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Average Platform Engine & Tutorial
Author: Zephni Submitted: 5th May, 2009 Favourites:0
Genre: Tutorial Downloads: 604

Edited By Zephni on 5/6/2009

Edited By Zephni on 5/5/2009

Hey Someone on the forums was requesting a platform engine (or somthing)
Anyway i made this for a game called "the never sun" which i beleve is hanging around in the projects section somewhere... Which im willing to let the source out if someone will help me resurect it btw.. it all got too much lol.


This platform engine includes:
Jumping and double jumping.
Collision with background objects aswell as actives (if they are in the correct group)
Slopes (working perectly)
And the entire thing is pixel perfect.

also the event editor is cram packed full of comments to help you understand each condition/event.
Its even freakin color coded.
Oh and all the speeds/jumps/height n everything is in varables so you can change it to how you want.

Even if you dont use this engine, take a look at the way it works and you might like the way uh huh uh huh i do it.

At first this may look MORE complicated because of all the comments... but if you take it step by step... YOU LOVE IT.

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Posted by Dark Link 6th May, 2009
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Posted by Cecilectomy 6th May, 2009

what about wall jumps? wall hanging? ceiling hanging? hanging movement? moving platforms? lifts? ladders? sliding? full range gravity and movement for other objects and ai?

this is definitely not the ultimate platform engine. its a basic custom platform engine at most.
Posted by Mr G 6th May, 2009

Seems like a regular platform engine. What Cecil said needs to be added to the engine to be an "ultimate" one
Posted by Zephni 6th May, 2009

Its kinda more about the tutorial. Because its commented well. And some1 was asking for help with their platform engine.
But sure i might put those things in sometime
Posted by 3kliksphilip 6th May, 2009

Plus, it is only called 'Average Platform Engine'
Posted by Solgryn 6th May, 2009

yea but he renamed it, before it was "the ultimate platform engine"
Posted by Zephni 6th May, 2009

if some1 else wants to put x and y platforms in it they can

oh i put it as "average" as a joke coz ppl where moaning alot.

obviusly it is "ultimate" lol, im only muckin around, chill pills guys

Posted by Mr G 6th May, 2009

The Average Ultimate Platform Engine
Posted by lembi2001 7th May, 2009

the ultimate average platfom engine!!!!
Posted by Zephni 8th May, 2009

The platform engine that is averagely ultimate...
Posted by Retired Kliker Lazarus 14th July, 2009

Am I the only one who gets an annoying error message whenever I try to run it?
Posted by Knockturnal 30th September, 2010
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This is what I was looking for. Thanks. I'll find a way to get ladders to work with it too





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