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Captain of the Guard
Author: Del Duio Submitted: 10th January, 2006 Favourites:0
Genre: Role Playing Game Downloads: 423
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Edited By Del Duio on 13/01/2006

Edited By Del Duio on 13/01/2006

Edited By Del Duio on 10/01/2006

Edited By Del Duio on 10/01/2006


After some serious thought, I've decided to say "The hell with it!" and release the complete full version of Captain of the Guard to TDC, as there are a ton of things to do in it and whittling it down to demo-size I thought would be unfair to the game.

If you add it all up, this is about 1 year's work. All graphics, music, voices, and most SFX are all original and done by me. The title song was the first MIDI I ever did, in fact. The few people who have played it really like it, so here it is!


Many years ago, in a kingdom just down the street, there lived an honorable and skilled man named Daxon. He stayed to himself and did his own thing, and that was just fine by him! There was never any trouble, never any serious worries to be found. For years, the kingdom was at peace.

Then suddenly, and for reasons unknown, hoardes of
monsters started to spill onto the populace from the mountains and forests that bordered the kingdom. Many brave soldiers were lost. So many so, that King Liago was forced to call upon the common people to fill the army's rapidly dwindling ranks. Daxon, along with so many others, was drafted into service.

But unlike so many others, Daxon's prowess with the sword and tactics on the field proved invaluable to the kings' army. It seemed as if every field he stepped foot upon, the battle would be won without a doubt. And people noticed this too. King Liago himself saw the great deeds Daxon was able to do time and again, and eventually promoted the man to the rank of Captain of the Guard, a very
worthy title indeed. For years, Daxon and his men pushed back the monsters and eventually overcame the threat altogether.

The price of freedom wasn't free, however. During one skirmish at the battle of Stone Wall, King Liago himself was mortally wounded and died in the Captain's arms. Before he did, though, Daxon told the king that he would serve the Liago family with honor and loyalty until his own dying day. Little did he know then, that things were going to get a bit interesting..

Liago always made it a point to be on the battlefield with his men. As such, he had little time to raise a family but he did in fact have one son, Prince Zeen. Zeen was nothing like his esteemed father, however, and secretly people feared what would become of the kingdom if anything were to happen to Liago. They even gave him a nickname,
"Zeenie the Weenie", that Daxon himself thought was pretty funny but never spoke ill of the Prince in public of course! Soon after the Prince was inducted into power, he called upon his Captain of the Guard late one night. Whatever good sense and logic Daxon was used to before just went out the window!

* * * *


The Captain kicks ass and features voice "acting", huzzah!
Overhead action battle levels and story cutscenes.
Raise your statistics like Life and Attack Power.
Tons of enemies to kill, and tough boss monsters await you.
Explore: Forests, swamps, deserts, caves, and snowy peaks!
19 Weapons with different abilites. Choose your favorite!
9 Special Items that will greatly aid you!
15 main areas to explore that you can backtrack to anytime.
3 Additional hidden levels to find if you...???
2 Ultra-tough areas available after you win the game!
An option to listen to every song in the game after you win.
Every enemy you defeat is recorded into your own beastiary.
You'll ride a VERY interesting MOUNT! LOL, you'll see!
Collect coins and gold bags to buy items at the blacksmith.
Bust open barrels to find special magical potions.
Avoid hazzards like spike traps, cactuses, and lava bubbles!
Tons of secrets in the game for you to discover!

When you win you can still continue playing 'til your heart's content! Want to try and collect ALL the weapons and items? Go right ahead! Take on a Dragon in a blood-stained cave to try and get its treasure hoarde? Go for it!

The game is very challenging- even for me- but for you nuts out there you can further challenge yourselves by opting to try and win the game with nothing but your starting sword! If you can do that, well, you're nuts!!

Give the game a shot, and try and stick with it because it can be tough, like I said before. If you do, there's a TON to see and do, with hours of enjoyment ahead of you.

And now the story begins!

-Dave (Del Duio)

EDIT: Added a weapon stun feature when striking the enemies that was sorely needed. This will take away a lot of the cheap hits that enemies love to do in the game. Swords and Maces will stun for approx .90 seconds, Axes for 1.25 seconds, and all Hammers for about 1.80 seconds. This system is now standard in the download.

EDIT: Walkthrough guides are now part of the core download as well.

