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Review: Air Pop! Neo
Author: Josh Whelchel
Added: 12/06/2002

I really enjoyed this game, before it decided to bugger me.

The graphics are some of the finest, and most jolly ones to be honest. I was seriously awaiting the release of this game for a while, and was excited to download it. However, it left me very disappointed.

The 'custom' engine, isn't so custom, and the game tends to crash often for me on a win2k system. I was unable to finish the game.

The general idea of the game is amazing, and the gameplay would truly rock if there was more behind the engine.

I was hoping for a way to go back and get around the bugs I was experiancing, but that lead me hoping for a way to save! Ah well.

In the end, I gave up on Air Pop Neo!

Better luck next time chris? (:~


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