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Flatworld - dawn of man demo
Author: gareth Submitted: 11th November, 2002 Favourites:0
Genre: Real Time Strategy Downloads: 1033

Edited By gareth on 11/16/2002

Edited By gareth on 11/13/2002

Edited By gareth on 11/13/2002

this is only a small demo of what flatworld can offer. its got A working tutiral. which you best look at. the only options so far is freebuild which allows you to build up a settlement, with a selection of 15ish buildings, from houses, wood cutters. farms, barracks, and more! currently theres no fighing envolved yet and the only milirtary units are spearman and archers. this demo may be full of bugs so plases tell me if you find any errors. anyway enjoy!
tell me what you people think!

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Posted by 11th November, 2002

the controls are realy hard chang them
Posted by -Deleted Member- 11th November, 2002

Shut up. This game is good. gareth, when is the estimated release of this game?
Posted by Simdrone052 11th November, 2002

aww man! you stole my idea, I was working on a game kinda like this, but a little futuristic, uninhabitable colony X, some may remember...
Posted by Rhys Davies 11th November, 2002

ha i had the idea of a side-view rts ages ago. eric and i were making games like it
Posted by Death Reaper X 12th November, 2002

Very nice demo Gareth, can't wait to see the full version :) One suggestion is possibly when the mouse overlaps a building, you could have some text reminding you what it is -- I know you can see by looking at what's built onto it but as they're all cave buildings you sometimes have to look closer--and I imagine in battle this would get a bit annoying. Just a suggestion though :) Keep up the good work!
Posted by -Deleted Member- 12th November, 2002

Okay, and when you select the wrong building, you should make a right-click to cancel the building. Also a key to demolish the building as well.
Posted by gareth 12th November, 2002

yer i will make it so u can cancel buildings and also a demolish button? u guys know any more bugs, im adding combat at the moment. and whats hard about the controls. theres just one button u need really!!
Posted by gareth 12th November, 2002

and yer Simdrone052 is not much like your game, infact is not alot like your game which was pretty kool! :)
Posted by Simdrone052 12th November, 2002

thx, i kno, was just messin, XD
Posted by TS Team 12th November, 2002

Reminds me of the game Civilization: Call to Power. I love strategy games like these. I especially love Siege!
Posted by Muz 13th November, 2002

Heheh...I remember this game. Still workin on it, Gafy? I'd help ya...but this particular TGF game doesn't convert well into MMF. Damn MMF >:|.
Posted by Muz 13th November, 2002

Screw the DC smilies as well. That was supposed to be an angry face. Bah, I'm too lazy to memorize all the smilies. :P
Posted by Pete Nattress 13th November, 2002

looks very good.
Posted by gareth 13th November, 2002

oaky guys me jsut made it so right click while picking were to drop a building cancels that building. also me added a stable, but i cant draw horses so the people ride sheep into battle. the battles are a bit lame at the mo but me just making them so much better. i need ideas for 4 more buildings, u guys got any ideas??
Posted by gareth 13th November, 2002

sorry bout me spelling ^
Posted by gareth 13th November, 2002

hey how come me screenshots just say hosted by crappy tripod?
Posted by Jimbob 13th November, 2002

because theyre hosted by crappy tripod :P need to upload em somewhere else....freewebs maybe? ive no idea on the free web space arena...
Posted by Muz 14th November, 2002

Yeah, tripod sux. But still, Jonathan, you do know that you can use the "Save as..." thing to download stuff from crappy Tripod or Geocities or other sites like that, right?
Posted by gareth 14th November, 2002

hey muz dude wat ya think of flatworld? better than my orignal hey?
Posted by Levi 14th November, 2002

OMGTHOSESCREENSLOKAWESUM!!!!!!!!!111111111111111111111111111 DOWNLOADING THE TRIPOD GAME RIGHT NOWE!11111!!11!111!!11111!11!!1!!!!!!111
Posted by TS Team 14th November, 2002

I can't wait to see the full game! I love games that involve controlling war units!
Posted by gareth 15th November, 2002

okay okay thanks for that coment levi, not my fault tripods crap!!!
Posted by Joe.H 16th November, 2002

