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Review: Flatworld - dawn of man demo
Author: TS Team
Added: 23/11/2002

Response Towards Playing The Game:
What can I say? It's a great start!

Overall Review:
Starting up the game, I tapped on many keys, moved the mouse in circles,and even punched the speakers to try to figure out what to do to select the menu. After a while, I said,"**** it, must be a bug," and pressed F2 to reveal the curser finally after restart. The tutorial helped me a great deal. Many options, and more technologies to be developed. Nicely drawn graphics and not that much sound. The whole game is original in my opinion. This is a great strategy game!

Fun as a matter of fact! It takes you to the ultimate test of your stragetic skills, or whatever. Place many buildings of all types to create more men, units, or workers. It's realy fun!

Original, cartoony graphics is how I put it as. Nice color tone fits perfect for those cavemen. I can tell you put alot of your time into this part of the game!

I guess the sound was okay. The only sound I heard was the noise of something when clicking on an option. Try a nature BG sound to make things more interesting!


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