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crazycrossbows 2 - the magic arrow (demo)
Author: gareth Submitted: 14th July, 2002 Favourites:0
Genre: Shoot 'Em Up Downloads: 521

set in medival times in a land called crazule. you play a young crossbowma, named spike. you must progress through the game, killing the evil lord scrolls minions. it's a first person shooter, but you cant move around the levl, you just move your crossbow. anyway this game has ace cartoon graphics and includes a good story. includes 12 levels, with 2 bossess.

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Posted by gareth 14th July, 2002

sorry about my spelling^
Posted by DarrenMcLeod 14th July, 2002

Right Click and Save as, just for those who can't download it :-D
Posted by »xerus 14th July, 2002

I cant beat the dragon =( Its a really cool game though.
Posted by Simdrone052 15th July, 2002

yea, its not even possible...
Posted by »xerus 15th July, 2002

That dragon must have like infinite HP because I shot his hand like 40 times and he still doesnt do anything...
Posted by gareth 15th July, 2002

oaky people, shot the left hand then the right hand, drgon falls down. then counitnue that intill wall falls down, then shoot him as much as posible intill you win, believe me it is posible, its just depends on where the dragon hits you as u can do it if he doesnt keep hitin your head :)
Posted by Killerjedi 15th July, 2002

yes, shoot one hand, and while it is spinning shoot the other. like gareth said, it's actually pretty easy! :)
Posted by Killerjedi 15th July, 2002

i like this game
Posted by Max 16th July, 2002

How do you hit the dragon's other hand while the first hand still spins? The hand always stops spinning before my crossbow gets reloaded. Apart from that small inconvenience, I do like the game though.
Posted by gareth 16th July, 2002

has anyone got passed the damm dragon yet? its not hard!, then again i did make it :)
Posted by Simdrone052 16th July, 2002

I have, I got to the place where the dude says that some rocks look suspicous...
Posted by Killerjedi 17th July, 2002

the dragon's really easy. at least I think so! junkman you must be lagging, it's easy for me.
Posted by Wicked Ewok 18th July, 2002

Scheisse, the dragon ain't easy. The hand stops spinning before my reload is done. Are you sure you've got the timing right for faster computers? I dunno how Game Factory or anything works, but I think its a speed issue. Then again, the crossbow timing should be relatively equal, so it should have worked out. But it didn't. There's no way to beat the level man, the dragon's hand spins for only a half second. I'm running a 1.2Ghz Athalon
Posted by »xerus 18th July, 2002

Im in a 1.4ghz pentium 4, and its impossible to hit both hands. The one stops spinning before you can reload to hit the other one.
Posted by Dogzer 18th July, 2002

I have a pentium 5
Posted by Dogzer 18th July, 2002

oh no...! :( the file is not avaliable for download. whats up with tripod?
Posted by Rikus 18th July, 2002

damn his acount was suspended. If anyone still has this game i could upload it to the dc server.
Posted by 18th July, 2002

This game is very fun and enjoyable. Nice job!
Posted by Joshtek 18th July, 2002

Downloads working for me, should I upload it?
Posted by 18th July, 2002

aww horse shit.I cant download cuz lycos suspended it.I was downloading earlier and it got to 99% then cut off :'(
Posted by »xerus 18th July, 2002

I beat the dragon by lagging the game, I opened CnC and left it open in the background, went to fight the dragon and the animation ran slower and I was able to beat it =)
Posted by Dogzer 19th July, 2002

:)) :) ;) :( :((
Posted by 20th July, 2002

The dragon was easy you people.A little too easy heh.
Posted by Gordon Chen 20th July, 2002

How come i only see good comments. i didn't think this game was great at all. the graphics are very weak, the ai is predictable but unfair, and sometimes its impossible to dodge hits. the engine probably tells the enemies to shoot every 1 second, so if the enemy pops up right b4 that 1 second interval, then he shoots too quick that it's impossible to dodge...
Posted by gareth 21st July, 2002

^thats why u got lots of life, that heals every 3seconds or sumfing. and i fort my gfxs were pretty kool, yer okay they could be better! :)
Posted by Gordon Chen 21st July, 2002

wel, this game may be fun, but giving the player more life rather than fix bugs seems very lazy.
Posted by Gordon Chen 21st July, 2002

btw, i'm only criticizing the techical stuff, not the game itself.






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