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Super Bros 6
Author: Stian B. Submitted: 25th January, 2004 Favourites:0
Genre: Platformer Downloads: 253

Edited By Stian B. on 3/21/2008

Super Bros 6 is here in the final updated version!
Mainly the graphics and code are updated a little.
This is the last Bros game ever made with KNP.Was finished early January 1996.
And it is one of the smallest game in the Bros series.
More info here:

This time Kong Tolo kidnapped the princess,and hide in a skyscraper.
Find him,fight him,save the princess once again!

* 7 levels including 1 boss

Stian B.

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Posted by The Chris Street 26th January, 2004

...again? Sorry if it seems Im being skeptical, but I think you're just posting all these Super Bros games in an attempt to boost your DC rating.
Posted by Airflow 26th January, 2004

Lol. Very well put.
Posted by laguna 26th January, 2004

ug, not again
Posted by vortex2 26th January, 2004

Hurray does this mean you will never make another one of these games again :D. As for this game: The menu screen is the same as all the previous games (I have played them ALL now). The shooting is the buggiest I have EVER seen. what is with the shooting? it doesnt even seem to work! lets see, the levels look like they were laid out by a drunken mentally disturbed monkey on crack. Please make something else!
Posted by 27th January, 2004

The game is truly horrible because I never even got past the first level...two reasons, 1-because the guy couldn't even kill anything because when he shoots he shoots the ground or something, 2-because the graphics and gameplay take away my motivation of trying to play the game...there I said it! No offense :)
Posted by Dark One 27th January, 2004

My opinion of you Stain, is dropping rapidly with every release of another Super Bros...
Posted by Stian B. 27th January, 2004

Where are the good comments? :) The game is from 1996 (KNP),how many of you made games then?Its old to be a klik game. Circy,I dont care of the DC points whatever,it has nothing to say anyway,not for me at least. Shooting system works well.He shoots in the direction you press the "cursor keys". Libgraphics,yes,but only the cloud on the pic,everything else is not. Judged by the cloud oh... You dont have to kill anything in first level to complete it. All Bros games use same "engine".Go to this site to read the history behind the famouse Bros games. Wong Chung Bang,it was a wrong text file,it will be updated very soon.
Posted by Wilderness (Ultra Soft) 27th January, 2004

back in 1996?
Posted by Smeggy 27th January, 2004

Just stop posting these games, they are pure pants..
Posted by Dr. James MD 27th January, 2004

i havnt downloaded yet, but why dont you now go away with MMF and produce a full blown REAL sequel with all the bells n whistles? :)
Posted by AndyUK 27th January, 2004

these games are quite fun to play but i wouldnt want to play through all six them! a lot of the gameplay is the same new screen, shoot stuff, avoid bullets and mabye collect an extra life. put simply its repetitive. whats with the building on the third screen you need luck to be able to get to the door then you need to guess with key you use to enter it! its space bar by the way.
Posted by Assault Andy 28th January, 2004

Stian, Your best game was Naits: Terrorstrike. Why don't you make some new ones?
Posted by deano151991 28th January, 2004

download looks alright i had the original game from nintendo at home its not like the games what are on xbox and game cube Cya 0123456789
Posted by Lukas Hägg 28th January, 2004

This IS truly horrible. You say that the shooting works? Then why are everyone complaining. You can't go by only YOUR opinion when it's comes to the control. You've got to let someone else play it and say what they think about the control. And besides if he shoots in the direction you press the cursor keys, that WILL be buggy. Do you even play through your own games when you've done them to check for bugs and such? Because if you did, you would know how bad this is.
Posted by gonefornow 28th January, 2004

His best game is hell creatures. Work on that sequel Stian! We need more Hell Creatures!
Posted by Chamzel 28th January, 2004

It's quite possible that since these were some of his very first games when he first got KNP, and since it was early day KNP anyway, he was very unskilled at coding and did not know how to do proper platforming and shooting. You see, with the platform movement, when you jump your character looks up. When you fall, your character looks down. So when you try to jump and shoot you're not going to shoot in the right direction unless you have a directional counter value that tells the game where to shoot when shooting in a direction. That may be why people say that he shoots down at the ground so much. I haven't downloaded or played any of the games, myself, though.
Posted by Stian B. 28th January, 2004

