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Author: Del Duio Submitted: 22nd June, 2006 Favourites:0
Genre: Role Playing Game Downloads: 344

Edited By Del Duio on 6/25/2006

Edited By Del Duio on 6/23/2006

UPDATED: 6/25/06!

-Gold Max has been increased from 9999 to 30000
-Way more items have been restored from the original code, including many ability-enhancing ones! Look in the 3 shops to get your mitts on 'em!

Undertown. A big ol' castle that just so happens to have a two level catacomb directly below it. Or, at least that's all I ever MADE for this game, that is! This is the final game of the "Home Computer Backlog Series", as I HAVE no more old games that are any good that are left on my computer!

This was my first attempt at a 1st person RPG crawler the likes of Eye of the Beholder (SNES) back in 2001. There are some cool features that make this a pretty customizable game however:

Play as either a boy or girl
Use whatever you want to- axes, daggers, bows, and more
Select two player traits that govern the future abilities you learn
A large amount of items to find or buy and they show on your character when worn, yay!
Turn-based battles with lotsa' monsters
Constant darkness areas, cursed items, turn invisible or into a mouse and more

* * *

Ability Examples:

Fix (for repairing broken items found to use yourself)
Shoplift (careful, the store owners might kill ya!)
Explode (can't go wrong with this one)
Triple (triple damage, say what!?)
Life (heals gobs of HP)
Vanish (turn invisible!)
Focus (defenseless for 3 turns... and then a wrecking ball!)

* * *

Increase your powers by killing monsters or finding items and training for level up. Find other NPCs to teach you more skills live thievery, spellcasting, and shield usage. Wield weapons in battle to gain prowess with weapons of that type and gain more damage, hit %, and critical attacks.

Although there is a stairway down to the 3rd level, you can't go down there as there IS no 3rd level. You can do a lot of things in Undertown- only, there is no ending.

So, for what it is, it IS a complete game, I just never made it as big as I intended to 5 years ago.

I guess my main goal is to get more than the 8 downloads Dark Chamber got, weeeee!!!!

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Posted by 23rd June, 2006

lol, phizzylina. looks good, but i got to get to bed
Posted by _rydin 23rd June, 2006

Alot of work went into this. It reminds me very much of the old AD&D games. I'd like to know why you had to use so many bmp's though; couldn't you just have used the built in animation support?
Posted by alastair john jack 23rd June, 2006

nice game but why are there like 500 bmp files?
Posted by Whippers With 23rd June, 2006

I don't think he used a click product for this, and whatever he used perhaps didn't have built in image editors? Just a guess.
Posted by Del Duio 23rd June, 2006

You are all correct!

Yes, this was made back in 2001, before I ever learned of JPEGs (let alone PNGs or GIFs!)

That's why there's so many .bmp files. I was actually really surprised at the entire filesize too! I'd have thought it'd be like 10MB at least. I made two new MIDI files to replace the old .wav ones (One for Undertown, and one for the dungeon that sounds straight outta' Ultima: Exodus). The only other piece of music is for when you fight the boss monsters, and I used my combat music from Equin Village for that.

Thank you all for the kind words! Of course since there isn't really an ending, I guess I can talk about which items / characters you choose to play as. Of course, there are 3 side quests you can get from the training hall (Quest decrees). This is also where you return any quest items you find like bones or squasher weapons.

There are also a LOT of secret walls / doors- The best way to try and find everything is to get your hands on a map. There's a secret black market on the Undertown level on the west side. The thief there not only sells a bajillion awesome items, but a couple of maps. The greyed-out areas on these maps represent the "Total Darkness" rooms. You'll need to equip a torch (or the fire helmet) while in these areas in order to see where you're going.

Right now I'm going through the game as a Male (Strong / Creative). I'm level 6 with a Broad Sword, Mage Hat, Mage Robe, and Iron Shield. This setup allows for the "fix" skill, but so far all I've repaired are copper daggers and short swords O_o

There's a lot of items that can only be obtained by use of the "shoplift" skill, but it's pretty risky to try unless you're very proficient with your Thief skills. The black market thief can train you how to become a better thief.

