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Review: Air Pop! Neo
Author: Poke & Gravy
Added: 28/05/2002

As a newer member of Daily Click I am not familiar with the "hype" this game got. It does seem like some of you are being harsh. All games have their faults but just because a game isn't what you expected it to be is no reason to tread all over it.
Anyway I found the game to be quite enjoyable and combine that with the good graphics and you have a good game. I think it is good, and it is definitely at least average, so a 4?!? I hope you guys rethink that, or don't complain when your big, long-awaited game gets the same low grade.

GAMEPLAY(7)-I found the gameplay not to hinder the game as some seemed to complain, but of course there were flaws. It is difficult to make an excellent platform engine so considering that the author didn't do too bad of a job.
My complaints would be that the character does not jump far enough (perhaps make the gravity lower?) and that sometimes aliens and balloons are frustrating to shoot at close range. Also, the ability to shoot straight up would help, but other than that there were no glaring problems to me.

PRESENTATION(10)-All I can say is that the graphics are spectacular. They are clear, cartoony and fun and the backgrounds work for the lighthearted futuristic atmosphere. The dialogue scenes look cool with their character drawings and the dialogue is not long and boring.
As for sound I had nothing to complain about and I would've noticed were there a problem.

LASTABILITY(-Were there no "Balloon Burst" minigame I might give the lastability a 6 or 7, as I can see myself coming back to the main game only occasionally after beating it. "Balloon Burst" is great, though, as it is simple and well made as the perfect goof off game (you know the kind of game you play when you want to put off something to do). It reminds of a "Game & Watch Gallery" game, with a simple premise, objects speeding up as time passes, and three chances to get it right. I almost like the minigame more than the main game, but the main game I think is a good adventure.

If you average all of the three scores together the overall score is 8. Nice job! This is definitely not a 4!


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