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Equin Adventures
Author: Del Duio Submitted: 24th May, 2006 Favourites:0
Genre: Adventure Downloads: 195

Edited By Del Duio on 31/05/2006

Edited By Del Duio on 26/05/2006

This is the first game of my Equin Trilogy, Equin Adventures! The second one, Equin Village, is already up here on The Daily Click so this one's going to join it.


One night while you were out hunting, a squad of Shadow Demons led by the evil ghost of Lord Kul ransacked your house and kidnapped your brother Serkious! They flew him to the far reaches of the Far North. The place is inaccessible by foot or boat, so the only way to get there is to locate and touch the magical ruinstone to teleport you there.

But it won't be easy. To hurt Kul you'll need a weapon of tremendous power- The Shadow Sword. Kul had broken the weapon into 3 pieces and gave one to each of his Black Knights. Your job is to descend into the sword dungeons and fight the knights, taking their sword piece. Once completed, you'll use this mighty weapon to take down Kul once and for all and rescue your brother!


*A randomly made game world every time you start a new game.
*An automap that keeps track of where you've been in the Black Woods and the woods' underworld areas.
*Three complex sword dungeons filled with enemies and of course, the Black Knights.
*Shops that will sell you chicken legs, potions, shields, crystal balls, torches, and more!
*Break just about every object in the game- trees, barrels, crates, plants, beds, tables and more to discover secret items and areas!


There's a lot of info in the readme that ships with the game, but here's some hints.

*Use the cursor to click on any object or space in the game screen to get a more detailed message about it.

*If it rains, the rain will make your sword wet and less effective. Also, a heavy rainstorm will make a crystal ball go haywire and become useless!

*Attack enemies from behind for a +1 damage bonus. Also, you may do a critical attack for huge damage.

*You can break down signs to get in-game hints as well.

*Every time you get a lot of money or something new, SAVE your game! Nothing's worse than losing a lot of progress from dying to some unseen enemy.

*Since the underworld is randomly created, some of the dungeons can be linked together to make giant-sized mazes. Keep track of where the exit ladder are by checking your automap.

*You can pause the game at any time by clicking / unclicking on the pause icon. Don't hesitate, as the enemies will come after you while you stand there like a dope.

*You can lose a lot of strength quickly by breaking large objects such as trees. If you hold still your strength will gradually return. Drink blue potions to restore strength faster.

*Keep your eyes out for symbols of strength and life! They will increase your max strength and life by +5 and +1, respectively.

*Zombies can drain your strength, and thieves can steal your money!! Others like Platers can't be hurt from a head-on assault (stab them from the sides or behind). Be wary of these and other foes above and below the Black Woods!!

That's it, enjoy!

EDIT 5/26/06: I've just updated the game with some background music for the final dungeon and also a list of known glitches in the text readme. Fortunately, none of these glitches are fatal and don't happen a lot if at all

EDIT 5/30/06: Thanks to my friend Roonik for hosting Equin Adventures while Sitesled is down! You can download it now, YEAH BABY!

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 (3.04 mkb )

Posted by Hempuli 25th May, 2006

Wow, best!
Posted by steve 25th May, 2006

it's very basic and has quite a claustraphobic feel to it but it kept me intrigued for a while.

Posted by Del Duio 25th May, 2006

Cool, thanks guys!

This is the whole game, no demo or anything, so post here if you can win it! The sword dungeon keys are in treasure chests up on the overworld. One is easy to spot, the other is hidden in a swamp area, and the other's in a forest maze with a Plater. Which you get first determines which color key you'll find. The 1st chest is always the gold key, 2nd the red key, and the 3rd is the purple key.

It's really basic since it was like one of the first decent games I ever made. I have no training I admit!

To help with the claustaphobia while underground you should try to make your first purchase a torch. It will last the whole game and only costs 50 coins. It's in the store that's surrounded by unbreakable bushes. The glove's in there too, which will help to regain your lost strength better. At the start you're outside another shop with a shield that costs more than the max coins you can carry. You'll need to find the Green bag to get the expensive items like this, as it'll increase your max coins you can hold to 500.

Keep trying to break down trees for those secret ladders! Since it's randomized they could be anywhere. I was playing this yesterday and there seemed to be quite a lot of symbols of health and strength in the secret underground areas. If you buy a crystal ball, it will flash when a secret area's entrance is on the screen. It's pretty helpful!
Posted by 25th May, 2006

aww... bad link? it looks like another great game Duio!
Posted by Milo 25th May, 2006

Well it's big (or if you only have 64 meg on your comp and I hate it
Posted by Del Duio 26th May, 2006

Wow, you HATE it? That's sure harsh. Or did you mean you hate your cpu's HD space? What didn't you like about it? It's a pretty simple adventure game with a completely different game every time you play. If you mean filesize, 3MB is nothing. I know too, because my computer I made it on has a 13GB hard drive so I know a thing or two about no space.

