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Review: Air Pop! Neo
Author: DBack
Added: 30/05/2002


Anyways, let's start with the superfantabulous presentation. Chris Och certainly can make graphics well, and he shows it in Air Pop Neo. Everything is so beautiful for the graphics. The music is also impressive. Good job by the person who did it (I forgot).

Then there's the main game, which certainly was disappointing. It really wasn't even the gameplay that was disappointing; it was the controls. The controls really screwed me up a lot. If they were better, the game would have been better too because it was designed well. Why? Well, here's an example. Those aliens on balloons that you have to shoot (you shoot the balloons)... Well, I don't really see why a bullet right on the balloon wouldn't blow it up. The ladders are screwy for some reason that I can't really figure out. I think it might be something to do with the animation (blame MMF for that).

The way the game works is that you have infinite ammo, but very little life. It definitely does work, because the levels are short, and getting back all your life makes the game too easy. However, my game crashed in the falling level for some reason. I had full life and I was shooting. ??? It didn't crash before. The controls on the ladders will screw you up though. That doesn't help the game, obviously. However, I like the main game because of the different enemies and the puzzles you sometimes need to figure out.

Then there's the secret Egg Bomb game. This is apparantly copyright 1983 VReal (???).

Anyways. The gameplay is simple. Jump onto the eggs in the order shown by the color order on the top of the screen and avoid the bat flying overhead. You get points. Of course, you have to jump right away off the egg because a... thing comes out wanting to bite you, and you can't touch those. (They are classic graphics.) This is fun. But it would be more fun if there was an online high score table. Same thing for

BALLOON BURST. This is a very fun game. There's a spiny hedgehog in the middle (you can touch him) and you have to guide the balloons to him by flipping the arrows on the left and right side of the screen. When the balloon pops against him, you get points, but there's also always a goody that falls down to the next platform that you might want to get. But 3 balloons not popped by him and you lose. So, it really is a fun game. And there's a coin that occasionally appears at the top of the screen and you have a limited time to get. Unfortunately, there's no online score table for this either. Oh well. Still great gameplay. (In fact, I enjoyed it more than the real game.)

Lastability: Online high score table and you would've gotten 3 more points. Oh well.

Overall: Better than I thought it was at first.


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