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Captain of the Guard 2: Exile in Scumenborough
Author: Del Duio Submitted: 26th May, 2006 Favourites:0
Genre: Demo Downloads: 345

Edited By Del Duio on 16/06/2006

Edited By Del Duio on 15/06/2006

At long last, the final demo of this game is all done and ready to go. This version addresses some issues and adds some new things-


Shorter death scene / music
Spelling errors (Hey, it happens).
Minor bugs
Skippable cutscenes and "players left" screen


The third area, "Creepy-Ass Caverns"
The ability to continue the game when you're killed off (limited times)
More hidden extra guys / money bags
New enemies and a new boss monster
New story developments
The original Captain of the Guard review on which the story is based upon.
Cutscene graphical enhancements in places.
Noodle's contest-winning line


Left / Right arrows = Move Daxon left and right, WOW!
Up arrow Key = Shield Block (deflect projectiles AND bats!)
Down arrow Key = Duck
Space Bar = Normal Attack (may perform critical too)
Down arrow + Space Bar = Low Slash Attack (to hit those little bastards)
Shift Key = Jump

Q Key = Quick exit
Enter Key = Advance story text / Show status screen / Accept commands


Delete Key = Use item in 1st box
End Key = Use item in 2nd box
Page Down Key = Use item in 3rd box


Zeen Coin = The currency of the kingdom.
Green Money Bag = This is worth 5 coins.
Red Water = Restores some life.
Blue Water = Increases walk speed & Jump distance.
Farts of Falling = Death from behind!
Bowling Ball = Kills many enemies along the ground.
Electric Shield = A protective shield that kills all who touch it. Bats love it.
Fire Cross = Allows Daxon to shoot fireballs from his sword.
Extra Guy = A hidden golden knight. Where could it be??


Sword = More damage to enemies and higher critical attack rate.
Shield = Less damage you take from enemies and you can block bigger / stronger projectiles.
Athletics = Faster walk speed and longer jump distance.
Lockpicks = Open treasure chests with this skill.

Thank you very much, let's hope I finish this sometime later this year!

EDIT: IMPORTANT! In order to D/L the game, you may have to click on the actual link instead of the button. The button doesn't work for me at least.

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Posted by alastair john jack 27th May, 2006

the download isn't working
Posted by Assault Andy 27th May, 2006

Please fix the screenshots and\or upload them to another location.
Posted by Del Duio 27th May, 2006

No, they work it's just that it looks like Sitesled is down.. AGAIN?? My God, first Sitesled was down for about 6 days in a row last week and now this...

Posted by Assault Andy 28th May, 2006

Well can't you get a new webhost?
Posted by Assault Andy 31st May, 2006

Okay great, it's working now.
Posted by DELETED!_by account owner 31st May, 2006

Is this a Demo? if so why isnt the genre set at demo.
Posted by Del Duio 31st May, 2006

I'll change it now firespell.
Posted by Hempuli 31st May, 2006

Posted by ..:.Phox.:.. 31st May, 2006

looks very nice!
Posted by Chaoz (Tri-Life Gaming) 31st May, 2006

its cool,but when i die,the game does nothing anymore.perhaps its related to soundcardlessness?
great game anyways!
Posted by Mruqe 31st May, 2006

I suppose so. When you die, the game plays a *long* tune and than goes to a *long* cutscene before it lets you continue playing.
Posted by ben mercer 31st May, 2006

looks a shit of a lot better than the last one
Posted by axel 31st May, 2006

The cutscenes were pretty, but the gameplay was kind of stiff.
Posted by Whippers With 31st May, 2006

I liked the graphics, and the plot was pretty cool.

There are two downsides, though... first, you seem to really, really want people to look at all your pictures and listen to all your tunes and such. Problem is, most people just listens to a "you died"-tune once. Make it so you can jump past it with ESC or something, and the same goes for the "X lives left and a scrolling tip"-frame.

Second, when the character jumps about ten pixels, I don't want to jump over too many cliffs. Especially if the movement is slow and a little buggy. Can't you make him a little less, as Axel put it, stiff?

