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Imperia - example TGF
Author: Fanotherpg Submitted: 6th June, 2006 Favourites:0
Genre: Engine Downloads: 222

Edited By Fanotherpg on 5/10/2008

It is a complete example of my RTS game Imperia which you can also download. This engine has got such options like:

- Real Time Minimap
- Box selecting in all 4 directions
- Unit info with name and health
- 5 buildings (for each nation)
- 7 units (for each nation)
- 2 upgrades (for each nation)
- 3 ages (for each nation)
- 2 nations (Celts and British)
- Very good AI for all units

This version is only for TGF and it don't have so many options like a MMF version.

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