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Review: Flatworld - dawn of man demo
Author: Sean J. Nichols
Added: 23/11/2002

Presentation: Clean graphics with decent animations.
Gameplay: This game is one of the kind from what I've seen from Klik games. My only problems were that (I couldn't find a instructions on controls so forgive me if I'm wrong), when you select something to build you can't delete/cancel it. Another thing I didn't like is there's no way you can destroy your buildings if you screwed up....but I'm hoping it will be resolved later.
Graphics: I love the graphics, I can't say it easier. They have a small humorous tone to them.
Sound and Music: There was no music, but the sound effects did fit the picture, (would be nice with some ambient sounds though).
Lastability: Very high replay value for a Klik game. I'll look out for the full version.
Overall: I can tell there was lotsa programming put into the engine, even if you don't like the game you must appreciate it's complex engine.

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