Great potential for the game, tho'!
Posted by Del Duio 31st May, 2006

Awww, but I LIKE my death music!

Of course, It's in like 5 out of 6 of my games, I suppose I could write another, shorter ditty.

As for the jumps, there are some cliffs that can't be reached without increasing your Athletics skill. This is most apparent in area 3 (not in this demo) which is a vertical area going down into the depths of "Creepy-Ass Caverns". It really breaks up the semi-monotony of the left to right thing. Maybe I shoulda' waited until area 3 was done to give you all more of a taste of this game's (eventual) diversity.

I'll admit the movement and etc do take some getting used to (it's my first platform game ever so bear with me please). I'm really trying to do much better in the story and I think that those who played and enjoyed the first Captain of the Guard game will get a kick out of this one.

Oh, and I've already made the opening picture less "resized look" by using filters. Thanks DaVince! The new and improved demo will be much better, whenever it comes out.

So... who likes the bowling ball? I got that one from Strange Culture's bowling ball games! Weee!
Posted by Nev6502 31st May, 2006

If you dont have a soundcard you deserve to die.
Posted by 1st June, 2006

its very good, except when you die, you have to sit through it alll and it takes forevvvvver
Posted by Stixdude 1st June, 2006

The screenshots look awesome! I'll download and try it out...
Posted by Del Duio 1st June, 2006

Okay, okay! I took some of your advice to heart and have fixed some issues (not on this demo, but they'll be on the next one once I finish area 3 )

There's a short song when you die instead of the opera LOL! It's actually the last few notes of the battle music of Equin Village's fights and actually fits really well.

You can now skip the guys left / hints screen by pressing the space bar (it tells you this too).

All the large picture cutscenes and both title screens have been turned into .png files with a slight blur effect. This lessens the mad edges of large MS Paint drawings and the whole thing looks better IMO.

Oh, and no comments about the FARTS yet?? C'mon, I spent all night on that animation. I even had to stand up and work it out myself to get it just right
Posted by Christodoulou Apps 1st June, 2006

Nice gfx dude!
Posted by Del Duio 2nd June, 2006

If you vote thumbs down, could you please tell me why? I want to try to fix things that need a' fixin' for the whole deal later.

Thank you
Posted by Lucas Geniza 2nd June, 2006

Can you please teach me how to the inventory staying in the top with the frame, i'm trying to make a game

Please help me.

Post a message tommorow june 3
Posted by Midnight 3rd June, 2006

I love knight games like Hell Creatures Rotten Coprse and Ghouls n Ghosts, so I had to play this one

I think you have a good idea going, the gameplay itself does come off a bit slow though. I really like your graphic style, and the skeleton made for an interesting attack/dodge/attack fight, but the controls are a bit awkward, I'd personally feel more comfortable with ctrl for the attack button (i guess that depends on the player though)
I love the concept, just speed it up a bit, it's a little to slow for now. And I wasnt able to reach the bowling ball, sorry .
Posted by NamelessOne 3rd June, 2006

in the 1st place u go in at the end of the ledge u cant jump to the other ledge its impossible, the ledge is fake and invisible, fix this bug asap.
Posted by Del Duio 3rd June, 2006

Because my computer is crap (500MHz, 256 RAM, GeForce2) it kind of runs a bit slow for me too. However, when I played it on a computer about 2 or 3x better than mine the game was actually really fast and it surprised me! The Ogre was a lot harder because he comes straight at you so I had to run my butt off fast to win. Plus, by increasing your athletics skill Daxon will move faster. (Or drink a blue water often to zip all over the place instead)

For the control scheme itself I used the space bar for the attack mostly because I've been using the space bar for the attack button since I've been programming, which has been a lot of years. In fact, it's hard for me to get used to the Click game set-up in a lot of cases where shift and ctrl are used. Thankfully the critical attacks (where he laughs and goes nuts with the sword and looks deranged) are automatic and don't require another button to muck it up even more

The skeleton's attacks I got direct inspiration from the Stalfos in Zelda 2 for the NES. Now if only I could make an Ironknuckle-esque enemy next..