Try as they have no ads and a bit o' space :)
Posted by Joe.H 16th November, 2002

Cool game!
Posted by Aali [Crazy_Productions] 16th November, 2002

eerrrhh... are you supposed to be able to scroll or something
Posted by gareth 16th November, 2002

yer me just got a site with freewebs ( and Aali did u do the tutirail it tells u how to play it! arrows scroll!
Posted by gareth 16th November, 2002

yer me just got a site with freewebs ( and Aali did u do the tutirail it tells u how to play it! arrows scroll! and me thinkin of an effective way to do fighting, an ideas fellow clickers?
Posted by gareth 16th November, 2002

and another thing, im gonna release the campaing demo maybe in a month or so, also me made it u can demolish your own buildings, also right click cancels a building while chooseing to place it, 4 more buildings have been added, sheep stable (me riding sheep, cant draw horses :( ) a coinage centre, a town centre, walls, and gates and also me workin on an ballon unit :)
Posted by LegendaryMMSX 16th November, 2002

I have competition!!!!!:)...good game so far. Can't wait until the full version comes out.
Posted by gareth 16th November, 2002

I have competition? er u making a rts aswel? me neva playd any of yer games MMSX what hav u made?? thanks full will come out next year (hopefully) new demo coming out in about amonth (hopefully)
Posted by kreature 16th November, 2002

Really great, but I did notice a bug. I don't know if anyone have already mentioned it, because I really didn't care to read through all the damn comments. Anyway, it occurs sometimes that when I fly around with a building to drop down that suddenly all the backdrops (or other objects, whatever) overlap the one building I have chosen. This totally screws up the game as far as I know (Now, I really haven't tried that much to "fix it", other than pressing every f***in button on the keyboard, and clicking the damn mouse)
Posted by Akearix 16th November, 2002

hey yall... its my first comment but yah, I think this game is gona be pretty good and i cant wait for it to be released
Posted by Blast_Boy 17th November, 2002

THIS IS AN AWESOME GAME!!! GREAT WORK AND I CAN"T TILL YOU FINISH IT!!! The only suggestion I can make is: You need to make the scrolling a bit easier and quicker (maybe put a map where you can click to go somewhere).
Posted by gareth 17th November, 2002

yer, bu map means more objects, flatworlds already pushing TGF to it's max objects, what ever that is, me, seems like its only 3!!!!!!!!!!!!! and rushed, um i dunno whats wrong, the backdrops shudnt go ova the buildings at all, other buildings will overlap, but u can't build while overlapping other buidlings?
Posted by Aali [Crazy_Productions] 17th November, 2002

get MMF gareth
Posted by TS Team 17th November, 2002

As for an idea for battling... You should have the unit with the better tech win. I.E.Man on sheep VS. Man on sheep with spear = Man on sheep with spear wins. This is just a suggestion, so don't let this realy effect your plans. Great game!
Posted by gareth 18th November, 2002

yer me making it like that, a man walks in to other man they have a scrap most powerfulest wins, but wot to do if a spearman goes against a spearman?
Posted by Aali [Crazy_Productions] 19th November, 2002

you should scroll with the mouse instead. it makes it "easier" to play
Posted by gareth 19th November, 2002

mouse scrollings to hard to smooth out well. i ve speeded up the scrolling tho.
Posted by Adam 19th November, 2002

First comment, Ur game is really good very proffecional especially at start i like that alot, This has been mentioned before the left and right cursor has to be smoother but its bearable, the cancel button You should have labels for things like the characters i dident know who was who, i dident understand what they did and its quite complicated this could be solved with the labes on people and explaining what they do. A very very good game with alot of potentiol keep up the good work!!!
Posted by gareth 20th November, 2002

okay, me got right click cancels buildings. del key demolishes buildings. also labels have been added for the buildings and but not the people yet. combat is done (works very nice) adner readfing dines review, your layer idea sounds good, but not yet, maybe flatworld two, aslo your have to show me how to load each frame up again, ive tryed and cant get my head around it. :)
Posted by Aali [Crazy_Productions] 20th November, 2002

