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Splinter Source
Author: Zi-Xiao Submitted: 17th January, 2005 Favourites:0
Genre: Platformer Downloads: 929
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Edited By Jerry on 1/17/2005

About The Game


This was a game submitted for the Klik Academy KAcade Compo. I'm not sure if I should be uploading this, since the results arn't out yet (but then again, they were supposed to be out 3 days ago), but since I saw other contest entries being uploaded, I guess I'll follow suite.


Splinter Source, as you may have guessed it, is a Splinter Cell fan game. Not a fan game like your typical sonic or mario platformer, but more like a 2D Half-life; in other words, its not simply a remake its an entire dimension shift - switching from a 3D to 2D interface.

You don't play as Sam Fisher, but instead some nameless agent out to retrieve the OBJECTIVE thats stolen by a group of 'terrorists' who are now holding cargo bay as their base.

Most of Splinter Cell's stealthy moves have been recreatd in 2D. Knock guards out from behind or drop down on them form above, hide in the shadows, shoot people from the ceiling etc etc. The in-game instructions are somewhat rough since I only had 4 days to make this game, but be sure to read them anyways cause they're colorful . But, if you can't be bothered, here's a quick list of stuff you can do:


Left + Right = Move

Ctrl = Draw weapon
Ctrl + Left or Right = Punch

Shift = Jump
Shift while weapon is drawn = Shoot

Up + Down while weapon is drawn = Aim
Up while standing in the shadows = Hide

- Shooting an enemy while he's unaware will instantly kill
- An alert enemy will take several hits before going down
- When enemies die, they make alot of noise and can alert nearby guards, so be careful when taking out multiple guards.
- Only punching a guard from behind will knock him out instantly, a frontal attack will damage him but he will be alert
- Falling down from great heights will also knock out guards
- If a ? appears above the enemy's head, then that means he's suspicious, if a ! appears, then he has detected you and will attack.
- How well an enemy can see you if your are in their field of vision is indicated by the shadow meter, if it gets too bright, enemies will see you and attack.
- If you touch a guard, he will instantly detect you unless you are hidden (see controls)

Closing Comments
The game is very open ended - there are several ways to complete the mission. Make sure you read the objective and study the map carefully. This game was originally made as a high score arcade game so the end score really doesn't matter. If you would like to play the online version, you can check out the KAcade at This offline version can offer you some practice .

You can now exit the score screen and return to the main menu. Thanks to Wartagon (CrobaSoft) for pointing out that little bug .

A few people have commented on the resolution so I thought I'd point out that if it were up to me, I would have made the game 320x240 but unfortunately, the guys at KA dictated that the screen size must be 256x244; same goes for the earlier submitted Paths to Ether game.


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Posted by CYS 17th January, 2005

it is amazing to even think it's made in 4 days.
Posted by Jason Orme 17th January, 2005

looks impressive as hell, but does it play well? *downloads*
Posted by Johan Hargne (Wartagon) 17th January, 2005

cool graphics and engine, Jerry. but the controls were quite bad.. I quit playing after just 2 tries. And one last question; how to you exit to the menu at the screen after you've died? I had to press alt + f4 and then restart it. Anyways. Pretty cool game.
Posted by hishnak 17th January, 2005

Good graphics but the controls were a little wierd...
Posted by Joey Drasal 17th January, 2005

I am sry but the CONTROLS are crap...nice graphics though.
Posted by Zi-Xiao 17th January, 2005

Well, I'll admit the controls arn't as simple as "press this to jump, press this to shoot", but you try cramming all those moves into two buttons and some arrow keys :p. It was either, integrated controls, or different keys for different actions - perhapse a comprimise between the two would have been best but I couldn't find it.
Posted by mojofltr 17th January, 2005

Impressive little game, but I wasn't able to play very long. The shift-ctrl button combination won't work with my keyboard. I was dead before I could swear about it. :/ I've never played Splinter Cell - I don't know what the game is about or what actions/moves are available. I was thinking one way to simplify complicated controls while maintaining the two-button limitation would be to give each button a few different actions. The actions would change based on different 'zones' within your game level. This way the complicated controls won't hinder the gameplay ie. main character ties his shoe when he was supposed to pull the ripcord on his parachute, etc... On the other hand, it may make the game easier than you were aiming for. Another suggestion: I think that the game would feel a little better if the main character had a little more speed. At least from what I played so far, your game looks a lot like Megaman with some interesting/complicated additions - I mean that in a good way! ;-) Nice job! I'm hopeful that the next version will play without trouble on my PC.
Posted by RedHades 17th January, 2005