NamelessOne, I'm not sure what ledge you mean but I've playtested all of the ledges pretty extensively and they're all possible. The only exception in this demo so far would be the first screen of the 2nd area (Goonville Slums). In order to get the money bag at the bottom you need to have raised your athletic skill at least 1 point to make that jump.

Oh, and you can pick up a free bowling ball in the 2nd screen of the first area too. The secret is to get up on the ledges and use the dead tree's limbs to climb up to the left and then jump over to the upper-right mountain where the bowling ball is

Also, there are some secret items you can get throughout the game just by standing in certain places. Try standing in places a bit out of the way and you'll see what I mean

The new area is really cool IMO and will be a great addition to the new demo. Hopefully people will like the variation. It's coming soon, baby!

Posted by NamelessOne 3rd June, 2006

no the one where u start off in after blacksmith tells u the fastest way to get to the king is through that Scumenborough thing or watever, at the beginning.
Posted by Del Duio 3rd June, 2006

You mean the very first jump? I dunno, it works for me and I haven't heard any problems with it until now. Are you sure you're not jumping too soon? You'd fall into the pit that way for sure. If you time it right it should work every time.
Posted by Lucas Geniza 3rd June, 2006

Hello are you gonna answer my question?
Posted by Lucas Geniza 3rd June, 2006

Posted by Lucas Geniza 3rd June, 2006

Del Duio I need your attention, how do you make the inventory stay on top of the frame while scrolling. In my application, my piece of scrap is getting away from me
Posted by Del Duio 3rd June, 2006

Lucas, I wrote you a huge DC mail explaining all of it like 4 hours ago buddy!

For the inventory to stick to the top, have an event that always sets the Y position of said inventory box to the top of the frame. Then, just always set the X position of the inventory box to (left of frame + Z). Z is just a variable for however many pixels to the right you want your box to be at.
Posted by Lucas Geniza 4th June, 2006

Posted by Lucas Geniza 4th June, 2006

Where do get Z cordinate

Posted by Lucas Geniza 4th June, 2006

When i did your ins. thingy, when i scrolled to places it goes blinky. I'm am 10 yrs. old you know. Seriously!!!! I'm not a scammer.
Posted by Del Duio 15th June, 2006

And that should be that. It's back on Sitesled, so hopefully nothing will go wrong this weekend..
Posted by Hugo B. 19th June, 2006

Love the graphics in this game! Downside of this game is definately the player movement. First of all i would think it is way more logical to use the Up-arrow for jumping and the Shift-key for Shield. Secondly you really have to tweak your Platform movement. It may be something personal, but i think one should always put the acceleration at 100%. This option is suited best for racecar-games, but in my opinion one should not choose for a slow acceleration in a platform(fighting)game. Changing this would make the movement a lot easier/less annoying. There are some other things that could be improved, like the AI of the skeletons, because they seem totally unaffected if you hit them. This makes it impossible to kill them with your sword without getting damage yourself. Still, i gave you a phat thumbs up, because i love your style and the kind of games you make. The graphics give me a great retro-feel in their own imperfect way. Keep up the good work!
Posted by Hugo B. 19th June, 2006

Bowlingball rocks btw..
Posted by Del Duio 19th June, 2006

Awesome, thank you Hugo!

Did you get to the end of the 3rd area? The story's just begun! Yes, skellies will hit you a lot even when you try and block them. The trick is to also try and retreat a bit when you fight.. Or, just pump your sword skill up twice and you can kill 'em in one shot!

Yes, the movement isn't too popular because of its stiffness / lack of high jump. It's only my 1st platformer ever so I tried to compensate on my lack of movement skills in other areas like graphics, story, music and ideas. If it's remembered only as "that game with the knight who kills monsters by farting on them", then it's mission accomplished for me!
Posted by Hugo B. 22nd June, 2006

Well, i did finish it on the 19th after a few tries. Looking forward to how the story continuous.. Good luck with developing!
Posted by Del Duio 29th June, 2006

I hate to say it, but I've discontinued all work on CotG2 until further notice. The demo will stand as-is for anyone who wants to play it though. Maybe I'll go back and finish it one day in the future.
Posted by Airflow 19th January, 2007

How's this for a notice?





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