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Hostile Stars
Author: gareth Submitted: 3rd August, 2003 Favourites:0
Genre: Abandoned Downloads: 54

Edited By gareth on 8/6/2003

Edited By gareth on 8/4/2003

this was gonna be an huge top down space combat sim, but it doesnt work very fast on my computer so i gave up on it. this is just a skirmsih demo, choose between 4 different races, the hicelbob, the grunt, the trida or the mechaten, each with their unique ablitys, the hicelbob have anti missle chaf and self reparing ships, the grunt have missles, the trida have cloaking devices and the mechaten are very powerful, but slow.

on the menu use the single arrows to add one ship or the double arrows to set number of ships to 99, astroids can be set from 0 to 9. finally choose a race by clicking the name.

while flying
arrow keys - move
hold space - fire

press f2 to restart and alt-f4 to quit

click the images to view them..

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Posted by gareth 5th August, 2003

only 4 downloads?
Posted by gareth 5th August, 2003

and no comments, im hurt, boohoo
Posted by Felix 6th October, 2003

Hey Gareth, glad to see you are still alive out there. :)
Posted by janne valtonen 31st January, 2004






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