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Review: Air Pop! Neo
Author: RapidFlash
Added: 05/06/2002

Well, to start out with, a 4 is just way too harsh... especially with all the time and effort put into this.

But onto the review.

Presentation: **********
Really good looking graphics, easily navigated menus... it looks real good.

Gameplay: 7 stars
Except for that sometimes fatal glitch in the falling level, the gameplay is nice and old skool. I haven't noticed a problem with the ladders (maybe the hit another background ?), and he protected it against a few cheap tricks, including wall jump and The Continous energy gaining trick (When low on energy, press F2, get some energy, go back to a level).

Lastability: 7 stars
Except for the mini-games, the lastability would be a 4-6. The game itself is too short, as I got to the boss in a couple of days. The minigames are fun, however.

Unlike Buggie, I think this is an "almost" click classic, but it is still good none the less.


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