Just resurrecting this game has sorta' made me want to try to make another 1st person dungeon crawler. Maybe CotG3 or the next Equin.. who knows, but I kind of miss games like this a bit.
Posted by Arneckian 23rd June, 2006

Phizzylina??? Lmao.
Posted by Del Duio 23rd June, 2006

Actually, as weird as this sounds it's a sign of respect! I restarted a game with a girl named Phizzylina and she's learning bow and arrows. I just got shoplift, but so far EVERY shopkeeper has killed her and I haven't swiped one stinkin' thing yet. Like Yoda said, Phizzylina needs more training, young one!
Posted by Mruqe 24th June, 2006

Yay! Downloading
Posted by Mruqe 24th June, 2006

Mruqe's Thoughts On Undertown:

Nice character creation... I want to be fast and sneaky.

Why the hell my character's sight is so limited?!

Urgh... The sound while walking forward is BAD.

That 30GP that was lying just behind my might get usefull

Way cool! I can see the equipment icons on the character's lil' portrait!

How do I steal stuff?

The sound of walking into a wall is even worse...

The Innkeeper is a great drawn character

The training master has no eyes

Yay! I'm a hero now. Mruqe the Batslayer!

Aaaand... a Goblin slayer. And I killed both this in the anvil room I succesfully broken into. Goblin is niceley drawn, btw.

I love this game. Even though I can see only as far as the end of my nose...

Wow. I only killed 2 monsters and my dagger skill went up to 3!

Ok, found the dungeon entrance. I'll go to the training master and get some quest first, though.

I really like the way goblins were drawn. And that last one was hard to kill too.

Oops. Got killed. Good thing there's a load option. I lost some gold, though

How does this compass thingie I bought work? I can bash enemies with it, but that's not the point, I suppose.

Oh lookie, I'm experienced enough to advance to level 2. And it's only 10GP. I have that much. Train me, mr. Blind Training Master! And gimme that quest of yours...

I'm to be a gravedigger?! Well... If they pay.

Oh goody! I can steal now. Too bad cellar newts carry no cash...

Ok. I'm level 2 Thief now. I have 63 Max HP. And a quest. Time to check out those hsic... very bad!... Have to... turn ... it ... ... off... ... ... ... phew!

Sign of the Squashers. Lol.

Ok. Fire ogres ar NOT COOL.

Great game. I'll play some more later. I love the way the character advances so fast. And some of the graphics. Thubs WAY UP!

Posted by Del Duio 24th June, 2006

Awesome Mrque!

The short-sightedness was the best I could do for 1st-person perspective, as it was kinda' hard for me back then (and maybe now??)

The compass when in your hand will show you the direction you're facing up in the title bar. (N, S, E, W)

Characters advance quickly and learn their abilites soon because it's more fun that way! Once you get to level 8 or 9 it's much harder to advance, but it's gravy so who cares, really!

Weapon skills go like this: Every time you connect with a monster, there is a chance that your skill with your equipped weapon type will go up.

Red Text: n00b (a high chance it will increase)
Orange Text: Novice (a moderate chance of increase)
Yellow Text: Experienced (small chance of increase)
Green Text: Master (this is the max, which is 100)

I got a Fire Axe off a giant, and I did way more damage with my crappy broadsword because my sword skill was so high, and my axe skill was 0. Even though the axe was much more powerful and has a fire effect to boot! Oh, and the increase from 99 to 100 is HUGE. If you can train mastery in whatever weapon you choose, I highly recommend it.

Stealing works like this: For a small amount of SP, you can steal gold coins from your enemies. This works almost all the time too! When they die they may still drop a money bag, but there will only be $1 in it. This is because you already robbed them, duh! So, why waste SP and steal when you can get the money when you kill them, you ask? Two reasons:

1.) They might not drop money, but an item instead. This way, you'll have both their money and their item.

2.) It may be too hard of a fight, but you can still grab their money and run!
Posted by Hempuli 24th June, 2006

Posted by Hempuli 24th June, 2006


Those goblins are really nice!
Posted by Del Duio 25th June, 2006

I just updated the game a bit:

Gold max is now 30,000 instead of 9,999.
A lot of new items are available in the Store, Wizard's Shop, and the Black Market.
Posted by steve 25th June, 2006

Seems like alot of effort has been put into this project. I really wanted to like it, being a huge fan of the original Dungeon Master and Eye of the Beholder games.