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Posted by DaVince 10th January, 2006

Ooh, looks good.

About the date: yeah, that's an US/everyone else time formatting problem.
Posted by Wicked Studios 10th January, 2006

Wow, its October 1st already? Didn't think the new year would go by this fast Looks like a great game...downloading.
Posted by Hempuli 11th January, 2006

ehhhh... that zip file is 0 kt..
Posted by Hempuli 11th January, 2006

Oh, but it works
Nice game, but strange musics..
Posted by Del Duio 12th January, 2006

I had a feeling that maybe the thumbs downs were because it's too hard for them, but anyways there is now a complete walkthrough guide (two parts) up on the DXF Games website. That should help anyone who's stuck.

Oh, and if not could you please leave your reasons for the thumbs down? I want to improve and need any feedback I can get. Thanks!
Posted by Aaron Tomko 13th January, 2006

Please take this as what it is, constructive criticism and nothing else. The presentation is good and the music serves its purpose. While both were not detrimental to the game, they could be improved upon. The artwork could definitely use some work, but at the same time for 100% original stuff the artwork is pretty good. One of the areas I think the game falls short in is its battle system. It feels far too sluggish for a action adventure game of this nature. I would suggest taking a few pages out of the ol' zelda knows what it's doing manual and add a few things like multiple frames to the sword swing animation. This way, the player is given a visual representation of the actual attack, not just the end result of the swing. I understand not everyone is an animator, but there are many many people out there who have written fantastic tutorials on how to animate things just like that. Also I would suggest not allowing the player and the game's enemies to overlap each other. This leads to the enemies getting in extra hits which can be quite frustrating at times. The only other area I would say needs work, as you just stated above, is the large difficulty learning curve present in your game. You have to remember some things when making games for the public. The user does not have the same experience with the game that you do. And so difficulty of play needs to be gradually increased as the user is new to your game. When I make a game, I know how the enemies move and think and how best to kill them, but the player doesn't. The problem is that while I might find, lets say, 10 enemies difficult, yet manageable; the user will be up against a group of enemies far too difficult for them to take on at the beginning of my game. I usually have two or three other people play through my games to check the difficulty before finalizing them. I have found that if you can find a good "middle ground" you'll avoid losing those players who like the game, but can't continue due to heightened difficulty. Again I'm merely giving you some ideas to help you out in the future . Please don't take this as a "bad review" as I did actually enjoy your game, and am still playing it; although, I doubt I'll be playing it through with nothing but my starting sword. lol
I wish you best of luck with all your future projects.
Posted by Del Duio 13th January, 2006

Actually, Aaron that is an awesome reply and just what I was looking for! In the beginning I wanted to have a few frames of animation to make the "full swing" effect of the weapons, but I also had 25 different weapons coded in at the time and didn't want to attempt to make so many in fear they would appear totally crappy. This was only my 2nd click game, and I learned a lot from The Great Piggy Escape and took it to this one, like turning invincible for a period after you are damaged to avoid near instant deaths like the ones that can occur to the pig.

I have an idea on how I might be able to remedy the enemy overlap problem that occurs with some of them (notably bandits, and right at the beginning too, doh!) It might take awhile to get right, but I think I can do it. When it's fixed, I'll put that version up for download and hopefully that will help a lot.

After that, I want to seriously work on bringing my biggest Visual Basic 6 RPG game up to TDC somehow (80MB, 3 years to make). But first things first, so I'm off to go code right now!

Thank you for your words, that helps me a lot man =

Posted by Del Duio 13th January, 2006

Okay, all set now. I added a much-needed weapon stun feature to the battle system where enemies are now stunned for a very short time upon strike. This takes away a lot of the cheap hits but retains the game's challenge (the good kind).

It works something like this:

Weapon Type:
Swords = .90
Axes = 1.25
Maces = .90
Hammers = 1.80

Stun Lengths are in seconds. I messed around with different values and found these to be good for what it needed.

This fixed download of COTG is up now and ready to go.

Posted by Peblo 13th January, 2006

Yes, if you want to be a loser.
Posted by Arneckian 13th January, 2006

I suppose your right. I loved this game. When is the sequel coming out?
Posted by Del Duio 13th January, 2006

Yes, it's not so much as a cheat as it was my inability to get the blowfish extension to work properly. It was more important to me that you guys could play free of fatal crashing bugs (which is what was happening w/ the encrytion of the file) then to try and hide all the info / folders. Plus, it just LOOKS better not to have everything shown!

