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Review: Splinter Source
Author: Nuklear41
Added: 13/06/2005

REVEIW: Splinter Source

STARTER: This is an ok game. There is not as easy of controlls and there is some odd parts to it but other than that this is a great game. Here is the statistics.

PRESENTATION: The presentation of this game is alright. The title screen is a litte unoriginal because of the three green night vision dots form the hit game splinter cell with sam fisher. But other than that the title screen and over all presentation was just average. So it gets a 6/10.

GAMEPLAY: The game play is not that great either. It is good AI and great programing but the movement and the controlls were horrible. You need to hold shift or some bs like that to shoot and it is just awfull. The AI and alarm system are goo though so I will give it a not bad 7/10. Good job.

GRAPHICS: The graphics is the strong part in this game. They were top notch. Most likley the best I have ever seen. The shadows look great and all the little tools look good too. But the gun looks like crap.9/10.

SOUND AND MUSIC: I don't remember hearing a sound for the silenced gun shot. So I think that that was bad. Plus, the music the game makes when you die is very out of the style. It is a mix of regge and tropical stuff. That sucks becuase your sneeking into the whatever not taking shots of tequilla however the hell you spell it. So the sound will get a horrible 3/10. Sorry.

LASTABUILITY: NAHHHHHHHH It did not last that long. I did not like this game as much as some others. The concept is good but I did not like it.

OVERALL: Just a 4/10.

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