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Cade Tower: Eozsof
Author: Fanotherpg Submitted: 1st May, 2008 Favourites:1
Genre: Role Playing Game Downloads: 293
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Edited By Fanotherpg on 5/1/2008

===Basic Info===

Game in The Elder Scrolls : Battle Spire style. Our target is to get out from title Cade Tower and survive.. And how we do it it is only on our hands and our skills..

===Game information===

CT:E is online cRPG survival on FWGEv4 and it possibilities are:

- Engine in 2.5 Dimension (pseudo 3 Dimension) supporting and presenting 'half closed' areas
- 15 different spells separated for 5 magic schools (3 area spells)
- For one game we choose 2 magic schools
- Spells thrown using two hands (you can throw two different spells in one time)
- You can connect spells in combos
- Ovule of physics thanks to use spell telekinesis
- 2 sides of conflict
- 3 enemies for each side + 1 boss
- Possibility to join one side (isn't necessary to end game)
- Possibility to end game in few ways (8 ) not depending what school you'll choose
- Jumping move system like in old dungeon crawlers
- Surface which we'll travel across is almost 0.25 square kilometers
- 17 levels each with different place of rooms and corridors
- 4 interactive objects
- Fast rapid action with online scores
- No saving if you die it would be end(!)
- Natural randomness and advanced enemy AI (enemies attack when you're danger for them)
- Different ways to get points
- With each time game can look different thanks to choose different magic schools
other ally
other method of game end..

Like in real world of Fantasy your enemies wouldn't be normal enemies but mages
monsters... You as a mage can't use weapon or armor
but only spells.


You were greatly promised magic neophyte devoted to Cade Tower master the best magical school in Eozsof. But you have a huge desire of power and this is why you were spying Master Yoba with your brother.

He discovered that your minder is controled by Draco the legendary evil soul which want to reborn once again to start war beetwen Heaven Progetory and Hell. It was few days ago...

Hour after that discovery brother informed you and dissappeared for few days.. After that time Master informed school that your brother suiceded himself... You didn't believe in that story and it's why you have been closed on top of Cade Tower and chained.

You were exposed on Torments during day a blazing sun and wild birds during night mighy winds and incredible freeze.. But now after few days of punishment chains broken...

You're only just liberate Cade Tower prisoner.. You're teared with internally dithers... You're angry and furious for everybody you desire for revenge and blood..

But something in deep of you wants you to don't do something foolish which you'll be regret.. But now you decide you rule you choose Draco champions.. Cade Tower apprentices... Your live.... Your destiny... It's your time in Eozsof..


Press up/down arrow or W/S button - Move forward/backward
Press left/right arrow or A/D button - Turn left/right
Hold shift and press any arrow or W/S/A/D button - Strafe in selected direction
Click on spell icon with left/right mouse button - Select spell for left/right hand
Click on enemy/ceiling/floor/interactive object left/right mouse button - Throws spell selected
for left/right hand
Press 1/2 button - Select spell for left/right hand
Press N/M button - Turn off/on sounds/music
Press Enter button - Change windows in help screen

===Additional Info===

Game is available in Vitalize! 4 at V-Cade:

Game EXE version has got own online highscore system:

There is also available open sourced MFA file of engine (with deleted highscore system information).

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Posted by Codemonkey 1st May, 2008
Rated :

!!! It's 4797 lines of code and you made it open source!? You are one nice guy.
Posted by Hill Gigas 1st May, 2008

You must have worked on this for a while! Thats a lot of events you've got there, about twice as many as I've ever had!
Posted by Fanotherpg 2nd May, 2008

It was one day almost 7000 but I tweaked some things and now it is about 5800 and not 4797

Sorry for lack of comments but I till today didn't comment my games :/

I hope that this experimental gameplay project - old style dungeon crawler in pseudo 3D with realtime fights will be playable in your opinion
Posted by Kurczak King 2nd May, 2008
Rated :

Brawo Fano,
a teraz czekamy na Drega Syia
Posted by Fanotherpg 2nd May, 2008

Tia Kurczak jak chcesz dodaj do ulubionych (Fav) inny projekt Temporala i mój: .

A na przyszłość pisz też posty po angielsku

Ou and if you have got some questions about code you can ask freely.
Posted by erghhhhx 3rd May, 2008

This is kinda' cool in a way... But the game itself is worthless, and the soundeffects just makes me angry...
Posted by Fanotherpg 3rd May, 2008

Sound effects and music can be turned off seperately. Betatesters just said that some music and souns should be included so they're.
Posted by Fish20 4th May, 2008
Rated :

I couldnt really figure out how to play this.
But this is a cool game.
Posted by Zezard 4th May, 2008
Rated :

I'm impressed that you made something like this, though I am a bit dissapointed that you didn't take your time to make a good game out of it.

The biggest problem with this app is that it is hard to understand. It's always a pain when it is neccessary to read about what stuff do or mean (if it's not in-game that is), it should instead be so obvious that you understand by just looking at it (for example, you could write "life", "magic" and "enemy life" next to their counters).
Even though I read through the help text, it still left out vital parts as what the spells do exactly, such as how much they cost and how much damage they deal. Cryptic stuff like "some enemies won't attack you depending of choice of magic..." would also have had to be better explained.

Although this is an unusually strong effort, I can't give it as many stars as I would have wanted to, due to lack of game-play (which easily could have been included).
Posted by Fanotherpg 5th May, 2008


Try to read in-built help and get to know with spells and controls on 1st level (don't enter teleport).


I know that this game isn't perfect but it was made for a competition and original engine of WHOLE GAME has got 2 weeks, and after that it was developed and corrected by almost 2 years.

Also one of limits was graphic library and game size (bigger game more minus points) so I just have to make the game the smallest as I could because each KB was worth more than gold.

And because I know of this bugs and lacks I decided to release game as open source and everyone can modify it and release as own game. It would be just nice if you would write something about me or Cade Tower
Posted by Pixelthief 17th May, 2008
Rated :

Aye that looks like quite the piece of work you've got there, shame I don't have MMF2 to open it up with Good to know I'm not the only one whos releasing my major projects open sourced now
Posted by Fanotherpg 18th May, 2008

I've got somewhere some old MMF 1.5 open source versions but there are many bugs and other stuff. But if you want OS for MMF 1.5 write to me PM or email and I will send it.






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