I figured someone would find it soon enough, but I wasn't too worried about people abusing this, (i.e. naming it "gamefile" for example, LOL!). There are ways to mess up some of the quests by screwing around with it, and you'll miss out on some funny conversations (they add a lot to the game IMO), so tamper at your own risk.

But really, why download a game just to cheat, hmmm? HMMM?

As for a sequel, beats me! I had a really crazy idea for a sequel that would play nothing like this but would use the same characters from it. Let's see how this one does with the public first). Either way, I would have to redo the graphics from the ground up, re-interpeting my vision to look better. And come up with 30 more MIDIs to boot! I'm married w/ kids and a full-time job, so don't count on a sequel right away )

One last thing- Has anyone tried the updated version with the weapon stun system? I went through a lot of the game and found it much more managable to play, and even bordering on easy in some areas (gasp!). If so, which do you prefer?
Posted by MIG2 13th January, 2006

Nice game but so "hard" you're killed so many times that you cannot save money to buy weapons (the money goes down by half when you lose a life ).

Anyway great game i'm really enjoying it
Posted by Aaron Tomko 13th January, 2006

I'm glad to hear I helped Del Duio. Ok, I started playing again with your new version and it IS an improvement. The only thing I would suggest beyond what you have done, is to cut the attack time roughly in half. Your player is paused and defenseless for far too long allowing for even the newly stunned enemies to kick your butt. Speeding up the attack would make the lack of an animated swing less noticable, would speed up the battle system, and allow for more strategy in the combat. I am enjoying your game though. I just finished the battle with Garror. I liked the weird electrified mimic ability he had. Keep up the good work.
Posted by Garror 13th January, 2006

Hey i did the GArror Sprite, Lol. It's too bad i couldn't help more with the game the next one ill do better sprites.
Posted by Del Duio 14th January, 2006

Ah, there you are where have you been hiding out at!?

And you did the UNARMORED Garror sprite, the force field was all mine baby, LOL! E-mail me already!!
Posted by Arneckian 14th January, 2006

I decided to start again and not cheat. Im lv 15. What I do is on the level with 2 dragons. I use the poison sword. Hit the dragons a couple of times and go hide up past the spikes. Then I go away and come back a couple of minutes later. I still havent got the rune hammer
Posted by Del Duio 14th January, 2006

I can't recall exactly, but it's either a 5% or 10% chance it will drop off one of the Dragons in the Dragon Cavern (I'm sure that it works though, I've gotten it a couple of times before). Keep trying, you'll get it soon! If you haven't beat Invisidude yet, use the Rune Hammer on him because that'll stop his spells, as well as the Fire Mages that guard him.

P.S: I only got up to level 12, DAYMN! Level 15 you must be kickin' everything's ass by now.

Posted by Roman-the-evil 14th January, 2006

When you get into blacksmith's shop, and keep pressing(or holding) space after you got a shop window open, hero will continue the conversation with blacksmith, but it is mostly invisible behind the shop window. Can you fix that? Would be fun to read what they have to say to each other.
Posted by Del Duio 14th January, 2006

Roman, I believe the conversation to which you're referring to actually does happen later in the game, but it's kind of a "you might miss it" moment. Here's how to access it:

After you convince the Prince that you have the pox, he kicks you out of the castle. This is the only time in the game where going back in it will get you a different conversation. (Other times the scene will replay for those who may have forgotten what to do or just wanted to see it again.)

Also, if you go to the Blacksmith's shop while everyone thinks you're sick, you'll have a much different opening conversation with her.

It only happens after they think you're sick, but BEFORE killing the Witch Doctor.

I hope this helps!
Posted by 14th January, 2006

how are you dedicated enough to finish these games!?!!/?
Posted by Windybeard Games 14th January, 2006

I like it alot, Its got a "good old days" vibe about it. And i found it fun!
Posted by ben mercer 15th January, 2006

hee hee those skeletons look like theyre made of lego! Cool looking game, downloading...
Posted by ben mercer 15th January, 2006

The graphics are pretty neat (apart from the aforementioned sword animation, and also some badly resized pixelated scenery). What lets the game down, like Aaron said, is the gameplay. Try and make the AI a little more beleivable, at the moment i feel as though i'm fighting a whole load of "bouncing balls".
Posted by Del Duio 16th January, 2006

Cool, my first review!

