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Review: Air Pop! Neo
Author: X-Member58
Added: 08/06/2002

Chris Och is one of my favorite klikers. When I new he was working on a new game,and a platform one, I just got excited. And I wasn't disappointed, of course! Air Pop Neo is really cool ( even if some other reviewers don't agree, but anyway...), has excellent graphics, could-have-been-better gameplay, and is just really fun to play. The only problem I found (and this is just THE MOST ANNOYING PROBLEM EVER!!!) is that the game crashes on a stage. I don't know the number or how to call it, but it's the stage when the airpop guy is falling. Wich is really frustrating, since that seemed to be the coolest stage of the game. Hope you guys don't get this problem!
THE GRAPHICS : Yeah, cool!(tm)
THE SOUND : Good. Not the best, but fits the game very well.
THE GAMEPLAY : As I said, could have been better. But could have been worse, also. I mean, it's ok.
MAJOR BUG : The game crashes on a really cool stage. AAARRRGHH!!!
OVERALL : Really cool, simple action game -- just the way I like it. It also has excellent graphics, wich is the most important thing on a game! Uh... I mean, graphics aren't everything, but excellent gameplay with bad gfx just don't make it. If the "major bug" didn't happen, It would trully deserve a nine- at least. Download now, if you haven't.


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