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crazy crossbows 1
Author: gareth Submitted: 23rd July, 2002 Favourites:0
Genre: Shoot 'Em Up Downloads: 160

okay i saw how good cc2 did, but i wonder how good this is, this is the origanal, remeber this is the first game i eva made, about 3 years ago on knp. its basicly the same as cc2 but a bit dated. its got 16 levels including 4 bosses. its so old it doesnt use ini but uses passwords

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Posted by Asholay 23rd July, 2002

Erm, I actually prefer this one to the second version- probably because it doesn't have reload times- I like it a lot.
Posted by T.U.G.A. 23rd July, 2002

I wish people would stop giving games OUTRAGEOUS ratings and not even explain anything in the review!!!! FOR HEAVENS SAKE PEOPLE STOP!
Posted by chris rage 23rd July, 2002

i like it
Posted by »xerus 23rd July, 2002

Yeah that isnt a review, that belongs in the comment section.
Posted by DragoonKnight 15th February, 2003

How do we pass the first level of fourth chapter? I die in less than one minute. Plz help!






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