*reads it*

"The concept is unoriginal the plot sounds like it was written by a 5 year old and the will to progress in the game is low."


I thought the concept was pretty original, I mean here you have a knight (or should I say cyborg!) who has to do whatever the fella in charge says. You could even draw parallels to some other buffoons in power today sending loyal soldiers on idiotic quests but I digress..

And, it is SUPPOSED to be funny / non-serious! Unfortunately the TDC's game category ratings can't completely encompass everyone's game but RPG was the closest I could find.

It looks like you must have one of the first copies. I agree they were a LOT harder than the one that is up there now. (It will say V1.2 up in the top right-hand corner.) I am curious how far you got though, because I put a lot of variety in the stages but you didn't mention any of them. (For instance the grizzlies that smash the pine trees to come after you, the abandoned town looking for easter eggs, the firey volcano to destroy demonites, etc.)

And as far as lastability goes, I think that there are people out there who would want to try and collect all 19 weapons. Sure, like you said they all have 1 basic attack (stick straight out) but each has its own damage and attack speed. Not to mention the special powers of some (damage vs undead, kills turn into coins, sword freezes water, rune hammer seals spellcaster's magic) would give whatever weapon you select a lot of importance to the level you'd like to try (i.e the strategy you say the game completely lacks).

Hey and you liked my music, that was cool!

Anyhow, thank you for the review at least it's honest.
I would encourage you to try the latest version and I think you'll agree with me it is TONS easier with faster weapon speeds and enemy stun on contact. There are even 2 walkthrough guides to help you see the game in its entirety. If you still don't like it, that is okay but at least I'll know you saw it all.

@ben mercer: Yeah, I never had much training in the ways of AI for MMF but believe it or not there are some of the bosses that offer a bit more variety. Garror, for example tries to hit you until he gets to about 70% of life, then starts firing a large electric force field (see screenshot). After a while you smash his armor off completely and he runs around very fast while his guards try to stop you. But all in all, yeah bouncing balls they are and I'll make sure the sequel has improved AI for sure.
Posted by Aaron Tomko 16th January, 2006

Finally beat it! It is much easier to play through now, but without losing too much of its difficulty. I think it's a much more well-rounded game now. That damn black dragon was a pain in the ass to beat though. lol
I personally think the review was a bit on the critical side in some places, but of course truthful candor even if somewhat harsh can lead to higher levels of excellence in game design. It's very good for only your second game post Del, and it will be nice to see what you do with the series.
Posted by Strange Culture 16th January, 2006

The review my have been harsh in many peoples eyes but I was not going to humour you for the sake of it, and it may be unfair to compare it to games like Zelda and Final Fantasy but I feel I have to as they set the standard for this genre. Having humour in games is fine but not at the expense of a decent story line IMO. I did not get incredible far on it but on the other hand I did not give it a 5 minute session and knock together a review either. I won’t try and re justify my points which you questioned coz I stick to what I said, But I will download the new version and try to complete it. My advice is rather than tweak this game anymore or make a sequel, start afresh and attempt a new game.
Posted by Del Duio 17th January, 2006

Damn sitesled and your downtime-ness!, I spit at thee! *Huck...TOOOOO!, Thwap!*
Posted by Aaron Tomko 18th January, 2006

Yeah, they're good for hosting sometimes cuz they have a huge space amount considering they're free, but they seem to be down more often then they're up and running these days.
Posted by Del Duio 18th January, 2006

I just fixed a bug that was allowing shooting enemies like werewolves to keep moving when firing instead of stopping like they should have. This was caused by the weapon stun feature, but it's all good now.
Posted by Garror 19th January, 2006

The final boss was invisidude -classic
Posted by 20th January, 2006 it's a greate utility to deal with that crap
Posted by mushmouth rules 21st January, 2006

I made an account to vote for you, I played this at my friends house and it was fun!
Posted by Del Duio 21st January, 2006

Great, thank you! How far did you get in it, and did you play one of the early versions or newer versions? (Newer versions say V2.1 in the upper-right hand corner of the title screen).

