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Calorgas DEMO (opensource)
Author: Zephni Submitted: 5th May, 2009 Favourites:0
Genre: Retro Downloads: 176

Edited By Zephni on 5/5/2009

Calorgas is an organisation that has been fighting off the opposition from their home planet. Noterth has been under attack for centuries!

The mission is to go in and destroy the mothership for good, But your whole team but 1 has been destroyed.
The 2 finest fighters must do this on their own and try and stop this war.
Fail, and there will be no one to save the home planet.
Fail.. and press start and try again =

Up Down Left Right - fly around
Fire 1 - Shoot primary weapon
Fire 2 - Shoot Secondary weapon

Player 1 controls are up down left right arrows, fire 1 is shift, and ctrl is Fire 2
Player two controls are wasd. And fire primary and secondary is 'T' and 'Y' respectively.

As you play you fire your weapons at the enemys, if you hit the enemys more than miss, you will be automaticaly upgraded to a red lazer that does double damage to enemys.
But if you miss more than youve hit, you will go back to the normal primary weapon again.

When you destroy enemys sometimes (depending on chance values) they will drop items, thease are:
The sheild has a energy bar, this goes down every second, but if your sheild is damaged by a shot or running into a eemy it will go down further. If you pick up a sheild again it will add more to the time that it will last. The sheild will protect your hits until it runs out.
You can collect up to 5 rockets. Rockets do much more damage than your primary weapon and travel faster. They also carry on to the next level.

At the start of the game you can choose how many lives each player starts with. In game only when both have lost all their lives will it be game over.
If Player one dies, he will no longer be the target, and enemys will divert their attention to player 2.

hopefully just another week or so and the full thing will be out as its such simple graphics and the engine is sorted. I only plan to have about ten levels, alough the levels are all quite different and somthing special shouldbe in each one.
one im working on has a ship you have to protect... and stuff like that.

BTW the event editor is pretty messy, its not usualy how i work but i done this in two days so ive bin rushing it a bit.

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Posted by Zephni 5th May, 2009

Firstly.. Yes the graphics are ment to be that bad. I tryed to resemble somthing between atari and nes lol.

Secondly.. see if you can get to the end with over 27,000 points!

Thirdly, yeah it need some sfx.. Just imagin them for now, OR you could give me some sound effects
Comment edited by Zephni on 5/5/2009
Posted by s-m-r 17th May, 2009

Reminds me of 'Star Soldier' on the NES, if it had been a side-scroller. Image Good luck with your project.
<br />

<br />
I thought upgrading to the quicker laser was a nice idea, but too difficult to keep going for long. Maybe change the mechanic for this so it's available every once in a while as opposed to a one-off chance?
<br />

<br />
I first believed some of the enemy bullets were actually powerups (the thicker red bullets, or the green pellets).
<br />

<br />
Double-check the action point for the big enemy on level 1; looks like it's shooting from the top-left corner of the sprite instead of the ship itself.

Oh wait...are the thicker red bullets the 'rockets' mentioned above? ...Time to play again!
Comment edited by s-m-r on 5/17/2009





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