There are some fundamental problems with this UnderTown game though which prevent it being very playable.

*the movement is too limited (even compared to the original Dungeon Master from the 1980's) can't go "back" or side step, sometimes unresponsive.

*only being able to see 1 square in front of you is terrible.

i'm still giving this a thumbs up for the effort put in but with the problems above it can't come close to the original:
Posted by Del Duio 25th June, 2006

It's cool, Steve. Like I said this was my very first effort in doing a game like this- plus, I never thought anybody else aside from me would ever play it back in 2001. Don't worry, if I ever try to do another game like this it'll be way better

P.S: Thank you for aknowledging my hard work, because it was, lol!
Posted by steve 25th June, 2006

Del, I sincerely hope you DO make another version, if anyone can do it, you can

Thanks for bringing back those good memories of Dungeon Master
Posted by ben mercer 25th June, 2006

Del you've done a lot of stuff haven't you! Do you constantly turn out this much (game) work or have you built it up over the years then released it over DC?

Maybe I've got it out of proportion, i'm working hard on a powerful new MMF game engine at the moment and i'm releasing games very infrequently; the last game I released was for the Xmas compo!

Steve, hehe I played an even older version of DM... i think it was in 16 colours
Posted by Mruqe 25th June, 2006

BTW, I have a TGF open dungeon engine on the way (I should be able to release it in three days). I's pretty solid, uses no extensions and it's quite simple to use.

I designed it having dungeon crawlers in mind...
Posted by Del Duio 25th June, 2006

Oooo, sounds great Mrque I'll have to check it out!

Steve, thanks man- I wish I didn't have SO much friggin' stuff on my plate! CotG2 is going to take forever to finish, and all I want to do now is start a brand new dungeon crawler lol... And then there's my other Equin game.. GAH! So much to do.

No, you're correct Ben! Usually it takes me a long time to make a decent game, but within the last month or so I've been altering some of my old VB6 games so they'll be internet and user-friendly. I think I've put like 4 up on TDC in 4 weeks! I pretty much worked on Equin Village pretty solidly for 3 years. No lie, I had to also make an item maker, map creator, and dialogue scripter just to make the files to go with the actual .exe itself.

So, it's going to slow WAY down I think. I have a lot of unfinished games on my hard drive still but they are all nowhere near completion so I can't put them up here. I'll have to finish CotG2 next I think.

That's one of the problems with making all the aspects of an entire game yourself (regardless of professionalism and etc.)- Graphics, Music, Design, Code, it's a lot for one person to do within a short time. Add the fact that I have 2 kids since a lot of these were made and it's amazing I can finish anything at all nowadays!
Posted by Mruqe 26th June, 2006

I only have a wife and five cats. That should give me the edge over you, del. Well... it doesn't I have almost no time to klik... The 24 hour compo was a good example - I only had 6 hours to actually make my game. And I didn't even know the theme until the fifth hour...

My wife told me off, of course, for wasting my time on making some silly games again. But in the end she actually liked my game
Posted by Del Duio 26th June, 2006

I have 3 cats, but I never see 2 of them because they hide, and the other one sits in the window and leaves us alone so they don't count.

I wanted to do the 24 hour compo, but I now know from some experience just how hard it is to make a platformer... and FIVE levels too? It'd take me way longer than 1 day, even if I worked on it straight through.

Right now I'm trying to remake Space Ninja and the Killer Veggies into MMF. So far, so good. The best part is I already have all the graphics, and I can add a few new power-ups pretty easily I think.
Posted by DaVince 26th June, 2006

Nice game for as far as I have played it. Good job!
Posted by 29th June, 2006

good job cheif
Posted by Killerjedi 7th July, 2006

Awesome game! I love it. I'm a big fan of Eye of the Beholder and other FPRGS.
Posted by Phantasia 13th August, 2006

This game looks good, gonna download now
Posted by s-m-r 17th August, 2006

Wow...I played this one to death. I realized I was spending too much time with it when I slew the dragon in two hits.

Excellent job, DD!





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