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Equin- The Lantern
Author: Del Duio Submitted: 20th November, 2012 Favourites:1
Genre: Role Playing Game Downloads: 192

Edited By Del Duio on 11/20/2012

This is my new game, a fun cross between Dragon Warrior, Dark Souls, & a Del_Duio roguelike. It's also my first Equin game in many years. And my first roguelike ever. Wow!

But in true Dark Souls fashion, I'd like you guys to discover most of the game's rules by playing it and good ol' trial and error.

The link will take you to my new DXF Games website, and from there please click on the Equin The Lantern picture at the bottom to get the game.

There is a free 15 floor demo and a full game available for $5.



Arrow Keys: Move character / select option
Space Bar: Action button / choose command
Tab Key: Open in-game menu / cancel (back) on a few screens
1-3 number keys: Change screen size (opening screen only)
+ or - keys: Change game speed / performance (default value is 5)



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Posted by Sketchy 22nd November, 2012
Rated :

Very cool little game
Posted by Simon Czentnár 25th November, 2012

It looks really nice! I will check it out.
Posted by Del Duio 25th November, 2012

Thanks guys!

Yes Simon, please do I think it's a fun game still and that's after a million hours playtesting it.
Posted by UrbanMonk 1st December, 2012
Rated :

Why not make a flash version and monetize it with ads or something?

This game is perfect for flash.
Posted by Sketchy 2nd January, 2013
Rated :

Full version reviewed
Posted by Del Duio 17th March, 2013

Wow awesome, Sketchy! I haven't been on TDC in a long time this review is a great surprise






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