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Review: Splinter Source
Author: Tallas
Added: 23/01/2005

I'll give a general overview of this game, IT ROCKS! WOOOT! Yeah anyway its a bit crazy at the start but try the level a couple times and it gets easier and easier and then you realize hey I could grab the pole drop behind the guard the crack him in the back of the skull then jump back up crawl back wait drop down and take out the other two and then move on.

Presentation-Though I somewhat dislike the title screen with the side scroll left to right for it it is good, it sports instructiosn and start games, so it helps alot of new comers. 8/10

Gameplay-GREAT gameplay. Stealth games always feature cool things, like Punching a guard from behind, or shooting him but alerting nearby foes. You have many options to go through the level so there are very few limitations. A well deserved 10/10 for a Klik game.

Graphics- Very smooth, the character looks a tad funny and the bullets are ugly but the shadow effects are nice along with the lighting and the bathroom. This gets a somewhat okay 7/10

Sounds and Music-Intro music is fine, guard deaths sound okay overall music is good. I'd give a 7.5 but rounded thats 8.

Lastability-Good for an hour or two, more if you like figuring out how to get that ammo, or the TAKE out every guard challenge. Which I have been trying to do for a bit. I'd give it an 9/10

Overall-The graphics are somewhat odd but they interface fine and even thou you only need a single pixel to hide (somewhat strange) it is still a neat little game to pass some time when you are bored. I give it 8.2/10 or 8.

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