I will take all the good and bad points into consideration should there be a sequel, and it's looking like there will be eventually

Posted by Del Duio 22nd January, 2006

WOOHOO!! Thanks to everyone who voted for COTG!!
Posted by Zethell 22nd January, 2006

COTG? Cottage ?
Posted by BeamSplashX 25th January, 2006

Reviewed. YAY!
Posted by Del Duio 25th January, 2006

WOOT! Thanks BeamsplashX! And you quoted Daxon, that is cool, LOL!
Posted by Del Duio 26th January, 2006

Two thumbs down in a row? What do you count as two people Phizzy?
Posted by 27th January, 2006

LOL OWND but i dint like it eether sory
Posted by Del Duio 27th January, 2006

I'll agree it doesn't have the certain Je ne sais quoi of Super Bad Guys..

Posted by Del Duio 28th January, 2006

Everyone has the right to their own opinions Phizzy, there is no right or wrong in either case. That he didn't like my game wasn't the reason I didn't like Super Bad Guys. The difference here was that I didn't post a negative comment about it on his game's page because it was obvious to me there was enough criticism from others on there already.

Hey, we're all here because we like to make games for others to play, right? No one is going to be making the next Super Metroid or Halo 3 out of the Kilk Community, so maybe we should all try to keep things in perspective here. Or have I missed the point?
Posted by Hill Gigas 2nd February, 2006

Hey this is a really fun game! The only problems I had were where an enemy would overlap me slightly and I would take multiple continuous hits (usually meaning death). But combat is a lot of fun, and I really like how the game is structured. Good work!
Posted by Del Duio 2nd February, 2006

Thanks Shroomlock! Yeah, the overlapping still happens but rest assured that it was much worse before the fixes, if that helps any. I think I notice it more on the bandits, but thankfully Daxon gets powerful enough to take them out in a single hit soon enough so they don't pose much of a threat long.
Posted by Del Duio 2nd March, 2006

'I suck'? Ah, you know we so well it seems! I remember that cold Thanksgiving day when the Phizzies came over our house for turkey and pumpkin pie! T'was a feast of divine scale! I won't slander you as you me here good sir, no, for you must know I don't do that kind of thing to family and close personal friends who know me so well =

Jesus Phizzy, chill! I didn't know you felt so strongly about this subject. If you want to continue this topic (I don't) you can PM me about it and we'll do it then. Otherwise let's consider this subject dropped, ok? Thanks a ton, see you next Christmas Eve!
Posted by Ski 2nd March, 2006

Controls the operation, the napoleon of crime!
Posted by Airflow 3rd February, 2006

Keep it in the back of your mind, as you read the following, that I've only played version 2.1.

I am inspired. The map screen reminds me of FinalFantasyTacticsAdvanced, but more to the point, I had more fun playing this than I did that. So I gave you a thumbs up.

Some of the jokes were funny. However, is the glass half full or half empty? Here, it's mostly empty. You shouldn´t have hammed it up. ¨What!¨ addressed at the audience(me) felt like I was being asked to laugh. The newer episodes of the Simpsons do that. Also, at the end, the turd King has a massive change of charactor and becomes nice all of a sudden-for as much reason you have given us as the appearence of random monsters. I'm not saying you should give us a reason though. I'd rather not be given a reason then told there is no reason.

Instead of emmersing the player in a fictional world, you have made us aware of the fake world before us with the intention of us accepting the game for what it is-rather than what we might think.

The battle system is adequate but only because it's the basis of the whole game. It's simple and easy to learn. This contrasts with Glover on the N64-which I thought was fantastic. I would like to see a COG2 to see what you do with the engine.

I got horribly bored after beating all the levels I had because I couldn't fathom how to get the remaining swords.(I think there were When I gave up, I read the playguide. Randomly appearing weapons? That's a cheat I call "finishing the game early". Anyway, I got all the swords and items now and my charactor is on lv 11 with 138hp.(it took 18 b'd's, 134 d'soldier's and 37 Hell's). 134 sucks! It's only natural that Circy mistook this horrible phenomona for yourself.

ps: If you aim for the dragon's groin, they die much more quickly.The monster log was also a nice touch.

Posted by Del Duio 4th February, 2006

Very well thought out, EFD! I also have FFTA and I bought it thinking it would play out like the original for the PSX, but we all know what happened there!

