 2 different sceneries
- There is a list of weapons with numbers under which we choose them
- There are new music which aren't carols but mods
- Mods are now very climatic
- There is more blood

First part is available here:
It won GOTW award:
And was reviewed at

And this part was reviewed at

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Posted by AfterStar 2nd September, 2007

Your link is wrong http:/// - Take one slash "/" out.
Posted by The Chris Street 2nd September, 2007

Screenshots dont work either
Posted by Knudde (Shab) 2nd September, 2007

worked fine for me in FF1.5 for some reason, but I edited it so everything should be good now.
Posted by Lachie Dazdarian 2nd September, 2007

Erm, the engine and the graphics are quite good, but the game lacks progress. I mean, one survival level is no different that the other. If you added progress this would result in a much better game.

Overall, the game is very similar to NACC. I wonder who copied who here.

And your English is really poor. Find a friend to correct it for the future projects.

Won't vote on this game.
Posted by Fanotherpg 2nd September, 2007

To links and screens their worked for me in FF also but thanks Shab for correcting it.

To game I corrected most of physics/game bugs so progress is noticable. And those levels are generated from code their aren't premade levels in other frames.

Each survival is similar and I was basing on NACC but I wasn't copying it because I have to do my engine on premade graphics by Cage to other game which wasn't released.

And about my English why you think that it is poor?
Posted by Lachie Dazdarian 2nd September, 2007

"We successful found few places on surface where groups of infected became greater, unfortunatelly this was surroundings of settlements of rescued on territory of Con-Panamerica. New people died, innocent civilians, but we must send also people to center of enemy settlement."

Well, that. Iím a bit puzzled with it, beside the grammar mistakes. I would do something like this, not being a good English speaker too, but still:

We successfully found few locations on the surface where groups of infected became greater, unfortunately those were settlements of rescued from the territory of Con-Panamerica. More people died, innocent civilians, but we must send forces to the center of the enemy settlement.

Posted by Knudde (Shab) 2nd September, 2007

Kunter is easily the greatest hero name ever. It's just so damned fun to say.
Posted by Tim 2nd September, 2007

To be said like "koont-er" though, of course

Posted by Zethell 2nd September, 2007

Lachie Dazdarian:
Lol wtf, poor english?

Who the hell cares!
It's good enough for everyone to understand.
And if you don't understand it, then maybe you should take some extra lessons in English!

Besides, hes 'story' made more sense to me than your 'fixed' one

In my opinion, your English is just as bad as his!

Enough of the hate mail thou.


The menu was 'o.k' but could be a lot better.

For example, you used a 'Every hh/mm/ss' while up is pressed = go up.

You should use a counter set as a timer for this instead, then if you click really fast it won't ignore it.


I hated the choice of music and sound effects..


All the weapons was pretty much the same, didn't really matter what you used, it was always the same, except the bullets went in different directions or took a little more/less damage.


The collision system seem to be running on something far worse than just the standard movements.

Didn't like that one bit.


The graphics was pretty impressive, it's a shame the game didn't live up to it

This COULD be a nice game thou, you should keep working on it, improve it.

For now, you get a thumbs down v_v;
Posted by Fanotherpg 3rd September, 2007

Ou God, what I write there Sorry men you're right When you're hurry and translate from other language you don't look at gramma and others.. Them.

About menu I've got always problems with that.. But it is like it is. Music are better than in first part, and weapon sounds I don't find better free samples in Internet

Each weapon have got different speed, damage and SPAS is 5th bullet so it goes in 5 directions.

I don't know what are you saying about collisions. So please say more correctly was is bad/good that I could improve it.
Posted by Dustin Gunn 3rd September, 2007

Look up 360 degree bullets. Right now you're at 32 direction bullets.

Find some better sounds. Saying "no ammo" into your mic is awkward. Steal some from counter-strike, that's what everyone else does.

The M79 and grenades are also pretty awful, try making them explode on impact.

Draw your own gun icons if you can, most people here have probably played fallout.
Posted by Johnny Look 3rd September, 2007

Sorry but this game is already in my recycle bin.
It just isn't fun, the sounds are awful, the graphics are sort of blurry (some look out place) and the gameplay is just uninteresting.
Posted by Fanotherpg 3rd September, 2007

Sounds are real recorded from free websites, no ammo was recorded by me, all graphics from game belongs to Cage and were made by him so there aren't from Fallout or sth like that.

I won't steal sounds or graphics from other games, because it's for me stupid and about grenades there never explodes at impact in real combat (I'm saying now about hand grenades)you have change to throw they away, but with M79 you're probably right and this is easy to correct just after collision set speed of m79 grenade for 0 and it will explode (men you've got source code so you can modify it how you want and use that graphics! Even those which weren't used in game but are in CCA file!
Posted by Lachie Dazdarian 3rd September, 2007

Zethell, I was just trying to help the guy to improve the game presentation. Many people find bad English quite annoying, weather you like that fact or not. I don't, but like I said, many do.
Posted by Dustin Gunn 3rd September, 2007

I'm 100% certain that the large flamethrower graphic in the topright is from Fallout.
Posted by hapsi 4th September, 2007

I have a polish friend (im finnish), and i know its difficult to learn english if you are polish, cuz they are totally different kind of languages.. but you should get someone english to translate your game texts. Thats what i do in most of my projects.
Posted by hapsi 4th September, 2007

And maybe you should try to do your own gfx..
Posted by AfterStar 4th September, 2007

It didn't really differ from the 1st one.
I have to agree with Johny Look, I didn't really like it,you need to work more on the gameplay aspect.
Make more varieties of enemies,enlarge the battlefield and perhaps have a storyline(Progressive gameplay, few weapons at start,easier you go on more weapons and harder levels,reach goals,awards and so on,just some ideas).

Graphics are ok,could do some more work but overall decent, you need more variety of explosions though.
I didn't give you a thumbs down,although I should had to but well there you go thumbs up for trying.
Posted by Fanotherpg 4th September, 2007

Like I said and like it is in credits Graphics are by Cage not me and he said that all are in 100% his pixelart but icons of weapons are from real photos and that of flamethrower is from Fallout, so sorry for problem.

And thanks for suggestions about progress gameplay etc. This should be more version 1.5 or 1+ not 2, but.. it is what it is and I'm happy from that
Posted by Zethell 8th September, 2007

Lachie Dazdarian: k.
Posted by Fanotherpg 9th September, 2007

I've corrected plot so now is a bit newer version
Posted by MBK 9th February, 2008

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