Those who voted please let me know what you did and didn't like about it. Personally, I like Equin Village better (which is why it was up at TDC first) but I need all the input I can get for the 3rd and hopefully greatest installment later.

Posted by Nothing, Ok? 26th May, 2006

I can't play. It says that I'm missing an dll. ^^
Posted by Del Duio 27th May, 2006

That sounds like you don't have the Visual Basic runtime dlls. I believe older systems don't come with this standard. If you're running Windows 95 or 98 that's most likely the issue. I have Windows 98 myself but got the .dlls through the Microsoft Visual Studio. Anything more recent than those OS's should work ok, at least from what I've seen so far.

You may want to do a google search for "VB6 Runtime files". It's a pretty common bundle pack I believe.
Posted by Teapot 27th May, 2006

bad link, methinks
Posted by Del Duio 27th May, 2006

The link is good, it's just that Sitesled is down AGAIN for the 2nd time in a little more than a week. The screenshots are from photobucket, but for my other games on TDC all the sitesled ones aren't showing either. They better fix this soon, last time it was 6 days in a friggin' row!! >
Posted by Kazuma 27th May, 2006

Perhaps you should try freewebs? I don't believe I've had any trouble with them yet.
Posted by Del Duio 27th May, 2006

I have to try something, as this doesn't exactly help my GOTW chances. If Sitesled is still down later after I get home from work I'll have to upload it somewhere else most likely. My poor website!
Posted by Nothing, Ok? 27th May, 2006

I works after I've downloaded the runtimes.
Posted by Del Duio 27th May, 2006

I'm glad something went right today, that's great news Nothing, Ok!

Has anyone won it yet?
Posted by Hill Gigas 28th May, 2006

Um, how do I... attack? I like the game, I just think this detail is holding me up.
Posted by Del Duio 29th May, 2006

To attack, simply press the space bar my friend!

There are some nuances to combat in this one and they are:

Attack from the rear to get a +1 damage bonus

Rain will give you (and the enemy) a -1 damage penalty due to wet weapons

Platers (purple triceratops things) can only be damaged from an attack OTHER than a frontal attack (unless you have the hero medal, then you can stab through the plated head too).

Your hunter sword has a 5% chance to do a critical attack for big damage. This costs 20 strength points to do.

When you assemble the shadow sword:

You have a 10% chance of a critical attack (still costs 20 strength points to do).

The weapon is much stronger in dark areas like indoors and underground. It even glows a faint purple to let you know it's more deadly in those areas.

The shield is a really great item to have, as you have a chance to totally deflect incoming damage from all sides with it on you. If you face the enemy, the chance is highest. It even shows on Equin, as do the swords! Weeee!

Sitesled should be back and running tomorrow I hope. Let's pray they aren't on vacation until Tuesday!
Posted by Mruqe 30th May, 2006

I still can't download the file

Is it 3.04MB? If so, please e-mail it to me, and I'll gladly host it for some time at my site.
Posted by phanto 31st May, 2006

Can't download :<
Posted by Del Duio 31st May, 2006

YES!!! Finally, the link will work! Download away, you crazies!
Posted by DaVince 31st May, 2006

Oh damn, I only notice this now! Not been visiting TDC enough...
Posted by Mruqe 31st May, 2006

Great game. Congratulations. It would have a decent chance of winning this week's GOTW poll if it wasn't for the damn sitesled downtime.

Great job!
Posted by Mruqe 6th June, 2006

I didn't have much time to play recently, so it was only yesterday that I plundered my first dungeon and got my first piece of shadowsword. And let me tell you again, Del - this is a GREAT game. You can expect an enthusiastic review once I finally finish it (and that can take a while, sorry).

Posted by Del Duio 6th June, 2006

Thanks Mruqe, that's a great thing to say!

The good news is that you still have 2 whole more dungeons to go before you even get to the Far North and the end dungeon! One tip though, make sure you get all your unfinished business in the Black Woods done before touching the Ruinstone, as it's a one-way ticket to the treacherous Far North. In truth, there IS a store there that will sell you most of the items you could have possibly missed before, but the possible coin supply up there is smaller than in the forest region.

If you write a review, I'll make sure to also post it up on my website as well
Posted by Mruqe 6th June, 2006

Two important suggestions:
- Option to switch sound and music on/off. Important when you try to play at work and don't want your boss to find out
- Alterable controls. Or at least attack key re-assigned to something else than space. Pressing space rapidly makes a lot of noise! And most klikers got used to shift key beeing the main action key.

Could that be done?
Posted by Del Duio 6th June, 2006

Well, it's certainly possible to do. Mind you I made this years before I ever even heard of TDC or Click games in general, so the space bar was more comfortable to me. I'm probably not going to change it though, I want to work on newer things for the little time I have left to work on games and stuff.

