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Review: crazycrossbows 2 - the magic arrow (demo)
Author: Max
Added: 16/07/2002

Come on fellow knight with a stretched smile, grab your crossbow and go on a massive villain rampage! Watch out ahead, folks!


The graphics are pretty good. Although the characters and backgrounds aren't much detailed they do look pretty good and aren't annoying to the eye. OK, the main character could be annoying to some with his huge smile, but hey, we need happy heroes! Music is appropriately used and fits with the medieval-ish theme. The sounds effects could be a little better and diverse though. The enemies could make many different scream sounds while dying, this would be a thing to add to the full version.


This is your basic shoot-em up game. There's nothing extravagant nor any superb twists to the gameplay, but it is a fun game to play. Sometimes, less is more. You take your crossbow and shoot enemies as they appear from their hiding spots. If you're not quick enough to do it, you get shot, sliced, burned, etc. I don't know if there's more than a single boss in the demo since I can't beat it but the boss fights do look pretty nice so far. Instead of simply shooting the enemy 'till he dies, you must find out how you can damage him.


There's not much levels in this demo, so it's lastability is of course not pretty long. However, the game's interesting and fun while it lasts, and I guess that the full version will remedy to the demo's short length


Crazy Crossbones 2 is your basic, yet fun shoot-em-up game. There's no special features to be found in that title, but it is well made all around and is basically bug-free. Killing evil knights and dragons with a crossbow sounds cool, and yeah, it is cool. Download it and look toward the full release.


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