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Review: Splinter Source
Author: Lukas M (Dukers)
Added: 24/01/2005

Splinter Source is a awesome game with great graphics. It aslo has amazing gameplay and is challenging which is good of you're not afraid of a little challenge. Splinter Source had good sound throughout the game, well I didn't make it very far but what I've seen has had pretty good sound. It's also one of the best computer games I've played. If you're into stealth games this one is excellent.

Presentation- The presentation was good. I'd buy it if you couldn't download it.

Gameplay- The gameplay ws really good. But I wish the screen ws bigger because it's kinda hard to see what's going on. If it wwere full screen you could see it was better and it would improve the game.

Graphics- What can I say? The graphics were great and I saw no glitches.

Sound and Music- The sound and music fit the game perfectly I thought. And there was nothing wrong with the musci or sound that I could see.

Lastability- I've been playing ever since I downloaded it last week. I can't get aways from it. The game is amazing.

If you're into stealth games such as Tenchu or Splinter Cell, which this game is pretty much based on, you'll love this game. It's got everything a stealth game fan would want. You can hide in the sahdows which I thought was pretty cool and many other things.

Overall- Overall I thought this game was awesome the only thing I would fix was the size of the screen and I think thta's about it. I'm not gonna quit playing this game until there is a sequel, in which I believe there should be.

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