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Equin Village (DEMO)
Author: Del Duio Submitted: 2nd May, 2006 Favourites:0
Genre: Role Playing Game Downloads: 241

Edited By Del Duio on 8/27/2006

Hello, this is by far the most time-consuming and ultimately rewarding game I've ever made. It is the second in my Equin trilogy, and the best one. The game and its components were programmed in Visual Basic 6, so I'm not sure how well it will be received here at TDC, but I've seen some other games not done with Klik products here so I'll take a shot. Equin Village is completely different than the other two games in the trilogy (that were more action-oriented) and is a large non-linear old-school flavor RPG. It features sporadic story cutscenes and original everything. I'm very proud of the story, characters and its "big twist". The demo is very big and allows players to explore about 70-80% of the world upon best guess. The full version is also available on the DXF Games website for $5 US. At any rate, the demo is free, so here it is for the good gamers at The Daily Click!


* Six playable characters, each with their own skills & stats, selectable at any time during the game.
* Each character can have 6 items equipped at any time, plus a backpack that can hold 24 more items.
* One save game file.
* Random encounters with enemies using a turn-based combat system.
* Gain quests and information by talking other people, including your other guys!
* Adventure for 30 days.. and nights.
* Rent a boat to travel to distant islands and explore the world!
* The ability to build your own house on a variety of different possible spots throughout the world.
* Many hidden areas and secret walls.
* Over 100 unique and powerful items, weapons, and armor.
* An endless possibility of randomized items dropped from your enemies in addition to the unique items.
* Many different types of monsters, including ones that only appear at certain times of the day and boss monsters.
* Collect body parts from fallen monsters and take them to the blacksmith to create new items for you- for a fee.
* Save your coins up to buy stuff from merchants and doctors, but their shops might be closed at night.
* You have the ability to instantly turn any extra items into cash to make room in your inventory.
* Gamble your spare coins at the Boogoo Parlor and win and ton, if you're lucky enough.
* Items can have tons of different powers- from poison protection to freezing the enemy.
* Huge overworld to explore (40,000+ tiles) featuring a vast ocean, forests, a desert, and an ice island.
* Temporarily boost your stats with numerous potions found throughout the land.
* Test your skills in 'Hard Mode' and get better weapons and armor only found in this mode.


Although each hunter has their own pros and cons, you can further customize them upon level up! Each level up gets you at least 5 bonus points to distribute as you see fit. Want Rol (the thief) to be a tank? Pump his defense stat! In addition, rare equipment can add to your bonus point totals!

When you talk to people, they might give you an item. If that happens, talk to them again for an additional message!

About Healing: Your hunters will naturally heal themselves while standing in the main tavern (+5 life / cycle) or when you build your own house (+10 life / cycle). As an added bonus, just walking into either one cures you of poisoning. Any lady doctor will sell potions to help you, and most shops sell some sort of healing potion too. Plus, if you find any wild mushrooms the blacksmith can make you potions with them. (He's REALLY talented) In addition, save and load points are located in both of these.

You can load up on extra items and return to the tavern to distribute them to your other hunters. Just remember that most items have a minimum level to use them, so be sure to keep your hunters' levels up when you can!

Time progression: Time marches in real-time for our heroes, transitioning from day to night and back again. There are a few ways to "pause" time, however. By double clicking on your hero, you will enter the sub-screen / inventory. Time will pause here and won't start again until you exit, which is done by double clicking on your hunter at the top of the screen. While purchasing supplies, if you can see the shopkeeper's item selection menu on the left-hand side, time is again paused. Plus, while in combat mode time is paused. If you happen upon an item that bestows the "TIME PASSES SLOWLY" stat, your days and nights will double in length as well.

If you die, you are DEAD FOREVER! (Their gravestones appear outside the tavern as a reminder to be careful). To help with this, you can purchase warp crosses from any of the Lady Doctors, as well as some other shops. You can use these to return to the Tavern at any time (except while in battle). If you build a house, you will also have the chance to buy home crosses to return to your house!

Poison stacks, baby! You can pimp out your hunter with a ton of gear with the Chance to Poison stat to make him (or her) extra deadly!

I suggest you always carry at least one antidote potion on you at all times. Dying by poison sucks, but the good news is that if your life is high enough, it eventually wears off.

Most chests have traps on them. In order to open one, you're going to need to have anything higher than zero for your Lockpick stat. This can be accomplished by equipping a key or lockpick in your primary (weapon) hand and then clicking on the treasure chest. Failure often results in trap damage or even poisoning! Don't worry though, I made it so it's impossible to die from one directly.

You can travel freely anywhere you wish, but you'll quickly get pwned the further away from the village you go. More enemies will attack you during the night and may ambush you as well. And be VERY wary of bears when your hunters are low levels! They have the Violent Hit stat, and can quickly turn you into mush if you're unprepared!

Please read the instructional text file to get the most out of the game, as it has just about everything you'll need!

P.S: I'm very interested in player feedback from the game, as well as any of the cool items you get. I can still play this years later and find items I've never had before.