This is very good. I'm rarely impressed with what's found on this website. But you have managed to pull out a fun game with extreme simplicity. And you have perfectly tweaked the difficulty level. Though you’ve reproduced an existing gameplay, it’s a surprising example of how mainstream 3D games CAN be transposed to 2D and still retain all the fun. The visuals are very “Kiddie” and the screen format is ways to small. Your choice of in-game music is good. Put some more work into this, stand away from the Splinter cell and add more content; You’ll have yourself a great game. This is GOTW material right there.
Posted by Zi-Xiao 17th January, 2005

@ fojomrtl - "I don't know what the game is about or what actions/moves are available" - Read the moves list in the game or in the description above. The system your describing is usually reserved for object interaction like 'talk to person', or 'hack computer' etc. I'm not sure how you envision this system being implemented into an action game, if you feel up to it PM me and we can discuss it further. And if you play enough, I'm sure you'll find the speed upgrade on one of your routes ;).
Posted by Weston L 17th January, 2005

Whoa!!! What the heck?! 4 days?! This game is awesome and amazing!!!
Posted by kato katz 17th January, 2005

neat game
Posted by Nuklear41 17th January, 2005

THat is a cool game. I hate the music for when you die though. I doesnt fit the game.
Posted by Weston L 17th January, 2005

Reviewed! :D A bit of interestingness: "The music fits very nicely...apart from the ska style regee music when you die.. which is rather disturbing.." "It seems almost happy-island-reggae-ish." "I hate the music for when you die though. I doesnt fit the game."
Posted by Joshtek 17th January, 2005

First score: time 454,alert 452, success, 3406... now wheres the sequel ;)
Posted by Zi-Xiao 17th January, 2005

Wow - good score man, go on the KAcade and see if you can beat the top score 4045 (in case your wondering, I did not make that score); I know I sure as hell can't. As for a sequel... I dun think these guys want a sequel.
Posted by Noyb 17th January, 2005

Fun game, once you get used to the controls. It's annoying, however, that you can get irrevocably stuck if you run out of ammo to destroy grates in certain areas (namely the part where you must go through the ventilation if you go after the really useful "secret item.") And why can't you aim down when not hanging? It'd be cool, too, if you could actually shoot out lights to create shadows, like the real Splinter Cell.
Posted by Wormware 17th January, 2005

Thanks for the cool game!! Nice movements, graphics and level design. Keep up the good work
Posted by Philipe (Phil-Con Games) 18th January, 2005

I personally didnt like it, but its not a bad game (In other words, i have a weird taste for games :) ). I couldnt get my guy to shoot when i started. I could make him punch, though :D (i didnt get very far with that tactic) The main problem is what everyones already told you about the controls and the speed of the player. I think it'd actually be ok to be able to perform a short dash, but it might not work out the way i only wish it would in the game... *sigh*... if only i could run
Posted by CYS 18th January, 2005

*Philipe You can kind of "run", there's a powerup somewhere in the game, and it can make you run. You'll need to get ammo in order to shoot.
Posted by Zi-Xiao 18th January, 2005

Just cause unrelenting 2 took more time to make, doesn't mean its a better game. Besides, Unrelenting 2 was a huge undertaking, and you shuold feel very proud just finishing it, Willy; regardless of what others think. :)
Posted by TatoGame 18th January, 2005

Amazing! i enjoy it! But... Full screen? :P
Posted by BeamSplashX 18th January, 2005

Make a big game out of this!
Posted by Aaron Tomko 18th January, 2005

There are really only two things I would like to point out. First off, I would have probably gone with a different control scheme, but that seems to be the common redundancy within this thread so I will move on. And second, I would have made it full screen. You put alot of effort into the graphics and the utilization of the splintercell-shadow style engine, and then turn around and make it so small that we can't enjoy it. This might come off harsh, but I earnestly mean it as constructive criticism. On the plus side the game is a cool idea for what it is, and one of the best games I've seen made within such a short time period. Nice job.
Posted by Zi-Xiao 18th January, 2005

