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Review: Splinter Source
Author: X-Member19479
Added: 31/01/2005

I haven't been reviewing games for sometime, it's about time I restarted.


Assuming you did the game quickly in a 4 day limit. I don't think the presentation is that really good. I liked your logo very much but besides the logo, the looks of the menu isn't that really attractive. But still it suits the needs of most games. You might wanna add an options selection maybe to change the resolution of the game perhaps. As some people don't like playing from that much small sized frame. But these ideas are just optiona needs. No need to take them seriously that much.


Well I have to admit that the game really looks like a good clone of the game, "silence is the key" fits right into the game. But one of the main problem that most people I think have faced is; the controls are really hard to do. I allways push the wrong buttons when I face an enemy or miss push a button to trigger an action of the player to confront the enemy. You may wanna work on the controls if you think of making another version of the game or might wanna keep this in thought if you think of making another game with a similar role.


This is probably the best part of the game and most people have voted good for this game especially for the fact that the gfx really give the feel of a splinter cell game. There are some minor facts that I would like to mention about the gfx role in the game. You should put more interactive stuff in the game to make it more lively perhaps. But again this is optional.

Sound & Music

The music and sound effects just fit right into the game. Nothing much to say about that. You could have made more interesting musics perhaps but they are all fine.


This game can last depending on how good a person playing this game controls the player. The controls make the game a little annoying but rather than that, it's a lasting game. Considering that it has won GOTW award on TDC.

Sound and Music:

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