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Review: Air Pop! Neo
Author: Kristofor Durrschmidt
Added: 27/05/2002

Well first of all I would like to tell Chris good job on completing a full game! While you'll notice a huge portion of clickers like to knock other peoples games, it's those same people that never actually seem to finish a game themselves. We need more games and less vaporware!

To the review:

You get 2 points just for completing the game!
You get 4 points for the superb graphics, everything even the counters look fantastic!
The menus are complete and look great, 2 points!
The game is interesting to play (looks like it was targeted for youths 13 and under, so I would guess they would have a lot more fun with it and a 27 year old.) Two more points!
Unfortunately I have to agree with some of the other comments about the game control. The character movement is pretty bad and because of this detracts from the enjoyment of an otherwise perfectly made game. -2 points

I would like to see you redo the character movement and release an updated version. To me thats the only thing holding this back from being a superb game.

Again great job!


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