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Project: 2.5 Dimensional Platforming useful for BEATemUPS
Project Started: 21st January, 2009 Last Update: 6th October, 2009
Project Owner: MBK Project Members:
Project Type: Experimental Engine for MMF/TGF 1 or 2 Project Progress:

Project Archive

October 2009
  Temporary Endings
  SLOPES in 2.5d!!!! LOOK AT THIS

September 2009
  SLOPES in 2.5d !!!!!
  Adding Slopes Soon

July 2009
  New Release!

June 2009
  Fixed the SideWall Jump Glitches!
  It's Here! ...
  Side Jump OpenSource Almost Ready
  Deja'Vu: Animation Problems Compounded
  Inspiration Strikes Like Lightning!
  I might need a break
  Back On Track!
  Animation Troubles
  Teleport Glitch Fixed!
  3 out of 4 Wall Jumps done NEW OPENSOURCE ADDED
  First Wall Jump Done... I NEED an ARTIST/s
  ******** WALL JUMP STYLE ********
  Solid Walls and D-Tap Run
  Figured out D-Tap Run
  Running and Tripping Flat on My Face

May 2009
  Solid Walls Done already!
  HERE IT IS! The basic movement complete.
  Computer is somewhat cleaner
  Been cleaning my computer out ... found some useful apps.

April 2009
  Still Nothing New
  Drawing is not easy for me-z
  Can't find an artist.

March 2009
  I changed the title
  Is anybody out there?
  I Really NEED HELP with a Simple Layering System

February 2009
  I'm still working on this .... Update on Progress
  A Solid Engine is Born
  Need HELP with 2 Glitches

January 2009
  It's no game, but Take a Look anyways
  The Realistic Jump
  Front to Back Viewing Trouble

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