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Review: Splinter Source
Author: Weston L
Added: 17/01/2005

Magnificent. How wonderful is it in a click-made game when you can slip off a ledge, grab an overhanging bar on your fall, pull out your gun, aim it downward, then project a silenced bullet the enemy? This is just a minute into the gameplay of this ground-breaking stealth game, Splinter Source.

The game opens in a small window that is rather difficult to see things in, so you must manually change your screen resolution to fix this. However, the presentation looks professional and not too complex or confusing.

Spliter Source is absolutely among the best gameplay and graphics wise. Though the graphics are small, the colors are well-drawn adn fitting for the stealthy atmosphere. It is very fun to play and has a lot of original elements I have never seen in a two dimensional game. Just the fact that it's a stealth action game in two dimensions is an original, or at least rarely attempted, idea.

The music is great and the sound effects are pretty good as well. The music is suspensful which works well with the gameplay, and the sound effects seem to make sense and have a good quality. However, in terms of music for the "mission failed" screen, the music is not very suited for it at all. It seems almost happy-island-reggae-ish.

One of the main problems with "underground" or "independent" games is that they are often not very fun to play over and over. Fortunately, Splinter Source is not this was and seems like it is actually quite fun to play regularly.

Overall, I believe that Splinter Source is one of the best click games in the action genre. It's stealth-based gameplay and seemingly non-linear environments may even set a trend in the click community.

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