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Zephni - Battle Engine
Author: Zephni Submitted: 25th April, 2008 Favourites:0
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Edited By Zephni on 4/25/2008

~ Hey guys! bin working on this for the last 4-5 days.. And its given me a headache more than anything else iv'e ever done in click. maybe even C#, its that frustrating.

Nonetheless this is what you can expect if you download:

Fully functional timeline atb/ctb system,
This is there is a ATB bar (that in the engine is invisible, but if i use this engine, il make it visible, then players know what their waiting for.) increases when ACTIVE time is happening. If the bar fills up Enemy/Player gets a go. this is where the CTB comes in to play.. If you are selecting a option in the menu, the enemys will not attack, yet they are added on to a pile of turns, and when you .exe your attack the pile will feed through until it's a players turn again.
REMEMBER: this is the very rawness of the engine, iow there is NO graphics, NO sprite/animations anything, its left compleatly open for the engine to add them in when you want.

If i do say so myself i think this engine is very flexible (if you take the time to learn how to use it.) within it you can make a new random battle by just making a new group, and telling the engine its there.
Within this group you can choose what enemys are selected (out of a file that YOU edit) with all the information of the enemy in it. like max hp, lvl, fire resistance, str, evade. the works.. infact i think ive done about 20.
The players are also created in a external file. where you can choose their stats, so feel free to play around with them.
The most effective would be to change speed, becoz depending on the speed is how the timeline works.

Also note that the group."Menu" is untouched exept i put attack in, becoz.. lets face it, you gota attack..

There are other things that the engine can handle easily but im gona go to sleep now coz my brain hurts.

Note: this engine can handel a total of 5 enemys, and 4 players. i could easily enough make it more.. but i dont feel the need.

anyway take a look, its opensource obviusly so be sure to atleast take a look if your interested in RPG battle engines coz i think some of the ideas are prety solid.

Major thing - MAKE SURE you dont look at this and think, well thats a rubbish rpg battle. Its not what its doing! its what its capable of. I have used this engine and inculded a few extra things like multible move choices and graphics, and there was nothing that it couldnt handle that FF<6 could! its very versitle basicaly (IMO).

Most of all, Enjoy life! over n out
- zephni -

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Posted by Zephni 25th April, 2008

~ Shup bout me commenting first on my download, i really couldnt be botherd to edit it twice.

- You might wana increase the "speed" of the enemys and players in the 2 files you get in appDir$ to see the effects a bit quicker, otherwise your waiting around wen you dont need to be.
- Also i didnt mention b4 that damage actual does get taken off when you/enemy attacked, just put the mouse over them to see their hp go down.
- And no the stats dont take effect apart from hp/max hp, mp/max mp, strength, speed. thats up to you.
Posted by dndfreak 24th January, 2009

Why must every engine that I ever want to download be .cca!?!





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