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Lua coroutines in MMF + scripting
Author: Zephni Submitted: 31st May, 2009 Favourites:0
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Ive been tring to figure this out for a while now...

You know like how "the underside" has scripts where everything is executed line by line in the function "runscript()". This can be done because of somthing called coroutines.. It basicaly says:
"LUA, just shut up for a second and wait until MMF says you can carry on you supid little script..OK!"

The MMF code is heavily commented, yet i kept the actions it can do quite small, because this is ment to be modable, therefore you are ment to make your own functions.

It works (to my knowledge) the same way The Podunkians works, exept i have named the functions different.

With the power of MMF and Lua together you could have endless possabilitys, espesialy if you wanted to make a level editor.
You could create a game completly EXTERNAL to MMF. All the bugs would be external, and the scripting would be external, everything.

If you want to see the power that this can acheive go download "the underside preveiw" on the pod's webste.

type in "the underside" on google and it should be the first entry.

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Posted by UrbanMonk 31st May, 2009

"All the bugs would be external" lol

I sure hope the underside is finished one of these days.
Either that or you can make something better, get to it!
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Posted by SupaStix 1st June, 2009

This is what I've been looking for.

Great tutorial!
Posted by Zephni 6th June, 2009

Im glad i could help

The games coming on nicely check it out in the projects:





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