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Review: crazy crossbows 1
Author: Paul_James
Added: 29/07/2002

I remeber when GarySoft came out with this game at first. It was great. And now redownloading it again, I get that old school feeling all over again.

Graphixx - 6/10
Okay, okay, there not GameCube graphixx but they sure are cute aren't they. The graphixx are actually shitty but their meant to be shitty which makes it good. Wow just got mixed up their. It supposed to be cartooney and it is; thus its a plus.

Gameplay - 7/10
The gameplay compared to Crazy Crossbow 2 isn't that good, but its something different. If i hear about another RPG or platformer game coming out thats gonna top the rest i think im gonna rip my hair out. (Wait a second aint i workin on an RPG oops) Although some enemies like those fRigIn KniGhts in the third level which absolutely kill you are almost near impossible to beat. But the bosses are fun, unlike Crazy Crossbow 2 boss which is just totally stupid i hate em. I wish he die BURN BURn , whoops back to my review. Basically the gameplay is new, unique, and gives a fresh cleaner into the klik community. Its buggy yeah and is hard but hey we all make mistakes.

Lastability - 4/10
This is where the game gets hurt alot. Now im all up for challenges and all but when a game is ridicously hard in which u can only beat it with pure luck. . .eh. . .then its a downer. Fighting the knights and mages for the 608th time doesnt make me happy. Plus this is a klikandplay game so some lazy bum like me gets a lil pissed off at the 609th game and decides to open it with his MMF make it easier or just watch the ending thus loosing the fun of the game. If it were just a tad easier like the beginning levels, I would have enjoyed this one all too much. And it still be in my harddrive. . .

Overall I give a 6/10
Its a great game in my point of view, just a lil buggy and HARD, okay Crazy Crossbows 2's demo is out u should check that out. The graphixx are nicer although they just don't seem to be cartoony enough like this one. . .Good job GarySoft.


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