Ok, would people READ my comments before making suggestions? @ Phizzy - I can understand that people have different tastes for games; your tastes may be more inclined towards a less mature/serious style where the focus of gameplay is on reaction time and a quick trigger finger. This indicates that you would probably hate the 'real' splinter cell games too, but these are hardly grouds to claim that my game (and splinter cell) lacks gameplay.
Posted by Simon.R 18th January, 2005

loller, nice game.. ^_^
Posted by Zi-Xiao 18th January, 2005

I'm not going to argue with you Phizzy, but please stop posting here unless you have some criticism to pass or have encouraging/positive comments. I did notice that you thought the game was too slow for your liking, but surely the lack of speed doesn't sum up a bad game?
Posted by CYS 19th January, 2005

Some people like slow-paced games while some people like fast-paced games. This game is a stealth game, and you can't possibly have a fast game with stealth action. The game may be slow, but it's nevertheless very exciting, you're always on a watch for enemies. So if you don't like slow-paced game, just leave this game alone.
Posted by Zi-Xiao 19th January, 2005

I'm saying if you don't like it, say why you don't like it. All you've pointed out so far is that the game is slow; and I don't see how such a simple speed factor can reduce my gameplay value to 0 in your mind. So please - share a more explained opinion with us.
Posted by Tidegear 19th January, 2005

This is awesome! I'd like to see a few more abilities and more than one mission. I've created a very detailed stealth engine in TGF so let me know if you'd like to work with me to make this game more complex. My AIM is Tidegear57 if you're interested in seeing my work.
Posted by Zi-Xiao 20th January, 2005

"Oh look, i've been seen = automatically dead" depends on how good you are - no one else seems to be complaining about this factor "At least give the player a few suitcase nuclear bombs incase things get rough..." - I can only assume your joking, but I get the idea. This is not the nature of the stealth game - An infiltrator can defend himself but shouldn't be able to outgun his opponents.
Posted by Willy C 20th January, 2005

It looks great, the controls dont appeal to me though! so, is it a demo or a full game - since its only one level? Cos I would like to try out a full version.
Posted by CYS 20th January, 2005

It's full, it's made for the compo so it's only 1 level.
Posted by Cybermaze 20th January, 2005

I am sorry to say I dont really like the game. No, I may not be the greatest stealth game fan, however I dont really think thats the problem. What I did not like: 1. My weapon was out of order. 2. Why a time limit? Let me do it as fast as I like. 3. While the enemies may not see very well when I am not spotted, they surely do when I am spotted. I know it is hard to do great AI. But there is no need for them to keep shooting at the floor. Perhaps make them go back to suspecious again? 4. Does the noise have a purpose? The noise the character makes is not too reasonable. Surely jumping (while in mid-air) does not make a noise? But landing normally do make a loud noise. I dont think the controls was all that hard at all ... if they just had worked. You could have added the option for full-screen though. Overall the game is amazing considered it was made in merely 4 days ... but it is not one of the games I would like to play ... sorry :(
Posted by Hernan 20th January, 2005

Excellent game Jerry! Now how did this lose to that spider game....? O well, better luck next time. To Cybermaze: 1. Pick up bullets, press shift+control 2. I think you mispelled slow as 'fast' :P If you can't do it in 5 min, you're just slow. I'll let Jerry answer the other questions himself.
Posted by Zi-Xiao 20th January, 2005