Super Bros 1-6 are all the same (same "engine"),but graphics and level "design" is different. They were all drawn in a book back in 1990-91,with a thought I might was able to make games one day. Then KNP arrived 1994,and the rest is history... And yes,I do play through my games,many,many times. Shooting system works like it does,its not buggy,its ment to be like this.You dont need to jump AND shoot in the game to kill any creature. I need to show a demostration video over the 3 first levels soon :)
Posted by Chamzel 28th January, 2004

Have you yet considered completely revising all of the games, control-wise, graphic-wise, and sound-wise, and packing them all together in one game that's called something like, oh... Super Bros. Allstars? :)
Posted by Dr. James MD 28th January, 2004

i find it had to believe the graphics were done in 1990. especially seeing that DOS had no paint program (im assuming your using a PC becuase you could have used these graphics on Amos for the Amiga) and that this game uses KNP library graphics.
Posted by Chamzel 28th January, 2004

He said he drew them in a book, Jay. Not on the computer.
Posted by AsparagusTrevor 28th January, 2004

Bros suck, although that guy in Blade 2 did pretty well.
Posted by laguna 28th January, 2004

Posted by Cuthalion 29th January, 2004

Noooo!!! Not again!! Super Bros. 5 was crap, but this one takes the trophy... No more, I beg you!
Posted by ChrisB 29th January, 2004

LMAO @ Trevor. Seriously though, what's the point of uploading this? If it was any good then fine, but it's not...
Posted by Retired Kliker Lazarus 29th January, 2004

Don't get me wrong, you are a great game maker. I loved HCRC, but this has just got to stop. There's just too many of them! I think I'm going too explode. If you make another sequal, do it in MMF, add scrolling, new graphics, and new game play. Oh yes, and an engine. These games are fun to a point :). But this has just gotta stop!!! @_@ *Goes ranting and raving, gets carried too an ayslum, and dies from shock.*
Posted by Metal Maiden 30th January, 2004

Aghh why ar yall such jerks?? Some of your "best" games are utter crap, imo. Yeah, turn around and say Spanky sucks! I DARE YOU! Leave Stain alone! He's made too coolest game on here and he's about to release the sequal to it. If you got a problem with Bros then don't pay any attention to it! That's why I dont look at anyone else's games here. lololoooolol
Posted by tdc052621 31st January, 2004

there should be a limit on how much games you can submit per week.
Posted by Stian B. 10th March, 2004

Ok,but what has that to do with this game,or the rest of the Bros games?Noone of them was submitted same week.
Posted by JPMarkey (Jambo) 2nd June, 2004

Firstly you've made some good games eg. Hells creatures wrotten corpse... But now we all think of you as the guy who made super bros (that is NOT a good thing!!! :P)
Posted by Nobuyuki 3rd June, 2004

I've always known him as the super bros. guy -- in fact there still might be my old review of Super Bros 7 on here somewhere.
Posted by Stian B. 3rd June, 2004

Super Bros was made years before HC RC,and in KNP. Everyone been a newbie :)One of my first games! Cant be compared to all the great games been made today with click products,its too simple. But how fun I had it,when could make my FIRST playable computer game ever! ;)
Posted by Silveraura 3rd June, 2004

KNP can make some decent games, not the best, but if you look at the example files, this basicly gives KNP a bad name, not that it doesnt have one already, do to TGF & MMF, but still...
Posted by deano151991 3rd August, 2004

now that ive downloaded it... i realise its real bad. WORSE THAN MINE!!! now thats telin ya something....
Posted by Metal Maiden 3rd October, 2004

btw i beat it mr billy bob (what a shitty name for a character..)
Posted by Wormware 24th January, 2005

6 games in a row, and they all stink :P Couldn't you make all those games in 1 version?? And make part 2 a little bit more decent??





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