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Review: Flatworld - dawn of man demo
Author: DeadmanDines
Added: 20/11/2002

Very good, but there are a few things I think you ought to do to make it better (I'm pushed for time, so I've not read all the comments here, so these may have been mentioned already):

1. Brighter Crosshair (mouse pointer) in the menu screens. I don't know whether it's just my monitor, but I found it very hard to spot where the mouse pointer was - perhaps make it a little lighter?
2. More space! It gets very easy to run out of space, due to the game's side-scrolling nature. Perhaps the ability to move or delete buildings already placed. Also, maybe use a layers option - several frames per level. This means you could let the player litterally walk forwards and backwards, as well as left and right. A simple bit of fastloop should let you lay smaller copies of the objects in the previous frame in the distance. If we rotated our view so we were looking down the side of the level (so we had the same view as the characters in the game, looking left to right) the multi-layered thing would look like this:

| | | | <--- [player's eye view]
1 2 3 4
Each | is a frame. If the player is on frame 3, frame 4 is not visible, but frames 1 and 2 are visible just in the background, as black outlines of the objects in those levels. Just the basics, like buildings, trees, etc. That's it. Using that method, you get more space, AND you get to maintain the side-scrolling interface. Perhaps pressing UP moves you forwards a frame, and pressing DOWN moves you back a frame? This shouldn't be toooo hard to do. You just use the same method to save and load each 'frame' of a level as you would save/load the level as a gamesave.

3. You should perhaps be able to build buildings in front of each other maybe? Only some buildings, so maybe you can build houses at teh bases of stilted houses because you know they can't completely cover each other. Perhaps? It would prevent the level getting conjested too quickly.
4. Also, i think you get better buildings a little too quickly. Maybe make it so we have to do something specific, like pay food, wood, gold, etc, to advance to a certain technology, like in Age of Empires.

That's all i can really think of - other than those few suggestions, i think you've done very well! Good job!


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