I know this probably can't be included for GOTW or front pagerized, but as long as people can enjoy it now (after 3+ years!) I'll be happy!

EDIT: If you want a lot more information about the game, I have a homepage set up for it that's attached to the DXF Games website. Here's the link:

EDIT #2: I was playing through it again last night and found some amazing boots, so I got an idea which might be fun. I'm going to be having a "featured item" section at the end of the items page on the Equin Village homepage that anyone can send in a screenshot of their cool item and have it featured on my website. I've seen people do this before with Diablo 2 items and it's pretty fun to see what others are getting in their games.

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Posted by BeamSplashX 4th May, 2006

My my, that is a fine lookin' interface. The game sounds promising, but I'll have to wait on getting home to download this. Now, how will I buy this... hmm...
Posted by 4th May, 2006

Look's VERY good ill download this in a bit.
Posted by Del Duio 4th May, 2006

Awesome guys! Oh, and a friend of mine just got pwned by a freakin' RABBIT! So here's another hint: You start with no weapons, but $200. Go out of the tavern and west until you hit the XGA headquarters (castle). In there you'll find weapons and armor and etc. to buy.
Posted by Hempuli 4th May, 2006

WEEE IT IS HERE!!! hmm i think i'll review... although this is DEMO.
Posted by Mruqe 4th May, 2006

I feel intimidated. I was kind of hoping I won't meet anyone who can code. Because I can't. And I won't. I refuse to learn any programing language. That's why I use TGF

Anyhow - looks good. And it seems that it's really complex. I would give the graphics only a fair 8/10 though, because it looks just SEMI-professional

Posted by Cecilectomy 4th May, 2006

sitesled isnt letting me download it. (bastards)
Posted by Del Duio 4th May, 2006

I was just adding a bunch of new items to the website, so it may have hampered your ability to download it, but I'm all done for now.

Cool review Hemp, just one thing though is that there are effects for some attacks. These flash across the enemy screen during combat when the effect takes place and they include: Violent Hit (a blood burst, or critical hit), Set Ablaze (Flames), Freeze Foe (Frost Shards), Poison (Green stuff LOL), Stun (Zapper yellow things). Also, more than one effect can be combined if both (or more) rolls are made. In other words, if you have a 15% chance to poison and a 5% chance to burn, and on the attack they BOTH happen, you'll see another effect that looks multi-colored and ALL the bonus damage is added up in one focused attack!

These effects can REALLY suck when used against you, and you'll know in an instant when blood explodes out of you from a bear's paw, or a vampire's grasp stuns you.

Also, please list which hunter you picked to play with as your main, I needs ta know LOL!
Posted by AndyUK 5th May, 2006

the graphics look a little messy, look at screen two. The table has a different perspective to the rest of the room.
I will get this later when ive got more time.
Posted by Ski 5th May, 2006

I agree there.
Posted by Del Duio 5th May, 2006

Aw C'mon, table perspective?
While I agree, that's a tad bit nitpicky, no?
Posted by DaVince 5th May, 2006

The screens look good, but I don't like how you resized stuff like that. At least resize them esactly 2x or something, and preferrably use a filter over them like HQ2x (check my profile).

Downloading the game.
Posted by Del Duio 8th May, 2006

EDIT #4: I added in some more tips to help players, mostly about healing and time progresion.

There are also 4 colored keys out there that can open the doors of the same color. These are optional and well-hidden, but getting them opens up a lot more to your hunters like more treasure, houses, and even more shops.
Posted by Hempuli 8th May, 2006

oh, i forgot those magical (?) effects!!

But still, there MAYBE could be some slashing effects?

MAYBE.. only maybe.
Posted by Del Duio 9th May, 2006

Yeah, I thought about doing something along the lines of the old Phantasy Star game for the Sega Master System where it showed the different slashes for whatever weapons the characters had. The only thing is that I would've had to make a shitload of different slashes since there are so many different types of weapons in the game.

Hemp, which hunter did you use most and how far did you get?
Posted by Hempuli 15th May, 2006

Dirn is my favorite, rol is grat too.
I have just discovered to the desert.

bah, haven't got any REALLY fun items.. :b
Posted by Hempuli 15th May, 2006

damn, in the desert cave rol had only 1 hp, and he couldn't open chests!!!

my dirn is level 8 and rol lvl 5
Posted by Hempuli 15th May, 2006

Is FLINT AXE rare?
Posted by Del Duio 15th May, 2006

Cool, good work Hempuli! Don't worry, the fun items will start coming soon enough- the higher level enemies will drop better items more often than not. I just put up a ton of new information about items and enemies on the Equin Village homepage of DXF Games, you should check it out!

Oh, the flint axe is sort of rare- as it was replaced the the copper axe, which is slightly better. The axe still drops though, like you found out . It's a pretty good starting axe for sure. Did you find any of the colored keys yet? They will open the way up to a lot of treasure chests and good loot for you!
Posted by Hempuli 16th May, 2006

no, i haven't...
Posted by Del Duio 26th August, 2006

Edit 8/26/06: I just wanted to reflect in the description that the price for the full version is $5, not $10 like before. (Sales are good!)






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