i say this again get mmf gareth. it's easy to do both people labels and smooth mouse scrolling (that is possible in TGF too but it's a bit trickier)
Posted by gareth 20th November, 2002

labels is easy, and i didnt like mmf, much but i only had the 30 day demo so didnt get in to it much
Posted by Aali [Crazy_Productions] 20th November, 2002

hehe i've used the TGF,MMF,and jamagic 30 day trials for about two years now (i have mmf 1.5 standard now)
Posted by gareth 20th November, 2002

you people got any idea on how to solve this problem... when say a woodcutter gets killed i wanna make it so the building that he came from becomes unactive, and the tick flag goes away. ive tryd but all that happens either all the woodcutters become un active or none of them do!!!
Posted by Adam 20th November, 2002

No but when is the new demo coming out :) sounds good and ur doing great work website could do with some touching up though ;)
Posted by gareth 21st November, 2002

website doesnt work does it?
Posted by Aali [Crazy_Productions] 22nd November, 2002

try "Pick Woodcutter at random"
Posted by gareth 22nd November, 2002

DOH! that works sorta, thanks mate
Posted by Greywolfexcel 22nd November, 2002

oooo... I haven't seen an original idea like this in a LONG time... can't wait fro the full!! Will it be freeware?
Posted by TS Team 22nd November, 2002

This is original, but there are many other games like this. Goto Download the new version to check out battle...
Posted by TS Team 22nd November, 2002

Whoops, I mean I'm downloading the new version to check out battle...
Posted by TS Team 23rd November, 2002

After playing the new version, I'd like to mention some bugs and I also have a few questions. Bugs: 1.While scrolling to the way far end of the map, the object you used to scroll the screen goes off the whole map and when trying to scroll back to the other direction, you have to wait for it to travel back onto the screen. 2.Sometimes the mouse doesn't appear on the page. Questions: 1.You said you finished making the battle engine, but what are you suppose to battle? 2.Will the full version be shareware or freeware?
Posted by gareth 23rd November, 2002

you battle the eneamy tibes, (eneamy spearman, arachers and people riding cows (i cant draw horses!!!!) and yes ive fixed the scroll problem and made it scroll faster, music is now added, and plenty of sounds. and i dunno bout free or share, maybe free. and i think the mouse problem is that i starts at the top corner which is a problem, ill fix rright away
Posted by Adam 23rd November, 2002

s when is the newer demo coming out, the website is good but because of the reviews good be better
Posted by gareth 23rd November, 2002

website? new demo coming out about 1month time. me worked out that this game may include at least 30 levels, me already made 5 campign levels :) and most bugs fixed
Posted by Sean J. Nichols 23rd November, 2002

"Miscief Maker Posted: November 11 2002 - Profile - Mail the controls are realy hard chang them " He's a total asshole. Just look at his hate mail for me in particular.
Posted by Jirru (Fake "0" Productions) 29th November, 2002

Hey! Good graphics!!!
Posted by T Koivisto 6th August, 2003

it is very nice game but still something needs
Posted by CarpetSmoker 26th December, 2003

it's a good game, but, like all demo's, it needs some improvments: make a way to undo ur building selection(when building something new) I will totally hate u if u dont include this, it's really anoyying to select the wrong building and u HAVE to place it... make a mini-map of some sort, it makes it easyer to navigate around... make a button that alows u to fast-scroll, the scrolling is somewhat slow... all the recourses are way to easy to gather, exept for food(i never have enough) demolishing ur buildings....(preferably with a big explosion of some kind....) the mouse disapears sometimes(or it seems to) also, the mouse is quite hard to see, maybe should give it a diffrent color?(or make the color a seting) I really liked the game, the side-way scrolling system is unique(as far as i know) and pretty good, so are the graphics and the (somewhat toon-like) sounds. riding cows sounds much more intrestin then horses.....mankind was pretty strange in it's early days... can't wait for the next version....
Posted by Sturzkampfflugzeug 14th June, 2004

Dead link, I can't download it ):
Posted by Callum 20th February, 2005

sounds good, but the link is dead






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