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FLATWORLD - dawn of man ( NEW DEMO)
Author: gareth Submitted: 25th November, 2002 Favourites:0
Genre: Real Time Strategy Downloads: 563

Edited By gareth on 11/25/2002

okay it's here the new demo. play through 6 levels of the Campaign and fight eneamys in the freebuild. most errors have been fixed, scrolling is made faster, more buildings have been added, more levels. more units (sheep riders), um and loads more. please give me you comments and enjoy mail me if you have any more building/unit ideas also right click cancels unwanted buildings and putting the curosr over a building and pressing DEL will remove that building. alos labels have been added for the buildings (sadly not for units tho) so when the cursor is put over it tells you what it is.

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Posted by ruffles 26th November, 2002

slow server (and I use it) scrolling was too slooow, 2kb/s, it will take a while more
Posted by JJ45 26th November, 2002

How can I select one or more or deselect those warrioirs?
Posted by JJ45 26th November, 2002

Wasnt really smart to add 1500 characters by typing ".................." and if you can't listend to music/sounds it's not really fair to give 0. Buy a sound card!
Posted by HOSJ 26th November, 2002

Posted by HOSJ 26th November, 2002

Very original tho.. good game :)
Posted by gareth 26th November, 2002

hey peeps do the tutiral. to deselect click on the gorund! how come the demo half done got 700 dl and now a BETTER demos doing worst??? and multiple units cant be selected yet sorry
Posted by Death Reaper X 26th November, 2002

I only got up to level 2...somehow I managed to kill ONE wolf but I don't know how. do you kill them? XD
Posted by gareth 26th November, 2002

with the spearmen, select a spearman and right click over a wolf and the guy will walk to the wolf and beat it with his spear :)
Posted by gareth 26th November, 2002

i made it select buidings to make them work, as i dont like straegy games were u crete units outa nitheing, i like havin to use 1 man and turn him into differnet jobs
Posted by The Chris Street 26th November, 2002

I deleted the review, please resubmit it with at least 1500 characters. Anyone who takes advantage like that again gets a few DC points knocked off. *checks with Shadowcaster to see if thats allowed*
Posted by HOSJ 26th November, 2002

also please make it so that the cursor cant leave the screen.... that is VERY annoying when i lose it... but once again, good job overall.
Posted by TS Team 26th November, 2002

Your doing well at this...
Posted by TS Team 26th November, 2002

...slow server though... ...downloading w/ Cable at 4 kb/s...
Posted by Jon Chambers 26th November, 2002

Get another server! Don't you get one free from your internet provider?
Posted by JJ45 26th November, 2002

the tutorial just stops "thats it now and..." sometimes when i click in wrong place!
Posted by Death Reaper X 27th November, 2002

I still occasionally get that bug with the mouse, but when it doesn't happen this is a very nice game! Only thing that annoyed me is that I have a lot of difficulty gathering food. I need more hunters, and to do this you need to have more people to turn into hunters, but the reproduction rate takes forever and I just wasn't getting very far. Unless I'm jut crap at the game! The reason why it is was such a problem because on the gather food and wood level, I could get a couple of hunters collecting food but then it'd decrease faster than it'd increase. But despite that, it's great. And like I said I'm probably just not very good at it! Release a new demo soon :)
Posted by gareth 27th November, 2002

yer the best thing to to do is just have one or two hunters and research sheep pens an appletrees and place them near the hunters huts. also farms are great for food (when they work, they hardly ever work proply, can't think why)
Posted by Aali [Crazy_Productions] 27th November, 2002

whats this farm problem? i experienced it in the last demo too. the farmer just stand there doing nothing.
Posted by gareth 27th November, 2002

i know they're surpose to walk up and down the farm collecting food, but they just sit there on the corner.
Posted by -Oka- 28th November, 2002

and there's another farm bug, you can't sell your farms...?
Posted by TS Team 28th November, 2002

You can't sell anything, you can only destroy.
Posted by Matt [cash money klikaz] 29th November, 2002

Hmm.. I killed 26 wolves and I built a wall at that spot, but I still can't get past level 2. A bug, or am I missing something?
Posted by -Oka- 29th November, 2002

Chris: Are you trying to be smart or something..?
Posted by gareth 29th November, 2002

um that wolf maybe u need to build the wall before u kill 20 plus wolfs, i dunno, sorry theres a lot of bugs. and farms cant be destroyd/sold as that would mean diggin up the ground getting rid of the seeds, etc! i made it so u cant sell farms.
Posted by Colin 18th December, 2002

TTTTTHHHHEEEE......SHEEP ! init? How do you sleep at night? You strange strange little man init.
Posted by gareth 18th December, 2002

ahhhhhhhhhhh what is it!!!!
Posted by Colin 19th December, 2002

get out of my house and my little son "murb". and stop play'ing with da combat sheep!!!
Posted by Colin 19th December, 2002

yeah it b a cool game but it don't snow man on ice by microsmell. or "waiter" for the amstrad. or "frogger" for the spectrum. STOP PLAYING WITH DA SHEEP!!!!!!!!!
Posted by bigdave 5th January, 2003

good game. When's the full game coming out? i apologise if you have already said this or have already released it
Posted by Jirru (Fake "0" Productions) 4th May, 2003

Hey!!! You had this demo for long enough! Now make the full version!!! My demo is already 75% Done and I know that you are done with your ful so share it! if not then...lazy b****!!! Its a fun game and its already 1 year! Now finish it!
Posted by Dr Zaius 23rd May, 2003

Nice Game
Posted by Aptennap 23rd April, 2004







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