And answer them I shal :) 2. The time limit is neccessary in order for it to be counted as a score. The more time you have remaining, the more time gets added to your score. In order to do this though, you need a total value that you start from - hence the need for a limit. Yes, I thought 5 mins was more than enough, rarely do people run out of time - they most likely die before time runs out. 3. They don't keep shooting at the floor, they shoot at the floor for a certain amount of time and then stop, go back to suspicious mode. I don't think the whole 'sight' thing is an issue here because in stealth games, when your spotted, all enemies know where you are until you get to either the 'evasion phase' (metal gear terms :p). So in this game, the enemies 'know' where you are and keep shooting when your discovered. 4. I think your getting noise mixed up with the shadow meter. The shadow meter measures how well your body blends into the shadows - surely a moving object is always easier to spot than a stationary object; thus the higher rating when your falling. "I dont think the controls was all that hard at all ... if they just had worked." I'm assuming your referring to the gun controls, which Hernan has covered. @Herhan - that spider game was ace man XD. I feel no shame in losing to a better game ;).
Posted by Joey Drasal 20th January, 2005

U should make to where u start out wit some ammo.
Posted by Zi-Xiao 20th January, 2005

Its a part of the challenge man, metal gear doesn't start you off with any ammo either. Hell metal gear doesn't even start you off with a gun.
Posted by Joey Drasal 20th January, 2005

Can u at least try to put a reset button so like if u are stuck or made a mistake or quit durring game play.
Posted by Joey Drasal 20th January, 2005

By the way the game is really nice.
Posted by Wormware 20th January, 2005

more levels!!!!!!!!!!! please ;)
Posted by Comrade the Soviet Under Dog 20th January, 2005

looks awsome.
Posted by John Keyes 21st January, 2005

I Cant Get Past The Guy Near The Toilet and Bin
Posted by John Keyes 21st January, 2005

Aiming Gun Down Doesnt Work
Posted by Wormware 21st January, 2005

only when you're hanging Colin.. more levels!!
Posted by RayKnight 21st January, 2005

This game is so freakin fun, but its only 1 lvl. I really hope you add more lvls and maybe a story. This is how the GBA splinter cell should've been. 2nd place so far on the online version ^_^.
Posted by Zi-Xiao 21st January, 2005

Just wait for the sequel guys, this one's stayin as is.
Posted by RayKnight 21st January, 2005

yes sequels!!! :P
Posted by Joey Drasal 21st January, 2005

Yayyyyyyyyyy sequel!!!! When are u going to start it?
Posted by Wormware 21st January, 2005

allright, you just kick ass!! :D
Posted by Lukas Hägg 22nd January, 2005

This is quite the game here! Good job. :) I just have a few things to comment on. * As said you can only shoot downwards when you're hanging. It would be nice if you could fire downwards when standing too. Let's say you're standing on a box (or something) and there's a guard below, you wan't o kill him (as any ordinary TDC member would want to) but there's nothing to hang on nearby and you don't want to jump down to shoot him, cause tyhen he would see you and you would be pretty much dead. See the dilemma? * The walking speed could be a little bit faster. It's okay, but it could be faster. * It looks really good, but it's tiny. About the music that plays when you die, I like it. It's so "in your face" that I couldn't keep myself from laughing. I hope to see a crawling option. So that you can hide beneath stuff too! :)
Posted by Zi-Xiao 22nd January, 2005

you know Lukas, the best solution to your dilemma would be to just jump and drop down on the guard - thereby knocking him out. You won't be able to aim downwards with your gun in the the sequel, but you'll be able to do something better ;). The sequel is already in production. The design documents are almost done; check the Splinter Source 2 Official project page (more details on that later).
Posted by Joey Drasal 22nd January, 2005

What is the address of the website?
Posted by Lukas Hägg 22nd January, 2005

You know, I hadn't thought about jumping down on them. I tried it, and it works! And you don't waste any bullets either! :) I wonder what could be better than aiming downwards... Anyway, really looking forward to the sequel now. Ganbare!
Posted by Zi-Xiao 22nd January, 2005

"What is the address of the website?" Taken from post directly above: "(more details on that later)"
Posted by Weston L 22nd January, 2005

dont we all love phizzy
Posted by John Keyes 23rd January, 2005

dang nearly i got the unknown item and those two soldiers killed me while i tried to get medikit
Posted by Zi-Xiao 23rd January, 2005

keep at it man :)
Posted by John Keyes 24th January, 2005

Thx Jerry! I Hope U WIne For Game Of The Week With This Game, Cos This Is The First Game I Git From This Site And I Think It Rocks!!! GRAPHICS:10/10 CHALLENGE:10/10 SOUND:10/10 GAMEPLAY:10/10 REPLAYABILITY:10/10 OVERALL:10/10 (Great Game Jerry, U Deserve These 10's)
Posted by John Keyes 24th January, 2005

