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Death Cage
Author: Fanotherpg Submitted: 30th December, 2006 Favourites:1
Genre: Shoot 'Em Up Downloads: 209
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Edited By Fanotherpg on 5/10/2008


DC is a minigame in which our score is to survive attacks of hostility turned zombies.

Plot is about a virus which under influence of serious changes in climate, after change of poles, evolves seriously and destroy most of known world.

Game is situated in closed mini arenas, something like prison cages, from which we can't escape..

There is few levels to choose from, in one scenery. And physics engine will be quite accurately copy physics rights (e.g. grenade will cause recoil).

In game there is plenty of black humor and irony to Polish Click Scene, carols and Christmas...


Controls are presented in tutorial but in short they are:

WSAD - Move Kunter
Mouse - Turn Kunter
Left Mouse Button - Attack with current weapon
Right Mouse Button - Reload current weapon
B - Turn sounds on/off
M - Turn music on/off
N - Turn comments on/off
ESC - Fast Exit to highscore


If you want to read plot don't press enter when team PG logo is showed and Presents because then you go to menu.

Game is presented as an open source game, so you can check graphics, code etc.

Review This Download (1500 kkb )

Posted by Fanotherpg 31st December, 2006

Next Polish polished game maybe not so good as Elf Elfonsinio but good.. If you could comment what is wrong in game engine I would be happy Polacy tylko znowu nie spamujcie, głosować możecie i komentować też..
Posted by Leopardo 31st December, 2006

This game is great, but in this game missing multiplayer mode (2 vs Cpu, P1 vs P2).

Posted by DE [RCT] 1st January, 2007

Yeah, nice game. Make multiplayer mode and game wil be very good. Jakby co, sory za bledy Tak dalej Fano.
Posted by Fanotherpg 1st January, 2007

Maybe two player mode would be added in sequel... But now I want to know what is bad in this version to correct it.. Przy okazji może będzie druga polska gra tygodnia jeśli się postaracie Głosujcie góre
Posted by Bartman 3rd January, 2007

Just seems a bit hard to keep a good amount of ammunition, plus just be sure to include a read me just in case. Although the in-game training mode is a very nice addition.

I will say it was hard to see, but thats only because my monitor's brightness is kind of broken.

Nice game overall.
Posted by Fanotherpg 3rd January, 2007

I know that it's hard with a ammo but it is more Survival than shot'em up as NaaC (which I love..) and weapons are real models Desert Eangle, MP5, M-16, SPAS 12, M79.. And it is why is a ammo limit..
Posted by Plooscva 5th January, 2007

Really nice game there, beautyful graphics, worth downloading! Tak trzymaj! Yeah, NaaC rocks.
Posted by s-m-r 5th January, 2007

I really had no problem maintaining the levels of ammo (of course, having the game automatically switch to a different weapon helps a lot). I felt the game was pretty easy. The controls were smooth and responsive and I love seeing mouse-aiming games.

I'd also love to see some pictures for each of the paragraphs of text. You can really build the atmosphere with those. Also, having some sort of sound or visual cue to let the player know they're being injured (stepping on the steam vents, for example) would be a nice touch.

Posted by Fanotherpg 6th January, 2007

Thanks for comment I'm glad that you're like this game. I hope that it's better that my earlier productions.. I couldn't find any sounds od steam vents etc. In mid or wav format (game was originally made for Vitalize format...) But it and graphics aren't a problem gam is open source so you can add graphics sounds etc. and compile new version of game for your needs..
Posted by KamilPL 6th January, 2007

Very nice graphic and engine, but when I'm in green water, zombies can't do me anything!
Posted by Fanotherpg 6th January, 2007

Don't be so sure when you're in 'green water' change weapon on shotgun, flamethrower and turn in direction of Zombies and they hurt you!! And it isn't a bug, but I do It for safety..
Posted by Dr. James MD 7th January, 2007

Posted by Christodoulou Apps 7th January, 2007

Ha! It's quite funny. I like it!
Posted by Scick 7th January, 2007

Whoah! This game is exactly like Crimsonland!
Posted by ..:.Phox.:.. 7th January, 2007

looks good!
Posted by Fanotherpg 7th January, 2007

Thanks for comments, few persons said that it's similiar to Crimsonland but I never play in that game like I mentioned earlier I was looking at NaaC, but maybe Cage (game graphic) looked at Crimsonland.. But thanks for comment that our game is similiar to it
Posted by Monkey Soft 7th January, 2007

Not bad
Posted by Fanotherpg 9th January, 2007

Say what you like/dislike because I plan do create second part bigger with new graphics, campaign mode, two player mode, and online highscores.. But I also want to correct errors in engine or sth like that.
Posted by bubugames 9th January, 2007

Hmm.. I don't play in such good game from very long time, very good game! Nice graphics. Game is very interesting, christmas music in my opinion isn't suitable for this kind of game but as a black humour with comments (modified carols text) is very original idea. I don't find bugs and engine is open source.
Posted by Dario(PG) 9th January, 2007

I've played this game and i have fun with it for coupple hours.Its a PG team good work.
Posted by Bartholomev 9th January, 2007

Great game, really . Ive been enjoying it for 2 hours, yeeeah pretty good job Fano,
Posted by raperr (PG) 10th January, 2007

Nice game. Make a Death Cage 2 and MULTIPLAYER. I like kills zoombie

Posted by NaaCDudE 13th January, 2007

Nice Naac Wanna be! Fanotherpg: improve weapons damage, gfx (maybe use 1024x768 and optimize the sprite contrast to let them more visible). Zombies character are good, try to randomly change their starting movement.
Posted by Fanotherpg 13th January, 2007

What do you mean by improving weapon damage? It isn't fast shooter like NaaC (which I LOVE) but a survival shooter where is hard to survive and hard to kill enemies. But thanks for informations about this starting movement in sequel I'll do that.
Posted by John Ragland 14th January, 2007

Plus buy MMF 2. You could do a lot with that. Have you tried it yet??!
Posted by Fanotherpg 14th January, 2007

No, I don't. I don't have cash for it.. So I don't create in it.. I'm trying to win it.. In one compo but if I win.. Who nows maybe I've got such luck like in this GOTW and win (I never believe that I do this..)..
Posted by NaaCDudE 14th January, 2007

I mean the balance of weapon, but if you are shure to keep the action slow and hard it's all ok. Weapon spawing is too similar to Naac, try to change it 'cause imho don't fit well in a survival shooter.

Posted by John Ragland 14th January, 2007

I hope you win a copy, because U noticed your light source illusion. You would be amazed at what you can accomplish with MMF 2's built in ink effects.
Posted by Fanotherpg 15th January, 2007

No I'm trying to correct this game and add some little corrects to it, for more fast gameplay, weapon would be stronger about 2 times but not all and balance weapon so spas would be more stronger from desert eagle than in this version.. And weapon spawing is described in plot (training) so it is good. I also hope that I'll win but I've got problem with Vitalize.. and it's majority to start in..
Posted by Deathbringer 25th February, 2007


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