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Equin: The Lantern v1.2CT (demo)
Author: Del Duio Submitted: 16th August, 2014 Favourites:0
Genre: Role Playing Game Downloads: 155

A young Xtoli adventurer learns of a mysterious dungeon near town ruled by an even more mysterious magic lantern. The lantern changes colors, but what does it actually DO? Take control of either Warrior, Thief, or Wizard and gain levels, stats, and mad treasure as you descend the dungeon's 50 floors to find out.


Version 1.2CT is something I've put about 30-35 hours into this past week and IMO it is by far the best way to enjoy this game. Classes are rebalanced, new items and maps and even a new floor event can be found within. There's a brand new intro scene, new game elements, new graphical tweaks, yada yada you name it.

Oh and it's more challenging too which personally I think fits this type of game better. Unlike past demos of this, v1.2CT is only restricted by the max floor level (15 vs. the full game's 50). So you'll have access to much more things this time around than in the OLDEN DAYS OF OLD.

P.S: Anybody who bought the previous full game of this will be getting an e-mail with a free download of the update within the next few days (Payloadz limits me to 5 a day but I'm on it!) If I can't compete in manpower and HD crap I sure as hell wil try to compete with good customer service

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Posted by s-m-r 27th August, 2014
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Received the email and have been playing the latest version. Loads of fun and just as much a challenge as any roguelike should be. WEll done, Del Duio!
Posted by Del Duio 29th August, 2014

Oh good!

It's cool but though it's sort of harder now I think the new items really help. Even the low-level stuff like crossbows can make a big difference on the beginning floors (plus they're 1-handed so thieves can equip them).

You probably have already noticed but there's new code in there so that you are more likely to get a floor event the longer you go without a floor event. Same with shops and guilds. I did this to try and break up potential monotony around the middle floors. And the new floor event "Arena of Death" for floors 35+ should be really challenging but in a good way if you get one of those (they can be one of 3 different maps- not just brick recolors like inferno floors or whatnot).

P.S: If you get any of the hero gear (orange name tags) try to equip at least 3 pieces when you exit a floor for a good surprise.
Posted by s-m-r 29th August, 2014
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Yup, I read all the recent changes in the readme, and there's been extensive improvements... I still suck at it, but it's a heck of a ride while you're on it.

As for the hero stuff, well, I don't make it very deep into the dungeon yet, but I'll keep trying to find it as time goes on.

I love roguelikes, and you've crafted quite a nice one with the Lantern, Del Duio.





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