I'm glad you liked some of the jokes! I'll admit, there's some stinkers but there were a few that I had beforehand that I wanted to make sure to have in there (like the "special" recycling powers of Daxon's armor). I'm no comedian but I've enjoyed playing games with the humor element in them (Lufia series comes to mind). Haha, yeah, the "WHAT!?" was a kind of an homage to Alucard from Castlevania: SotN. I figured when the Prince asks what's in his pants, that had to be the response he gave.

It's funny you mention the character change of Zeen at the end though, because I wasn't sure if that was where his character's direction should go to either. I should have kept him 100% insane, instead of growing with the kingdom being saved and all. I agree, next time will be much different! It's almost as if Zeen gets better, while Daxon gets worse. Kind of a wee bit like Ash from the Evil Dead movies.

As far as the story went, I already have some unreleased games with serious storylines, but I wanted to try something a bit different with COTG. I was watching a cool-ass show on the History Channel about knights and how they had to pledge loyalty to the throne for life. I thought of times in history where a decent king was killed and a new, less decent one took his place. They never really mention what becomes of the followers of the throne, so I took that basic idea and went from there.

As for the random drops, it's something that I've always liked from some of my favorite games like Diablo 2 and even Everquest to some extent. The weapon that gives me the most trouble to get is that blasted Silver Sword! I made it possible to get it in two levels to try and make it easier on people, but it's still a bitch. I tried to plan out weapon drops as a pleasant surprise for those who would have no idea where they were. For somebody to get the Evil Mace instead of gold coins would be a big bonus if you had no idea the Helleton carried any other loot on it!

134 Dark Soldiers to get the Hero Mace! DAYMN! It always takes me at least 20-30 tops, remember you can only get it from the ones in the Army Camp level. One game I played I never got the Mercury Axe- then the next game I did I got it after only killing 3 black dragons, which was a shock! That's the beauty of random numbers I guess, I think the chance is 5-10%

The sequel is already in the works. It is a lot different than the original. Some people may not like it, but it already has better graphics and animation for Daxon, and a whole new playing style / hybrid gameplay. It's going to take awhile to finish, but it'll be here eventually.

Thank you for the thorough playthrough also, it makes all the work totally worth it.
Posted by Arneckian 6th February, 2006

Hurry up I wanna play it.
Posted by Arneckian 6th February, 2006

Sience the review page has a vendetta against me I will write my review here:

Initial comments:

I thought this was a well rounded, funny, playable game. It was well presented and I liked the format. I must admit the king is off his head and the shopkeeper is a bit of a retard. I played your other game (The Great Piggy Escape) a while ago and diddn't think much of it but this game(only your second!), is better many times over.

My thoughts:

The first level is way too hard and I died at least 10 times before killing the bandit. The level Grey Slab shrine has way too many enemies and the only way I could kill the Ice Mage was to do what the walkthroug told me not too do. Im lv 15 and I still cant get through Oceanic Volcano. Death Bog is easier and that has 3 Dragons and a Black Dragon. I think he should have some kind of animation for attacking.


The music is original except the Captains Theme. I think its a bit Crash Bandicootish. Other than that the music is excellent.


The graphics are alright. Nothing special. They would be better if you used a bigger framesise and kept the objects to scale with thinner outlines so they were not so blocky.

Personally, I loved this game. But thats just me. I do look forward to the sequel.


Presentstion: 9/10
Gameplay: 10/10
Graphics: 8/10
Sound/Music: 10/10
Lastability: 10/10
Overall: 10/10
Posted by Del Duio 6th February, 2006

Thanks Tyscorp, but the theme song is also an original. I made it from scratch using the Midi Maker program. I can even play it on my bass, weee! Some of the others I transcribed from guitar, Midi Maker is a great little free trial program to be sure. I've never played Crash Bandicoot though now I want to to see if they sound similar!

Yes, the hardest areas in the game IMO for the level you first tackle them are: The Wilds, Greyslab Shrine (definately), Jagged Peak, Dry Sands, and the Oceanic Volcano. Most of these areas have the "kill all enemies" condition to exit, whereas others the objective is much easier to obtain. I suggest taking the Frost Sword into the Volcano because it can whup the Demonites. Just be wary of those lava bubbles!






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