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Super Bros
Author: Stian B. Submitted: 22nd August, 2002 Favourites:0
Genre: Platformer Downloads: 275

Edited By Stian B. on 3/21/2008

This is one of my first game.Made once in 1995 with KNP.But updated a little bit in MMF.
Its a very simple, and poor gameplay,platformgame with 11 levels.
Where you are playing as a guy called Super Bros.
The evil Kong Tolo has kidnapped the princess.
And you have to save her,and stop Kong Tolo evilness!
Be aware of his minions!

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Posted by SplinTAH 22nd August, 2002

Posted by eX Com 22nd August, 2002

stop submitting this!
Posted by Stian B. 22nd August, 2002

Why?Nobody force you to download it. Otherwise,close your eyes :D
Posted by Trooper 22nd August, 2002

You are intentionally bumping other games down so you will get more downloads and review. From your last submition I saw that everyone said these games "sucked". Please stop submitting this.
Posted by Kevin Smets 22nd August, 2002

Dude he can submit it. But he doesn't need to take it off and reupload it again.
Posted by Unknown Member Guy Man 22nd August, 2002

Posted by gustav 22nd August, 2002

Posted by AfterStar 23rd August, 2002

Stian submit Super Bros 7 not 1......this one is very low quality! Awaiting for HC&RC!!! =)
Posted by Stian B. 23rd August, 2002

I post it again cause it got deleted(not because of the game...) ;) More Bros games will come! :)
Posted by Canazza 23rd August, 2002

Posted by Kevin Smets 23rd August, 2002

How did he retain all the comments?
Posted by Kevin Smets 23rd August, 2002

Nevermind :)
Posted by PxG 24th August, 2002

lol its better than my first game, the adventures of Blocky
Posted by Alex Scobell 24th August, 2002

I don't really like this game! If you fixed it up s little in MMF you could of at least made it scroll! The boss on the second level is to hard!
Posted by Oka 24th August, 2002

Great game! I don't want to download it :P
Posted by Stian B. 24th August, 2002

Cant make scrolling to it.To much work,and it will become a "new game" then. Wow,someone played it to Boss 2 :),he is not so hard,just stand at same platform as picture above.Shoot,jump away from his bullet.Practice!
Posted by Draco 2nd September, 2002

Let's hope it's better than Sonic's Bible Adventure





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