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Review: Super Bros 6
Author: Phlibbit
Added: 02/06/2004

Woohoo, a Super Bros. game, I love Super Bros. games. Wait, I was lying.

Presentation 3/10:

Based on the screenshots and the menu, you could accept that the game might be worth playing, but this just isn't so.

Gameplay 1/10:

Yeah, okay. You play as er...a Super Brother, so I don't know why the game is called Super Brothers. Anyway, you can jump. You also have this thing that you can shoot that does ABSOLUTELY NOTHING AT ALL. I don't even know why it's in the game if they don't like, destroy enemies or anything. The hit detection is very poor. On one screen, there are these weird red blob heads that fire laser beams. And like, you can't get past the level at all. But OH YEAH! I have to go all the way back to the download page to discover that you press the spacebar to enter, which isn't listed anywhere in the controls. Eventually, I just gave up trying to play this hell-hole of a game.

Graphics 2/10:

The Super Brother sprite is decent, at best. All the other graphics in the game, in a word, suck. After painstakingly getting past a couple of screens of torture in which you can't do anything but jump, you get in this building. All of a sudden, I DIED! And for no reason, apparently. But then, when I got back to that level, on closer inspection, this weird ugly brick wall with eyes must have been shooting at me. At least that's what I thought it was.

Music and Sounds 0.1/10:

There's that annoying sound when you launch the USELESS ball things. And there's a MIDI ripped from the old Batman NES game. And that's all of the sounds you'll hear, because you it's impossible to get any farther than that.

Lastability 0/10:

By the time you've realized how much of your life you've wasted by playing this game, you'll delete the sucker immediately.

Overall 0/10:

Even though the individual categories have points, they all add up to 0 in the end. A really boring and annoying game that no one could possibly play for more than 5 minutes.

Sound and Music:

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