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legend of baldric DEMO
Author: gareth Submitted: 2nd August, 2003 Favourites:0
Genre: Platformer Downloads: 126

Edited By gareth on 8/3/2003

Edited By gareth on 8/3/2003

You play as a 'wanna be' knight called Baldric, to become a knight the king of thimbledale asks you to protect his duaghter, princess Tuni, but seconds latter the princess is taken by an evil necromancer named Toutaz.

You must battle eneamys using your sword in a mario style platformer. loads of different eneamys to fight from axe wielding tomatos to tree climbing spiders

the game uses my own custom movemnt, which allows baldric to bounce on mushrooms and perform a double jump. also all orignal graphics, but i need some help to make midis so the musics aren't orignal,

about 13 levels and a mario world style world map, also 3 hearst hidden within 3 of those levels, 2 bosses.

anyways please comment cos i need to know what you people think.


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Posted by Mitch M 4th August, 2003

Yo Cicy, Mr Bean Ain't no idiot Al'aigt? XD
Posted by gareth 4th August, 2003

yer but it int Mr bean who plays as baldric?
Posted by Zap{Zapdude Productions} 4th August, 2003

Mr.Bean? Don't You mean Edmund Blackadder? That show is wicked man! I got the book for all four series!
Posted by Monkey Soft 4th August, 2003

This game is quite buggy... - the jump is too low - make the player flashing or something when you are hit - when you hit those "metal turtles" put "Only one action etc..." for the sfx - and DON'T use Yoshi's Island midis! Aaaaargh!
Posted by gareth 4th August, 2003

the jump int that low, anyways u get double jump at level 6, and the player has got a "hit" animation, and yes sorry about the yoshi island midis,
Posted by Arf :: FPP Games 4th August, 2003

Rowan Atkinson = Mr. Bean = Edmund Blackadder Tony Robinson = Baldrick = Idiot
Posted by RPG4Lif3 4th August, 2003

lol ....yoshi islands....
Posted by RPG4Lif3 4th August, 2003

i agree with monkey soft
Posted by gareth 4th August, 2003

can someone do a review, it took me a whole 5 days to make this :(
Posted by gareth 4th August, 2003

where in the game do you need to jump high anyways?
Posted by Pixalatio 4th August, 2003

Hmm... i look at the pics and think wow, nice graphics (this is not the only factor in a game remember) i like the kinda weird style... i try to download and think wow, thats a slow download speed, broadband is wasted here o well ill comment about the game soonish :D
Posted by Smeggy 4th August, 2003

ooooooooooooooh 5 days XD
Posted by MaT [Blue Storm] 4th August, 2003

I thought this game ruled!
Posted by Pixalatio 4th August, 2003

WOW finished and i have no complaints about the story... i noticed a few bugs tho...: if you get to close to a flyknight (the normal ones) sometimes they go beserk and hit to fast for you to get away, also on the fly knight boss if you are on the far right when he appears he can stop on top of you and then you die other than that, good work :D(I want the full version :'()
Posted by Monkey Soft 4th August, 2003

looool 5 days try my game... it took me months but has only a review...
Posted by Pixalatio 4th August, 2003

Reveiwed (my first reveiw, tell me what you think :D)
Posted by ripthor 4th August, 2003

I can't even download the game. It's getting really annoying as half the downloads I try here are dead.
Posted by gareth 5th August, 2003

thanks for the review, yep thats monty python music on the title, and the title is done proply as i'm gonna change the name of the game
Posted by gareth 5th August, 2003

i say "is daone probly" i mean the title inst done proply :)
Posted by gareth 5th August, 2003

^sorry about the spelling
Posted by gareth 5th August, 2003

^sorry about the spelling
Posted by ripthor 5th August, 2003

This game is fun, but I found 2 strange bugs. Sometimes, the game will slow down considerably and finally freezes. In stage 6, the jumping shroom appeared in the wrong spot and I couldn't go any further because of that. He was floating a bit also.
Posted by Tongs 5th August, 2003

Ooh, this game is fun. I like the colorful graphics, but the ripped music needs to go. I can't stand games that rip music. Well, aside from the Monty Python and the Holy Grail theme. Now you just need a voice clip of John Cleese saying "And now for something completely different." XD
Posted by gareth 6th August, 2003

ive fixed the mushroom in stage 6, also you flash when you get hit, yoshis island midis are gone, the sfx is played once when hittin the spikyey turtles and i havnt chnaged the jump cos i dont need changing :)
Posted by Monkey Soft 6th August, 2003

I'm glad you listened to my advices (and sorry for my english)
Posted by Astral_86 6th August, 2003

Aah, I've just finished the was a great game, and I wan't the whole game plz finish it soon!! :D MY COMPLAIN: Don't use Yoshi's Island midis, plz! Except for that, the game was really great!! :D






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