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Review: Air Pop! Neo
Author: Buggie
Added: 30/05/2002

"...but this game is one of the worst games I have seen in recent days." -Arthur Lee

Are you kidding? You Klikers are all nuts! Maybe it's playing too much 3rd generation games that's spoiled you, but I know a Klik klassic when I see one, and it's Airpop! Neo.

Sure, the ladders maybe hard to use, and there was a brief Misty rip-off character from Pokémon that I wished I didn't see, but this game is very, very good.

ChrisOch has put all the elements you want in a game: original music (despite being MIDI and not MOD), incredible, INCREDIBLE graphics (I'm still drooling), original concept (I like the idea taller skyscrapers to reach 'cleaner air'), and classic game feel.

Look all you playa hatin' jerks, you didn't pay money for it, ChrisOch made this in HIS SPARETIME, and let's recognize the achievement which is Airpop! Neo.


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