Sorry I Meant Win Not Wine
Posted by SevenT2 - [GameStormers] 24th January, 2005

You bastard jerry! (good game) I have been working on an original stealth game, and you beat me to it! GRRRRRRRRRRR...
Posted by John Keyes 24th January, 2005

SevenT2 Thank U For Posting...I Didnt No Rikus Was Going To Leave Us :( so sad!!!
Posted by Zi-Xiao 24th January, 2005

@ Seven T2: :p @ Colin: Thanks for the review man
Posted by Davide Mascolo 24th January, 2005

Jerry, a curiosity: I already heard the music used in Splinter Source in a Japanese freeware platformer called Obake. Did you take the midis from it, or are they from some source website?
Posted by John Keyes 24th January, 2005

Np Jerry I Love This Game
Posted by Zi-Xiao 24th January, 2005

The I have no who made the music for Obake, but to answer your question: Yes, I stole the music out of Obake but since I don't have Japanese font nor do I understand Japanese, I simply quoted various sources as my source for music since I dont know if the creators of Obake ripped their music or if there was more than one composer.
Posted by Yuhkaz 24th January, 2005

Colin Lok why are all your words capitals? :| Anyway its a sweet game.
Posted by Wormware 24th January, 2005

Colin Lok, a 10 for lastabilty??? It's only 1 level.. I know there are several ways to solve the level, but still. I don't think you'll keep playing this.
Posted by Zi-Xiao 25th January, 2005

Well, maybe he REALLY likes it ... until Splinter Source 2 comes out anyways...
Posted by Hernan 25th January, 2005

lol, I got 4223 points. Check the highscore at Kacade :D
Posted by Zi-Xiao 25th January, 2005

Posted by John Keyes 25th January, 2005

Jerry do u think u can add rope to the sequel like u throw rope up to a ceiling then climb up it as a way to aim down when not on a pole, also another good improvement for the sequel could be a shield or block move...if this is an inconvenience then i am sorry for it. Thanks Jerry Cant Wait For Sequel !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Posted by John Keyes 25th January, 2005

Oops one more thing...when i get that red jewel thing the floor dissapears and i fall to my death...i cant beat this game...its so hard.
Posted by Zi-Xiao 26th January, 2005

Well, alot of other people have so keep at it. Here's a tip thou Colin, hold UP when the floor disappears and fall straight down ;). The rope idea is already in the 2nd game. The shield idea wouldn't fit the nature of the game.
Posted by John Keyes 26th January, 2005

Thx Jerry
Posted by DaVince 26th January, 2005

Hey Colin, Use Less Capital Letters At The Start Of Every Word!
Posted by Noyb 26th January, 2005

Some might say that you shouldn't review a game, much less give it perfect scores if you haven't beaten it yet...
Posted by John Keyes 26th January, 2005

yay i beat it
Posted by John Keyes 26th January, 2005

o im sorry for capital letter
Posted by John Keyes 26th January, 2005

Is it me or is it that this game will win gotw
Posted by Zi-Xiao 27th January, 2005

Don't say that till its over - White Whale is catching up
Posted by John Keyes 28th January, 2005

just wondering jerry do u have a webpage for sequel yet
Posted by Zi-Xiao 28th January, 2005

Dun worry Colin, when the web page is ready, the klik community will know about it. -If u get stuck, just kill yourself - its REALLY not hard -You can't aim diagonally down and you never will be able to, sorry - there will be a way to open grates below you in Splinter Source 2. You won't be able to shoot directly down though, sorry. -Looking around is being implemented already -No thats not a bug.
Posted by Zi-Xiao 28th January, 2005

Lol, i just read that door bug. Entertaining stuff :p. Yeah, thats a bug.
Posted by SevenT2 - [GameStormers] 29th January, 2005

Umm, Colin Lok, why are you so obsessed with this game???
Posted by John Keyes 29th January, 2005

