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Mini Lua example game
Author: Zephni Submitted: 28th November, 2010 Favourites:0
Genre: Tutorial Downloads: 866

Edited By Zephni on 11/28/2010

This is to go along with my recent LUA article, check it out here:

It looks like an unfinished game, remember that it isnt ment to be a game its just an example of what lua can do. I put some game elements in it anyway though.

Try editing it, after reading my article, to see if you understand it yet!

The controls:
Left/Right - directional buttons
Look up/down - hold up/down
Crouch - down (crawl by pressing directional buttons)
Jump - Z
Slide - hold down and press 'jump'
Swim - jump under water

Not much i can say really except try it out, remember that the graphics arent ment to be good, and ITS NOT A GAME!

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Posted by HorrendousGames 28th November, 2010

I really wish I could've been able to open the .mfa but I'll have to wait a few days for my new hd to do a fresh install of MMF2. It's nice to see someone else uses guitar pro.
Posted by Zephni 28th November, 2010

HAHA! oops i left the guitar pro tab files lol! Oh well =p
Posted by UrbanMonk 28th November, 2010
Rated :

The graphics aren't bad...

Have you tried Xlua yet? It works with co-routines now, and it's just generally better and more stable.
Posted by HorrendousGames 29th November, 2010

It's all good, I dug the tabs at least.
Posted by Zephni 29th November, 2010

i Havent tried Xlua, but it sounds like i should of a long time ago lol....ooops..
Posted by UrbanMonk 1st December, 2010
Rated :

Your example should work with it. Just replace all the actions, and copy the code over.





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