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Review: Splinter Source
Author: Leon101
Added: 23/07/2005

For starters I love stealth and I love splinter cell, so guess what I liked this game because of that...though there is some bad to it.

Presentation: It was all in good presentation I mean a freeware fan made splinter cell game, haven't seen that before have you?

Graphics: The graphics were pretty good as far as freeware goes, they were crisp looking and the hiding in the shadows was top notch. The gun is weird looking though...I Though it was knife at first!

Sound and music: Yea, the sound is decent at best the dieing music was odd as stated in another review. The ingame stealth music fit it perfectly though.

Gameplay: The gameplay was top notch as well, at first it can be addicting. I thought the controls were easy and fit the game well. You could do things sam could do: Hang from pipes, hide in the shadows, sneak up from behind or above, shoot some grates, shoot gaurds. There was plenty of freewill in the game making it to where you chose how to play the game not the game itself. Therefor the gameplay is great.

Lastability: Well...there is only one level so some of the replay for me just kind of left, and some of it will for some of you out there as well. It is great for a few run throughs, I would have liked to have seen at least three levels. Hopefully the sequel will have more levels then it will probably deserve a 10/10. Until' now, 8/10. Still great though.

Well that's my review I throughly enjoyed this game while it lasted if only it was a little longer.

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