There's another old game I have kicking around that I'll probably put up here within a month or so called Dark Chamber. It's basically a poor man's (lol, why are they always poor man's?) Diablo. It stars Daxon in his first-ever game, but he looks a lot different than in CotG. The story is very cliche' too:

An evil wizard stole the kingdom's power gems and it's up to Daxon to get them back. The game progresses through a 26 level dungeon that's randomly put together (and much better than the randomness in Equin Adventures too). Go into each level and kill an assortment of enemies like thieves, demon girls, giant cockroaches, skeletons, and huge spiders. When they're all dead the door to the next level opens up and you go to the next one.

There's a save feature in the game, 13 varied magical spells to buy, 6 different weapons, randomized shops, NPCs that can help you, blah blah you'll see. I made it in 2002 I think, I'll have to check but I'm pretty sure it's going up here as soon as I can re-work some of the code to make it internet and other-player ready.
Posted by Mruqe 7th June, 2006

I just got the second shadowsword's part. And I'm planing to have a longer game session tommorow, on my free day. So you can hurry that Dark Chamber thing, ok?
Posted by Del Duio 7th June, 2006


I just spent the better half of 4 hours or so getting Dark Chamber ready, submitted it to the Daily Click, updated my website with the game on it, and it seems there's some sort of critical error that happens randomly every time I play it now. It must have been when I changed some of the pathway codes, I guess??

It stops the game at odd intervals and a window pops up that says "Error: Expression too complex". Usually this happens when Daxon alters the map level file by destroying a barrel or killing an enemy. I tried a few things to fix it, but it hasn't worked yet. So now I'm going to do and delete the submittal here and change my website back.

I'll keep working on it when I can though, maybe I can figure out what's going on with it and re-submit it later.
Posted by Mruqe 7th June, 2006

Sorry to hear that. Maybe it happens only with you? I could check it on my computer and see if I can recreate the bug. If you'd like that, just upload it to some server and don't stick it into my small and stinky e-mail acount

And by the way - the power of shadowsword is mine! :E
Posted by Mruqe 7th June, 2006

I did it. I beat the game. But I'm afraid I have a very nasty bug to report. When I found the Shadow Shirt (or whatever) in the last dungeon and I tried to take it, the game crushed saying something about a missing .bmp file (something regarging walking on snow). When I loaded the game the shirt was gone - and of course there was no way to spawn it bac. So I had to beat the crap out of evil Lord Kul without this magic rag

My ending stats:
Life: 40
Strenght: 115

No shield, no crystal ball... no goddamn shirt

I was kind of short on money through all the game. And I was curious about the hero medal so I bought it first and then there wasn't enough money in the whole game to but the shield. Or the ball. All in all I finished the game with 146 extra coins, because I had no idea I couldn't get out of the last dungeon and go shopping. If I knew that, I would buy 4 more strenght marks...

Good game, anyway. A decent load of fun.
Review's on the way...
Posted by Del Duio 8th June, 2006

Excellent review Mrque, and congratulations on winning the game!

The blue shirt was one of the last additions I ever did to the game, and since it's at the extreme end-game (the VERY last dungeon area) it's very possible that I had missed something somewhere. I hope I didn't accidentally delete a necessary picture while trying to downsize everything for the internet, which it sounds like I did!

Yeah, the music was midi that I had to make completely new because the original songs were all HUGE .wav files before. (Back then, all I knew were .wav files for anything). I'm glad you did like the music for Kul's dungeon, as it's actually going to be re-used for another game coming here soon..

No shield! WOW! I don't think I ever won the game with no shield as it was really hard without it. I'm thinking specifically of the one area in the purple key dungeon right before the black knight where it's a single-tile width of hallway and a black salamander that you have to take head-on and can't go around him. This guy ALWAYS kills me a ton of times, and with the shield he missed a lot.

The one-wayness of some of the areas (The Far North itself, and the final dungeon) would take people by surprise since no other areas are one way like that. That's why I made sure to mention above that the ruinstone is one-way so people wouldn't miss anything first. There's also 2 secret underground areas that are always in the same place in the Far North that are pretty well constructed and have more money and stuff in them to help you out.

I'll DC Mail you the link to Dark Chamber, and hope it has to do more with my crap 500Mhz Windows 98 job than running on any computer. Let me know if it works, as you'll see the randomness of this game is more thought-out and much less repetitive.

I'll put your review up on DXF Games' site as well
Posted by Mruqe 8th June, 2006

I couldn't be bothered to search for the secret araes in the far north. No crystal ball, you know But I did find every single secret underground in Black Woods. How do I know? Oh... I just smashed every tree there was
Posted by Gerwin Kramer 3rd July, 2006

This rox! I think i'll write a review for it after I finished it. best game you made so far!
Posted by Del Duio 4th July, 2006

Cool, thanks!






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