Thx Jerry Again! Also you may have done this already but just to be sure a save game option would be nice or at least no time limit
Posted by Zi-Xiao 29th January, 2005

whats wrong with liking my game?
Posted by SevenT2 - [GameStormers] 29th January, 2005

Nothing at all, its just quite amusing to see someone that obessed with a game. Your game is quite good, i wouldn't keep playing it to the end of the world, but it was fun for a while, very well programmed.
Posted by Tallas 29th January, 2005

How do you use buttons and such?
Posted by John Keyes 29th January, 2005

Guess what won Game Of The Week(GOTW) GO JERRY!!!
Posted by CYS 30th January, 2005's going into top 10th position. O_O Hehe and i've played a somewhat unfinished engine of splinter source 2, and i must say it's awesome. Keep on it, man!
Posted by RayKnight 30th January, 2005

OMG! where were u able to play the engine for splinter source 2?!! OMG!!
Posted by Zi-Xiao 30th January, 2005

dun sweat it man, Splinter Source 2 engine will soon be avaliable for public play - expect it within 2 weeks.... shouldn't be more :)
Posted by CYS 30th January, 2005

Hehe someone must be envous of me XD. Some advertisement for you - Jerry is a Cysteine Creations member and i'm the founder of it. :P
Posted by Lelle 30th January, 2005

Does this meen that CYSTEINE will be back?
Posted by Zi-Xiao 30th January, 2005

u know it ;)
Posted by John Keyes 30th January, 2005

Cysteine Rocks in fact 2 games i luv are from it i reccomend SPLINTER SOURCE (STEALTH) and 2ND i reccomend is KILLER (SHOOTER EXCEPT USE SWORD)!!!
Posted by CYS 31st January, 2005

Cysteine has never died - you know what i mean XD Killer didn't get nominated for the GOTW though...i'm really disappointed.
Posted by 31st January, 2005

I have just reviewd it.:)
Posted by Zi-Xiao 31st January, 2005

Thanks, Templar
Posted by 1st February, 2005

Your welcome
Posted by Hernan 3rd February, 2005

Alright! This game is in the top 15! You kicked out Mr Stumps Dentures, good job Jerry! No offense to Circy, but this game is soo much better ;) In celebration, I changed the high score to 4318 :D
Posted by Zi-Xiao 3rd February, 2005

Jesus Christ, people need to stop topping me .... Anyways, there's already been a huge dispute about Mr. Stumps Dentures in the comments section for that game, so to avoid starting one here, I'll say it's a good game Circy, and I've got nothing agianst you.
Posted by Comrade the Soviet Under Dog 6th February, 2005

After I download, I can't seem to find it, so I can't play... But, I did before, so... yea... thumbs up.
Posted by Joey Drasal 5th March, 2005

The link does not work I can not download this game.
Posted by Zi-Xiao 6th March, 2005

our server is down - bear with us.
Posted by Joey Drasal 13th March, 2005

When is the server going to be up?
Posted by Zi-Xiao 22nd March, 2005

The server is back up - I'm uploading the game right now.
Posted by Joey Drasal 25th March, 2005

when is cystein going to be bak up?
Posted by Joey Drasal 25th March, 2005

o yea when is Splinter Source 2 going to beup too?
Posted by Zi-Xiao 26th March, 2005

When its done ;) Its getting reworked... sort of. So sit tight
Posted by Joey Drasal 2nd April, 2005

k cant wait!!!!!
Posted by gerudod 5th May, 2005

Nice game.
Posted by commando6729 14th May, 2005

This is an excellent game! Definantly worth a download
Posted by axel 19th June, 2005

ah, i remember this game. It was the first game i ever downloaded. :) yay
Posted by John Keyes 30th June, 2005

my first game downloaded too :)
Posted by Wormware 16th July, 2005

Posted by Leon101 23rd July, 2005

Wow, had no idea there was going to be a second. That's great this one is great and really reminds me of the gba splinter cell...except with more freedom! Nice going Jerry.
Posted by Attan 14th March, 2007

Heey! i love this game! When are the second coming out? A month? A year? Two? And when are we being informed of that "official site" you talked about?
Posted by Zi-Xiao 23rd March, 2007

um... go here for some screen shots and sprites for now.






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